Thursday, December 30, 2004

random static noise

my mind has been tuned on this weird channel of static noise lately.

almost daily i find myself walking down the street, enjoying the sunshine and smiling while i experience that rush of feeling good and thinking "hang on, i really am living my dream. this is IT."

moments like that make me contemplate life and all this bullshit we go through on daily basis. the most important thing is to live. to live NOW.

today is all you have. yesterday was gone a long time ago and you'll never get it back. tomorrow is still a far away and you might slip in the shower tonight and break your neck before you get there. i see so many people who are either caught in the past or waiting for the future, it makes me sad. specially the few that mean something to me. i wish they snap out of it before they snap.

something in the recent past has been holding me back for a while and i realise that now. it's time to leave that pair of red shoes behind and go shop for a brand new pair with killer stiletto heels.

i have been going through the past two years and specially this year in my mind. a lot has happened yet nothing really has. i have been more successful than ever, yet i don't know if that's enough for me. this year has probably been the happiest of my life, yet i've been sad. how does that work?

this is the longest time i've been single in my life and i do think that it's a valid lesson for me. i feel more independent than i have felt before. i'm happy and complete as such, but i acknowledge the fact that there is more to life than this. i have finished processing all the bullshit from the past and if i was to meet an interesting person i could start something new from a clean table.

the next year is the last year i've planned to spend in sydney so the future has been occupying my thoughts a lot lately. i have no idea what i want to do after i finish my degree. i haven't even decided if i want to stay in sydney or if i wish to move back to finland. it's weird cause (apart from my family and friends) i don't really have anything in finland to go back to, yet at the same time (again apart from my friends) i don't really have anything holding me here either.

i feel rootless. (heh. pun intended.)

maybe it's time to cross off barcelona from my 'Places To Go To List[tm]" and do my masters there?

the weirdest thing is that i've started to think in finnish again. i wonder wtf that is all about? yesterday at work i accidentally bumbed into this chick while i was carrying some magazines and heard myself say "anteeksi!" instead of "i'm sorry". that was pretty fucken trippy since i haven't been using my native language for the past two years.

i wonder if that is some sort of a weird symptom of my mind subconsciously getting ready for the next big step?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions."
-woody allen

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

tunes for tuesday morning

björk - hunter
"if travel is searching
and home what's been found
i'm not stopping

i'm going hunting
i'm the hunter
i'll bring back the goods
but i don't know when

i thought i could organize freedom
how scandinavian of me
you sussed it out didn't you?

you could smell it
so you left me on my own
to complete the mission
now leave it all behind"

Monday, December 27, 2004

hoe hoe hoe...

i had a really good christmas (thanks to lynnie and dave) but it left me fully exhausted.

i got a pair of vinyl devil horns from lynnie and was forced to wear them the whole xmas day instead of the usual xmas party hats. i decided to combine them with a rather lovely princess tiara. it was all good until someone noted that i'm a "rather horny princess". well done spaz.

i got home yesterday and all i could think of was to sleep and then sleep some more. today i had to get up at 7am and i just got home after doing a double shift at work. now all i can think of is sleep. i need sleep. tons of it.

oh, one of the xmas sms' that i received was a rather suprising echo from the past... i wonder what that was all about?

sorry bunnies, i'll try to be more entertaining after i recover from xmas.

--weird cravings update

if would have had some within the past fucken decade, i swear i'd worry i was preggers.

i've been having the weirdest cravings ever lately. i HATE tuna, yet i seem to be crawing it daily and it's the best thing i can think of. and pitted prunes! i mean, who the fuck eats pitted prunes anyway??? i'm starting to worry a bit...

immaculate conception?

fin: paikallisia varpusia

tassa pari kuvaa jotka nappasin joulupaivan juhla-aterian lomassa.
nama siis paikallisia varpusen vastineita (rainbow lorikeet). kyseisella linnulla ilmeisesti kaikki luontoaidin lahjarahat on tuhlattu keisarin uusiin vaatteisiin silla lauluaanta naille lintuparoille ei ole riittanyt sitten alkuunkaan. aivan kasittamattoman kauhean kuuloista raakymista. siina jaa suomalainen harakkaparvi kevyesti toiseksi kun nama sateenkaaritiput kay laulupaalle...

Sunday, December 26, 2004

step aside loners, arab strap must be the most depressive music i know.

"arab strap - blood

i wish it was someone elses blood on the jonnie.
it’s in my mouth and under my nails.
i wish i’d woken up in someone elses bed.
wish i was the wind in someone elses sails.

i’ve no-one in particular in mind right now.
it was inevitable we’d end up in the sack.
i should have known you’d want to try again.
but I’m looking forward now
i’m not stepping back.

my last lover’s playing with a new man now.
it’s only three weeks we’ve been apart.
they sat together and he sent her flowers.
well he can fucking keep that fickle disco tart.

’cause i’ve had it up to here with little girls.
she looked ugly today day, smoking her fag.
just like a schoolgirl trying to look grown-up.
now i’m looking for a woman but i’ll settle for a shag."

Friday, December 24, 2004

smart move sunshine

this shit cracked me up when i got home today. for those of you that don't recognize the object itself, it's 4l box of goon in the fridge. i have to admit, the boy has style.

"dear tanja,

i'm sorry i locked
you in the

please don't
murder me while
i'm asleep.

dan :)"

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

newtown survival crash course part 1

heh. thanks to my beloved flatmates i had quite an interesting day today.

i was drinking my morning coffee at the backyard catching up with matt and dan just before i had to start getting ready for work. after a while they took off to go and do some xmas shopping and shit. i stayed at the backyard to finish my coffee. abt ten mins after they had left i decided to get my arse into gear and start getting ready.

this is the part when everything goes wrong.

i got up to go inside and have my shower only to find the backdoor locked. dan had taken his keys with him and without thinking locked me into the backyard (the house has double doors for both front and back yard. there's a wooden solid door and a "screen door" which is actually more like an iron bar gate. we keep the gates locked at all times EXCEPT WHEN SOMEONE IS IN THE FUCKEN BACKYARD!). so yeh, i was pretty much fucked. there was no way of opening the door without a key and the only way out of the yard was to climb over the 2m high fence.

all i could do was climb over the back fence and go running up and down king st. to see if i could find the boys. on top of everything else i was wearing my dodgy gym gear cause i had just finished doing my method putkisto excercise. and of course i couldn't find the boys.

i came back after half an hour (oh, i might also add that i had no shoes on and it was a fucken hot day so the black bitumen and hot as hell pavement actually BURNED a bunch of blisters on my feet...). during the next 1,5 hrs i got a counsil worker guy climb over the fence to try and see if he could find a way into the house. of course he couldn't. then i just sat on the front porch for 20 mins homicidal as hell and cursing out loud in a manner that made the people passing by change to the other side of the street.

after a while i just decided that fuck it, if there's will there's a way and i climbed over the fence to the backyard again and ended up squeezing myself in through the metal bars on the window. hurt a bit but what the hell, it worked.

the first thing i did was call the boys and let them know that their death wish was granted.

dan was a good boy and tried to make up by bribing me with two retro milkshake glasses. i reckon it helped a bit since he's still alive... for now.


honestly, our house cat must be the most adorable thing in the world.

i was trying to be a good girl and start my morning with an hour of method putkisto (yoga-like deep stretching where you hold a position for several minutes). sure enough during one of the last stretches that i was doing, the kitty climbs on me and falls asleep purring like a lil kitten.

so there it is on my yoga mat, sound asleep yet still purring, so that i had to skip the last couple of stretches. but oh so cute.

counting down the days

ok. i admit it: i am a full on harry potter fan. go ahead, mock all you want, but only if you have read them. anyway, reading this just made my morning:

"harry potter and the half-blood prince, by j.k. rowling, the sixth in the bestselling series, has been scheduled for publication on 16th july, 2005 in the united kingdom, the united states, canada, australia, new zealand and south africa, it was announced today by bloomsbury and scholastic, her british and american publishers. on her website,, j.k. rowling announced last night that she had completed the book and delivered the manuscript to her two english language publishers."

thanks kaarne

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

garden state

i just saw garden state with my housemates and i have to say that i luveded it.

i thought it was a refreshing combination of indie movie feel and beautiful polished off look. plus i was pissing myself half of the time and i happen to really like both leading actors (zach braff and natalie portman).

so yeh, i'll happily recommend this to you bunnies.

the trailers before the film also added two more must-sees on my list:
  1. a very long engagement (imdb)
    (alright, i admit it: it seems like a chick flick, BUT it's directed by jean-pierre jeunet who also did amelie and it has audrey tautou doing the leading role again. hence a must see)
  2. i heart huckabees (imdb)

D - I - S - C - O !

come on bunnies: sing-a-long, i know you can. ottawan - d.i.s.c.o:

"she is d delirious

she is i incredible

she is s superficial

she is c complicated

she is o oh, oh, oh

she is d desirable
she is i irresistible

she is s super sexy

she is c such a cute

she is o oh, oh, oh"

[insert here extremely cheesy disco moves]


if that didn't mentally scar you bad enough, take a look at this: ho ho ho...

Monday, December 20, 2004

what would i do without my friends?

i just received an email from a good friend of mine and once again she made me smile. i have to quote this shit to you bunnies. (even tho i'm no feminist, i do like to mock men when given the chance...)

"for all those men who say, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free". here's an update for you. nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. why? because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage..."
- andy rooney - cbs 60 minutes

thanks pipsu, you just made my day.

back to the old drawing board...

there went my party weekend and now i'd just want to sleep till next week. but no, it's monday morning and what's even better, i need to work 10 hrs today. gah.

alrighty then, better skull down this coffee of mine and get my arse into gear. otherwise i'm getting nowhere today.

playing in the background: jamiroquai - where do we go from here?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

bday girly!

"happy birthday tooo meeeee,
happy birthday tooo meeeee,
happy birthday tooo meeeee."

alright. now that's done so let's not talk abt it anymore. and if anyone asks, it's my '19th' birthday, ok?

warning, following blog entry was created under the influence

alright. it's proven: i'm still not too old to do the around the clock drinkies bender. yay for me!

i rocked up at one of my best friend's xmas party thingie at 2pm and started drinking there. the xmas party bit involved quality white wine, excellent grilled salmon salad, yummy lactose free bday cake (yay for lynnie!), a drunken asian santa feeling up the kiddies inbetween the prezzies and the relationship ball that KNOWS everything (i asked if i was going to get some 5 times during the night and every time the answer was 'break up'... needless to say it was right since i'm blogging atm).

after the xmas party we took the train to the city and went for a quality pub crawl at the rocks where matt, dan and tim joined our merry group of pissheads. then my xmas party friends trained back to north sydney and christy joined us on our house quest to shake our booties. we ended up dancing in chinese laundry and it was great. quality tunes i tell you. on our way home good old oportos delivered the perfect finish for the night. couldn't have been better.

now i'm dead tho. i think i'll sleep till wednesday.

Friday, December 17, 2004

so newtown

you just gotta luv newtown!

i was walking home from the store when i heard a loud racket coming from behind me. i turn around to see where the it was coming from and i see one of the weirdest things ever aproaching me.

'it' was a guy maybe in his mid 40s, tattooed from head to toe with long messy black hair and wearing a black sleeveless ramones t-shirt. all normal so far, but what made it so fucked up was that he was racing down the sidewalk full speed on an electric wheelchair with a boom box blasting out loud strapped on the back of the thingie. to finish up the look he was also skulling down a beer as he crossed the road without stopping at the red lights.

i cracked up and he pretty much made my day.

my prayers have been answered!

tonight i walked home from work and i stopped at ice & slice due to a moment of weakness. what can i do? no chocolate and no ice cream for me, so at least i can pamper myself with sorbet, right?

anyhoo, i was thinking abt getting the usual scoop of passion on a scoop of mango, when i saw IT. it was love at first sight. it was destiny. it was the whole lot. what was waiting for me on the other side of that magical counter of glass was a tub of whiskey sorbet!

and bunnies let me tell you: fuck it was good.


oh, nearly forgot: chris, FUCK OFF! you weak lil piece of shit, stop quoting the ends of my fucken stories when i'm trying to tell them. stop reading the bloody blog!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

freetime entertainment project

i started out a new long term self-entertainment project a lil while ago.

my flatmate's lil brother moved down from [insert here the name of a lil countryside nsw piece of shit town that i can't be bothered to remember] a couple of weeks ago and is looking for a place of his own. in the meanwhile he's living in the house. he's a very faggy cool cat. entertaining lil bugger really.

well anyway, he's very wanna-be-cranky so i've taken on a project to constantly call him 'sunshine' and see how long it takes for him to really get the shits abt it.

a week has passed and it's already starting to eat him a bit. i will keep you posted.

The 'L' Word [tm]

alright. this issue has been popping up in so many d&m's(*) lately that i just have to grab the bull by the horns and blog my own view on it.

i believe that there is a really simple rule to it: the 'L' word should be said somewhere between the 1/2 year and 1 year marks. not before or later. and this goes with both sexes.

if the 'L' word comes up before the critical half a year mark,
[a] s/he doesn't really mean it
[b] s/he is a freak
[c] both of the above (which is usually what i place my bet on)

if the one year mark is passed and s/he still can't say the word, there is only one explanation to it and that is that s/he doesn't. love that is.

there. tp has spoken.

(* d&m = deep and meaningful conversation)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

tonight i'm tired

just came home from work. i did a 11hr day today. and the whole day was busy as hell. oh well, this means that i have fri to sun off. yay!


the funniest thing happened today at work.

this typical middle class chinese tourist couple in their 40s came to buy the usual shit like magazines, candy and the lot. then the guy pays with credit card and the name on the card is some typical chinese name like "chuyng how lee" orsomeshitlikethat.

as i turn the card around to check his signature and expect to find his name written with chinese letters, instead there's a clear script "xanadu" signed on the card. and sure as hell the guy repeats the same "xanadu" on the receipt. i mean, wtf?

i do my best not to snicker while i hand him his shoppings and slip the signed receipt into the register. priceless.


ooh, new favourite blenderthingie:

  • 1/2 mango
  • plum
  • pineapple juice
  • ice
chuck it all into the blender, blend till smooth and enjoy. i bet this would work wonders with rum too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

turn it up loud, captain!

i've said it before and i'll say it again: I LOVE NEWTOWN!

i just went to the local rsl club to see a great groovy funk live gig with my neighbour. first of all the music was fantastic, the perv was great and then i met two hot german guys named hans and hans or something. i got an invitation for tomorrow night to attend a mexican spicy chocolate chicken dinner.

and as the icing on the cake i saw christian do a "OHMYFUCKENGODASPIDER!" dance after he walked through the web in the backyard that had a MASSIVE spider on it.



i've recently learned that i'm just *slightly* allergic to local mosquitoes. just the tiniest bit...

i went out on sat, right? well, i was wearing knee length jeans and of course i didn't apply any mosquito repellent or such. good on me. now my legs look like i was beaten up with a baseball bat. and unfortunately that's no exaggeration.

my housemate's friend is a nurse and her reaction kinda freaked me out. you know, you'd think that a professional nurse would have seen everything and wouldn't be easily shaken, right? heh. her reaction was an honest "HOLY SHIT!" yeh. didn't make me feel any better.

Monday, December 13, 2004


i seem to be developing a serious fetish for uniforms.

every night on my way home from work, i walk past the fire station. and every time there is some calendar boy fireman chilling outside with the stereotype boy-ish grin, stubble and *nice* arms.

either my way-too-long celibacy is starting to get to me or firemen really are *HOT*.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

phoenix and dui the retarded mormon twins

more quality quotes from last night:
"who has two thumbs and likes blowjobs?"

what are the odds?

heh. i was just walking back home from the townie with my two housemates when someone suddenly calls my name. christian, my mexican classmate from uni lives just one door down from me! we're fucken neighbours and i had no idea!

funny shit. oh well, now i have one more pisshead to bug when i need to be relieved from boredom.


dear, oh, dear, oh, dear...

xmas party season, shitloads of booze and fucked up sense of humour always sums upto some funny shit that really shouldn't have been said, but undeniably was.

my good friends chris and craig call me up like 11am yesterday saying that they are going to a bar for drinkies. yes. the lil alarm bells did go off in the back of my head, but what the hell, it sounded like fun.

so i join them at the courty for a drink at lunch time but since i had to work, i took off early. i get off work after 9pm and they immediately call me up going "we need your influence". i rock up at the courty again and sure as hell, the only thing that has changed is the fact that they are all absolutely fucken toasted. fair enuff, i make a good effort to follow up and end up giggling my arse off in no time.

and as far as stuffing your foot into your mouth goes, the three top fuckups of the night go as follows:

  • the bronze goes to dave
    "dude, you've fucked every housemate you've ever had!"
    ...while the most recent housemate/girlfriend is sitting next to the guy addressed
  • the silver goes to the harmless lil boy duo
    "yeh, like that one time when he was banging that chick on our couch..."
    "...yeh i heard her yelp for four hrs!"

    when neither of them realised that the same chick was sitting across the table and that the story had been just a *bit* spiced up on the way
  • the gold goes to mr. pinstripe
    with some quality fucked up sense of humour that (apparently seemed like a great joke at the time but) ended up as a career limiting fuckup.
chris and craig ended up doing a full on 14hr bender. now that's quality. and the story tells that chris successfully "exhaled his demons" on some poor bastards front yard just few doors down from my place on their way home. but i don't think i want to know the details.

and my housemate matt just informed me that they are going to the old and faithful for beers again tonight. oh dear. here we go again.

Friday, December 10, 2004

today is a good day

i've been feeling great all day and it has been a fantastic friday. i got paid, did a lil shopping and the whole day in general has just been filled with positive suprises.

perfect tune to chill out with for today is the herbaliser - sensual woman (mos - chillout sessions 2 - cd1)

"if the yello gets firm, will i bounce?"


i think i'll treat myself with a haircut. and a colour. tho i might end up doing the colour myself. girly shit anyway. oh, and i found a perfect hello kitty keyring to ease the pain of losing my dear bag.

dear santa...

this one is priceless, thanks schizo.

tunes for friday

ok, it's still playing: lamb - what sound (from mos - chillout sessions 3 - cd1).

"what is that sound?
ringing in my ears
the strangest sound
i've heard for years and years
the sound of two hearts
beating side by side
the sound of one love
that neither one can hide

the sound that makes the world go round
the sound that makes the world go round

what is that sound?
running around my head
funny i thought
that part was long since dead
but now there's new life
coursing through my veins
because there's someone
to make it beat again"

no idea why i like the song cause the lyrics really don't hit the spot atm. i think it's her voice and the awesome beat in the background once the song starts fully. i need to get more of lamb from somewhere.

i just heard that matt used to have a lot of it, but that all went with the tiny lil itunes add-on problem that ended up erasing his music library. 30 gigs of it, gone.

yes. he was homicidal.


ooh, another song just shuffled on. this is an old favourite that i haven't heard for a long time. this used to make me smile: full intention presents shena - i'll be waiting (mos - chillout sessions 2 - cd 2)

"i'll be waiting

two arms to hold you
two lips to kiss you
won't do me any good when all i do is miss you

i'll be right where i was when you left me
i'll be right here where i am waiting

i'll be waiting, when your heart decides to stay
i'll be waiting when your love comes my way

i'll be waiting

i've been right here since the day you left me
i've been right here...
i hear you say that you love me
i hear you say that you care
can't help but see you're not with me
i reach for you and you're not there..."

fin: turhautuneita konttorihuaria

mikko avautuu copyna olemisen helvetista. syvimmat osanotot vaan mussu, menneen 'prostituutio' urani johdosta olen moista seurannut vieresta ja ma tunnen sulle, hunaja.

mutta piti vain sanomani, etta vituttaa sita joskus graafikkoakin kuin pienta oravaa kun kapy on jaassa. tai designeria - olimikaoli, huara ku huara.

olettekos pupuset koskaan muutaman alkoholiannoksen laitamyotaisessa vr:ran hellassa hoivassa esim. valilla tampester-helsinki, laskeneet niita uudehkojen ravintelivaunujen ovenkahvan sormia? niin. menkaapas vaan laskeen. ja laskekaas sit uudestaan. ja via kolmannenkin kerran. niita on meinaan kuusi. yhdessa kadessa.

on tainnut designeri raukalla olla melkoinen jorma ottassa kun on ylimaarainen keskari pitanyt lisata. hattua nostan.

aika jolu juttu tosiaan, ettei kukaan korjannut.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

[insert brains here]

grah. rooted. and not in the good way either.

just came back from work. well... ok, back from the bar that i accidentally was lured into on my way home from work. practically the same thing... right?

bloody housemates. you can count on them to get you into trouble and it never fails. BUT have no fear: i was a good girl tonight. i said no to every drink offered and managed to humiliate myself by utterly sucking at pool cause i was sober. (don't be fooled, it's pretty much the same when i'm drunk, i just don't notice it so much myself.)

i keep telling them: i don't do balls. they just never believe it. oh well, i dare say it was the last time matt demands me to be in his team. heh.


tomorrow is payday!

and not a day too soon. i've been fucken *broke* since i got burgled. i don't know what i would have done without my housemates. i better be nice to them and get them drunk on cheap goon or someshit. that worked with the student flatmates, so it should work with "normal" people too. no?

i mean, everybody loves goon, right?

thursday's bad idea

i've been feeling vulnerable to bad ideas for a while so what the hell, let's pick up this one too:

earl grey flashed us her bellybutton so i'll be the blonde bint to follow and do the same. specially since my stoopid lil butterfly is so teen perty that it suit's an old hag like me so very well.

[insert here a deep sigh in hope that the age crisis will pass one day]

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

updated 'art' portfolio online

i just updated my wanna-be-artist portfolio and for the first time i added most of my video work online as well.

i'm not posting the link to it but if any of you old friends are interested, email me/comment leaving your email address and i'll email you the url.


what's my itunes made of?

all 2574 songs into one playlist and the first 10 tracks that itunes shuffled on:
  1. members of mayday - mayday anthem
  2. massive attack - eurochild
  3. r. carlos nakai - shaman's call
  4. storm - time to burn [original mix]
  5. ce ce peniston - finally
  6. u2 - new year's day
  7. manic street preachers - the everlasting
  8. moloko - the time is now
  9. u2 - lemon [perfecto mix]
  10. missy elliot - 4 my people [basement jaxx remix]
i can stand behind the rest but wtf is that missy elliot track???


ok, i just have to share this with you bunnies: this shit actually REALLY works.

ever since i came to sydney i have had troubles with my skin. the combination of totally different climate, completely different food and the pollution took its toll. i never used to have issues back home so i've been pretty desperate in here during the past two years.

the situation got really bad during the past couple of months when i actually started to develop a full on acne. and i'm way too fucken old for that shit. i should have had it ten yrs ago and i didn't so why the fuck now? anyway, needless to say i was pretty fucken desperate with this shit.

abt a week ago i found and being desperate enough i decided to give it ago. and already in a week it has done a world of difference!

i regret that i didn't take a before picture that i could show now with the difference it has already done. my whole face is clearing out with record speed and instead of wanting to cry my eyes out every morning i can see the progress towards looking like a human being again.

the chariot
"the generator, motivator, traveller"

you are gifted in setting ideas, projects, and life experiences into motion and able accomplish many things simultaneously. you dislike routine and show a resistance to specialization. you have a strong introspective nature and display a need to move in the true inner direction of the spirit. the charioter holds the wheel of fortune which means that he can turn into any direction with fortunate results.

which major arcana of the thoth tarot deck are you? short, with pictures and detailed results brought to you by quizilla


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

planning the parties

first of all, let's start with a tune for this beautiful tuesday morning: ministry of sound: chillout sessions 3 - cd1 - track 5: lamb - what sound

once again i'm working nearly every day this week. i have only sunday off. but that's cause i have fri-sun off next week. which is fantastic cause due to the time of the year, we have a lot of partying to do:
  • friday 17th - matt's company xmas party
    my housemate matt has his company xmas party... in the house. it's his own company and he's the only employee. priceless. so we'll just end up getting utterly pissed doing blender drinkies at the backyard. should be fantastic.
  • saturday 18th - my (pre)birthday party
    it'll prolly be something along the lines of thai dindin at newtown, pub crawl to the city and then end up dancing our arses off to some really cheesy disco tunes somewhere. main point being getting so utterly fucked that i'll stay unconscious past the next day
  • sunday 19th - it's my '19th' birthday
    ...again. no, i don't want to count how many of them i've already had, the only thing that counts is that it's officially my 19th bday. so make sure you get the right number on the cake and the cards bunnies!

    i have to get so fucked up on sat that i'll remain unconscious past sunday and not realise what day it actually is.
looking at all that i fear the monday after that at work will be pretty painful. heh.

Monday, December 06, 2004

more furry pics

'slut' claiming my computer as his territory

Sunday, December 05, 2004

classics for sunday night

good ole itunes just shuffled on such a great classic house tune that i just have to share it with you bunnies: robin s - show me love
"don’t you promise me the world, all that i’ve already heard
this time around for me baby, actions speak louder than words"
"so baby if you want me, you’ve got to show me love
words are so easy to say, oh ah yeah
you’ve got to show me love"

there goes my day off

farken. i have my first ever group exhibition tomorrow and i was quite eager to see how ppl react to my video work. i just received a sms from my boss saying that i need to work tomorrow after all. fuckity-fuck.
oh well, at least my teacher promised to take pics of my video shown on the big screen. and i can still add the exhibition to my cv and portfolio. which is a good thing.

tunes for (sun)day off

alright, put on freeland - we want your soul and crank it out loud enough to piss off your neighbours and flatmates...
"your cell phone, your wallet, your time, your ideas, no barcode, no party, no id, no beers, your bankcard, your license, your thoughts, your fears, no simcard, no disco, no photo, not here, your blood, your sweat, your passions, your regrets, your office, your time off, your passions, your sex, your pills, your past, your tits, your ass, your laugh, your bones - we want it all. WE WANT YOUR SOUL!"

woofy a.k.a. kitty a.k.a. slut

Saturday, December 04, 2004

you gotta luv the soaps...

good morning bunnies. [insert here stretching noices]
one more day of work and then i have two days off. yay! i've been working *every* day this week and even though i'm not doing long days it does drain all my energy. i've been a very tired girly this week. oh well, i think that'll get better once i get the hang of things.
damned cat btw. i think i mentioned earlier that we have a dog (7 months old adorable mongrel named clementine) and a cat (grey striped kittycat named woofy but i just call him kitty). well, anyway, most ppl in australia hate cats. and when i moved into the house the kitty just luveded me and gave me the impression that no one had taken care of him for ages. so i was feeding him and petting him and taking care of him. i felt special: the cat luveded me.
right. then danica revealed the true nature of woofy the cat. apparently he does that to every new person who moves into the house. he always does the full on "oh the pain! nobody loves me... no one takes care of me... will you be my friend if i love you? will you feed me?" act. but then when a new person moves in, you're forgotten and he's doing the same act to the new person. and i can tell you, he's good at it. and i fell for it. fully. oh well, that's why i like cats anyway: they're smart. they know how to get what they want.
we renamed the cat 'slut'.
oh, one more thing: apparently i'm a dyke.
i went on a couple of innocent dates with this one guy lately. and he was alright: he was pretty smart and funny and shit. even though i had a good time, it just didn't 'do it' for me. there was no butterflies in my tummy and my feet remained solid on the ground.
well, lately with my move and the new job and everything, i've been busy doing other shit. so he gets the shits and ends up going through The Talk[tm] in a very funny sms monologue with practically no input from my part. his monologue ended up with a conclusion that i must be banging one of my best friends cause she happens to be a hot scandinavian blonde. good stuff i tell you.
typical male logic: i don't want him therefore i must be a dyke. priceless!
quality quotes:
[sms] "are you ignoring me or have you lost your phone?"
[sms] "i've lost my phone." (*)
[sms] "oh good, and i thought you were ignoring me..."
(* just in case you haven't had your morning coffee yet, this message was obviously sent FROM my phone)

Friday, December 03, 2004

sydney finns meet

last night after work i ran to opera bar at circular quay to meet up with abt 40 other finns who have for some reason ended up in sydney. it was quite a bizarre experience.
i've been here for two years and i haven't really had any contact with finns in here. apart from occasionally saying hi to the couple that were living on campus a year ago. and since i don't really call finland that often, the only time i get to speak finnish is when i go over there for a month once a year for the finnish summer.
it was really bizarre talking finnish and hearing it around me. i felt all warped and paranoid for the rest of the night.
i did meet few cool ppl that would be nice to meet again. and i did see the usual druken finns that were oh-so-easy to spot from the crowd. they stick out like a sore thumb.
on my way home i bumped into my flatmates and of course they 'twisted my arm' to join them for one more drink.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

something positive

my video arts teacher just called me cause he wants to put my latest video in an exhibition.

well actually it's a a video screening but as far as video works go that's the way of exhibiting them. it's kinda cool to finally get some of my work actually seen outside the class room. maybe then i can hear some honest comments abt them since the audience doesn't have a clue who's done it.


but yeh, it makes me feel a bit better. tho not a lot. losing my beloved kitty bag still pisses the shit out of me.

r.i.p. my beloved kitty bag

i luveded it. i luveded it a lot. and my little twin stars mirror. luveded that one too. this piece of wank walked away with a bunch of stuff that is absolutely worthless to him/her but priceless to me. it's just such a fucken waste.


you know, now that i think abt it...

i think there's an art work abt to form in here. at the moment it's taking its shape in the back of my head and the working title is "have you seen my kitty?"

welcome to newtown

great. i've lived in my room for 5 fucken days and i get burgled.
i came back from work at around 10:30pm, went and sat at the backyard with my housemates for an hour or so and when i walked back into my room i found my window open, my curtain on the floor and a weird stick poking in from my window.
some fucken dickless piece of shit had opened my window, ripped down the curtain and reached through the bars with a long stick to grab my bag (that was on my desk on the other side of the fucken room!) and ran with it.
there went my wallet with all my cash, all my cards, drivers license, student card, the lot. sunglasses, make up, pair of shoes and my priceless little mirror thingie that i have carried with me since i was 15.
i wish i would have walked in on him, so that i could have had my housemates hold him down while i ram that 3m stick up his arse sideways.
i just can't believe the fucken shit i need to go through. i seriously did not need this.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

room details

here's few quick snapshots of the room itself. i'll take pics around the house later.


i wrote a long entry last night only sacrifice it to the ever so demanding pagan gods of the server error.
work. looks like i'll be working every day this week. just came from work and feel *dead*. i think i'll go and fix myself a nice cold mango smoothie to chill me down. it's +35c outside atm and i walked home from darling harbour. that's something like 6km. normally it's alright and quite an enjoyable walk, but in +35c? not so much.
i've survived for the whole day without coffee so far and i'm VERY proud of myself.
fetch your swimmers bunnies and run for the kiddy pool!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


my lil room is pretty much done now!
i do need a few lil things like curtains, couple of shelves, mirror, more milk crates etc. but at least i'm not living in the middle of boxes anymore.
now this room feels like home. my home.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

few legs too many

i swear they are out there to get me!

i've been searching for furniture and shit for my room all day and i just (oh well, again) had the freak of my lifetime. i was in a small furniture shop and i found a beautiful 40's dressing table mirror that would look great on top of the fireplace (yay! i have a fireplace in my room!). so of course i picked it up to have a closer look and sure as hell there's a fucken big huntsman on the back side of the mirror.

i can't, for the life of me, understand how i was able to put the mirror back down on the floor calmly instead of screaming like a bitch and throwing it away...
yay! i found a simple wooden clothes rack and a beautiful old filing cabinet! don't ask me why, but i've always wanted to have one. they are just so ugly, hated and beaten up that i feel sorry for them. i had to save it.
now it's mine and it's perty and it's luveded.

good morning sunshine!

well well, just spent my first night in the room [insert major yawn here]
i got woken up early by a totally unexpected phone call. it was quite a nice suprise which was even more unexpexted. i'm starting to believe that some drama queens might be able to grow up a bit after all.
tho now i just know that since i got up early i'm going to be totally rooted by the time i get off work. otherwise it would not be a problem, but stine has her go away party tonite and they are all planning to go clubbing afterwards. there is no way i'm going to survive that. no way in hell. i reckon i'll just go to her place for the drinkies and then head home. in this state a couple of glasses of white wine should finish me off quite easily. yeah, i know: piss weak.
tomorrow is my day. MY day. i'll just enjoy my hangover and fix my room. i'll make no dates and see no one.
ooh, abt pics: i'll take my camera with me today and try to get snap happy a bit around newtown. dunno if it'll work cause i'm physically quite dead and that's not too good for inspiration. but hey, doesn't stop me from trying.
hopefully i'll post some shit up tonite.
till then bunnies!

Friday, November 26, 2004

sydney tourist pic

testing bloggerbot and posting the oh so typical sydney tourist photo...


all my shit is in my new room.
still packed tho, but at least it's here. so it's all good... apart from the fact that instead of being able to sort everything out i need to run to work for the night. but that's just a minor setback. i have all night to sort it all.
anyways, i promise to be a better girl and start blogging daily again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

life between boxes

hey hey hunnies, sorry abt ignoring you lately. i've been awfully busy and my dear baby isn't connected to the internet atm. so yes, we both are suffering from extensive withdrawal symptoms. [insert here shaky hands, mad eyes and cold sweat]

still staying in a temp room at newtown and finally moving into my new place on thu. honestly, cannot wait! don't get me wrong, i've enjoyed staying in this temp room aswell. the guys are great and the location couldn't be better, but i just hate living with all my shit still packed into boxes. better than kingswood tho. heaps better.

the shoeboxes have been temporarily swapped with big arse cardboard boxes of junk that fill my room and make my morning routines a living hell... "now which box was it that has my shampoo? where the fuck is that bra? where did i hide the shoes that i'm looking for?"

Monday, November 22, 2004

quoting bill bryson

i got my hands on bill bryson's down under again and i just have to quote this shit cause i keep telling this to everyone anyway:
"it (australia) has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. of the world's ten most poisonous snakes, all are australian. five of its creatures - the funnel-web spider, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, paralysis tick and stonefish - are the most lethal of their type in the world. this is a country where even the fluffiest of caterpillars can lay you out with a toxic nip, where seashells will not just sting you but actually sometimes go for you. pick up an innocuous coneshell from a queensland beach, as innocent tourists are all too wont to do, and you will discover that the little fellow inside is not just astoundingly swift and testy, but exceedingly venomous. if you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking outback. it's a tough place."
good book btw. i can recommend it to anyone who's interested in this funny country. in fact, i think i'll read it again myself.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


a LOT has happened within the last 48 hrs. hence i'm dead. too dead to type it all so here's a very, VERY short version of all of it:
(happened in the previous episode of the sad soap called my life: finished uni, found a room, found a job) packed my shit, went out, lost my room, gained a temp room, packed some more of my shit, moved my shit, went out, gained a new long term room, started working, sold a print, went to the movies...
and now i think i need sleep. nite nite bunnies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

fin: kai minakin sitten

1. minka artistin/ryhman levyja sinulla on eniten levyhyllyssasi?
jamiroquai on kai albumin tai pari edella muista.

2. kenen kirjailijan kirjoja on hyllyssasi eniten?
taitaa menna sarjakuvataiteilijoiden puolelle ja tasapeliksi milo manaran ja ralf konigin kesken.

3. minka tyyppiset elokuvat ovat enemmistossa dvd/videokokoelmassasi?
aika laidasta laitaan loytyy, mutta enemman tavalla tai toisella kieroutuneita/sairaita/vaikeita/outoja leffoja huonon maun splatterklassikoista taman paivan wanna-be-taideplajayksiin.

4. minkalaisia kuvia valokuva-albumissasi on eniten?
tama helppo: kannikuvia. by far.

5. mita painotuotteita sinulla on eniten paperinkerayskassissasi?
elamaton mina: esseiden vedoksia ja muita koulutyohon liittyvia printteja.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

fin: perkeleen kaksilahkeiset top5

ha! haaste vastaanotettu! likainen leikkipoika avautuu naisten arsyttavimmista tavoista. mina helppona blondina tietysti tartun syottiin ja tarjoan viisi vastinetta miesten maailmasta:

  1. tahtaamisongelmat seisaallaan virtsatessa
    kuvottavaa ja kertakaikkiaan sietamatonta. grh.
  2. marina kenka/vaatekaupassa
    myohemmin kuitenkin juuri niita samaisia stilettokorkoja tai pinkkeja pitsistringeja kuolataan ja ylistetaan tauotta. tunkeleentanan mantti, ei ne itsestaan sinne kenkahyllyyn tai vaatekaappiin ilmesty!
  3. eri asennoituminen neitiin potentiaalisena tyttoystavana ja tyttoystavana
    se lyhyt hame tai avonainen toppi jotka saivat poikaparan hulluksi potentiaalin tyttoystavan paalla, aiheuttavat vuoren varmasti kohtauksen jos tyttoystava yrittaa lahtea tyttojen iltaan ne paalla.
  4. kaksinaismoralismi
    poikien kesken on sallittua rehvastella seksista, mutta tyttojen ompeluseuran seksikeskustelut on ehdottoman kiellettyja ja suunnattoman traumaattista poika-paralle
  5. loputon miehisyyden todistelu
    uskokaa jo: ikean tms. huonekalut rakentuvat helvetisti napparammin kauniimman sukupuolen toimesta. pysykaa siis vain kiltisti kauempana bisse kourassa sohvalla rohnottaen, kun kerrankin voitte. myoskaan taustalta huudetut loputtomat (virheelliset) ohjeet eivat ole toivottuja.

Monday, November 15, 2004

quoting the goddess

alright, misu started it. here's my fav bits from madonna's lyrics:
"surely who ever speaks to me in the right voice,
him or her i shall follow,
as the water follows the moon - silently"
"only the one that hurts you can make you feel better
only the one that inflicts pain can take it away"


that means i'm all set for the summer of my life!
updated to do list:
  1. enjoy the drugged up dreams
  2. get better
  3. party like an artist
  4. get an apartment
  5. get a job
  6. move into the new place
  7. repeat steps 1 & 3

i'm moving in a.s.a.p. and i'm starting out in my new job on friday. bloody fantastic!

cheers bunnies! it's time to celebrate!


tunes for monday celebration bouncing: itchee & scratchee - step inside my world

Sunday, November 14, 2004

oooooooooh, don't you know i'm laaaaaaaaazy

today was a fantastic lazy sunday.
i went and saw bridget jones: the edge of reason in the movies and it was pretty alright. in fact, it was just what i expected: easy, entertaining and had a few good laughs. i ended up pissing myself all through the film, but i dare say i had my own reasons for it.
then we were just sitting in the sun with everyone and ended up having a great bbq feast on the back yard of unit18. and when the others continued drinking i was a boring good lil girl, came home and watched panic room on telly.
what more can you ask from a sunday? just bloody perfect. except for snuggling. that would have been a nice addition. but hey, you can't have everything.

yay for great night outs!

man, last night was fun. heaps fun. i hadn't even realised how much i had missed these guys!
we had dinner and drinkies at the whiteblue restaurant in double bay and then we just did a bar crawl and ended up in johnnie-john-john's hotel room for some more wine and catching up. great fun!
then i accidentally tricked a good friend of mine into driving me back to home from the city (it is almost three hours of extra driving for him). i had been talking abt my new room in ultimo and i had mentioned that i'm moving in within the next couple of weeks. but apparently he had only heard the part abt me getting a room in the city, nothing abt not living there yet. so the poor thing promises to give me a ride without realising that it means a trip to woop-woop and back.
heh. i did feel a bit guilty... but it did give us a good chance to catch up on everything since he used to be one of my best friends but i haven't seen him for a year or so. will fix that from now on. oh, and he did get shitloads of krispy-kremes to take home too so it's not all bad.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

warm, warmer - disco!

here's some quality tunes for saturday: good ole itunes just shuffled on an unbeatable disco classic from 1977 (bloody good year btw) - donna summer - i feel love
i feel love i feel love i feel love i feel love
i feeeeeel love....
i - feeeeeel - loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove...."

fuck resting...

alrighty then, yet another party night out in the city tonight.
it's johnnie-john-john's bday and he invited me to join the festivities. i'm actually quite excited abt this night since i get to meet a group of my friends that i haven't seen since january! so yes, it should be good.
i was hoping that i'd get stine to join me for the party, but the slut has other plans already. damnit.
oh and sculpture by the sea! looks like i'm fucken missing it again! i just heard today that tomorrow is the last day it's on. bugger. maybe i wont drink so much tonight (heh, yeah right...) and i'll be good to go there tomorrow morning? i just don't know if i can handle all those ppl... or the bloody kids.


such a dead lil thing i have been lately. the last month of uni just drained me completely and all i've been able to do since tuesday is to try to recover from it.
i think i am slowly starting to kill this damn throat bug that has been making my life a living hell for the past 3 weeks. maybe i'll be healthy again one day. hopefully one day soon. tho i do have to admit that i kinda like these drugs that i'm eating for it. they give me fucken fantastic dreams. full on vivid messed up dreams all night. very entertaining.
everything is starting to work out very well and so far i've been having unbelievable luck with everything. let's hope that will continue for at least a lil longer. few more things to solve and then i'm ready to enjoy the fantastic sydney summer.

Friday, November 12, 2004

buh-bye westie bush!

yay! i scored a room from ultimo, abt 5 mins from central station(*). FUCKEN FANTASTIC! and with a lil luck i just nailed a job from darling harbour to go with it too. wish me luck bunnies!
the room was great btw. not only was the room in great condition and pretty big comparing to the one i have now, it had floor to ceiling built-ins with mirror doors, internal laundry and really nice kitchen too. but the best part (after the location of course) is that there's a big kick arse pool and a REAL SAUNA downstairs!
now i'm just feeling utterly drained. i left to the city yesterday when the weather was all windy and rainy and cold. so i naturally wore full on clothes and shit. of course today was a sunny and hot day. so i've been walking around sweating my lil arse off while hunting for the job. now i seriously need a nap.
(* fin: helsinkimittakaavassa tama tarkoittaisi huonetta sanomatalosta jos central station on yhtakuin rautatieasema)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"evolution in action"

a little less unfit material in the gene pool...
and judging by the sounds coming from outside my window some of my uni mates are doing their best effort to get a darwin award of their own...
alcohol + boredom = pointing and laughing

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

health, health, health

it is abt a time i start taking the time to nurture this poor battered body of mine back to health. or at least alive. i have been abusing it so badly over the past few months that i believe i'm even breaking my own record.
all i've done is study, work on my projects and party. no sleep, too much caffeine, too much alcohol and all this time trying to run the poor thing with just soy milk, muesli and dry rye bread. NOT good.
from now on it's all health health health, darling.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


just watched shrek 2 and takeshi kitano's hana-bi. i love the fact that finally i had time to sit in front of the telly for long enough to actually finish a movie. and a glass of white wine too.
today, life is good.

I - AM - DONE!
studio arts assessment went great and the lecturers seemed to love my work. which is excellent.
now, i believe it is time to get shitfaced. cheers bunnies!

Monday, November 08, 2004

fin: lisaa kolahtavia lyriikoita

scandinavian music group - kun tuuli oli viilee
"kun tuuli oli viilee
kun tuuli mua liikutti
joskus toivoin että tarttuisit kii
kun ilma oli pysähtynyt
kun hiljaa jäin paikoilleni

joskus toivoin että raahaisit mukaasi
et vaatinut mitään
et vaatinut mitään
sä et vaantinut multa mitään
kun irtosin ja katosin"


how many times does a stupid blonde have to pour a full cup of hot coffee all over her desk before she learns her lesson?


tunes for monday morning

jamiroquai - picture of my life
"see i've become a man
who holds nothing too dear
who will mind if i just disappear
this can never really end, it's infinitely sad
can someone tell me when
something good became so bad
so if you have a cure
to me would you please send
a picture of my life
with a letter telling how
it should really be instead"

wish me luck!

alright bunnies, this is it: my contain video work is abt to be assessed. then it's really three down and one more to go.
the assessment went great! i think i got the best comment from my videos so far:
[insert here a rather long awkward silence after the video ends]
"er... wow. that was both disturbing AND offensive. i'm impressed!"
the bad thing is that my fucken throat is sore AGAIN. this is the third time this semester. it's not as painful as the first time, or i didn't *fully* lose my voice like the second time but now all the fucken glands under my neck are so swollen that i don't even have a neck at the moment! yes, it's looks very perty indeed. fuck-shit-fuck.
i have got to start developing better resistance to these local bugs. i reckon it'll also help when i move off campus. now i'm just collecting all the bugs going around in this small community. not fun.
oh well, scarf and throaties it is.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


"did you know...
being in love doesn't just make you swoon - it also makes you plain stupid. a new study found that romantic feelings inhibit the parts of the brain responsible for critical thinking."
that explains A LOT.

three done, one more to go

yay for me!
i just finished my video and for some miraculous reason i'm quite happy with it too. i think i want to write a short written component to hand in with it tho. that wont take long since i have all my ideas still fresh in my mind and i'll put it all into words in no time.
then all i have to do is to finish up the studio art box and i'm done for this year.

back to uni work

oh well, back to the old drawing board...
went out in the city last night with stine and had a great time. we started out with some quality white wine at her place and whole lot of girly bitchin and shit. great time i can tell you.
then we went around the corner to attend a party that was talked up to be a norwegian hottie sausage fest. nah. no hotties what so ever. the only hot thing in that place was the argentinian bartender. drinks were great tho and stine is always good company. we just had a ball of our own instead of the sausage fest we were planning for.
this morning we had a delicious brekky in the sun at a cafe opposite broadway and i can tell you it was just perfect. i'm a big fan of french toast. yum yum yum.
now i'm back in front of my computer and i need to finish my shit for tomorrow's assessment. wish me luck, bunnies...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

tunes for saturday

björk - venus as a boy
his wicked sense of humour
suggests exciting sex
his fingers focus on her
touches, he's venus as a boy
he believes in beauty
he's venus as a boy
he's exploring
the taste of her
so accurate
he sets off
the beauty in her
he's venus as a boy
he believes in beauty
he's venus as a boy

feel-bad flicks top-5

inspired by misu (linked blog entry in finnish) i started to list my all time top-5 of feel-bad flicks:
  1. irréversible
    by caspar noé (2002)
    the fire extinguisher club scene makes my poor tummy jolt on every crunch and the 9 min real time rape scene pretty much annihilates the libido for weeks.
  2. lilya 4-ever
    by lukas moodysson (2002)
    the movie starts out bad and only gets worse and worse. another efficient libido eliminator.
  3. requiem for a dream
    by darren aronofsky (2000)
    drugs are bad, m-kay? the climaxing of the three stories in the end is just so uncomfortable to watch that it's simply brilliant.
  4. "double suicide" (ten no amijima)
    by masahiro shinoda (1969)
    142 minutes of slow, depressive and hopeless builup towards the evident double suicide of the lovers in the end.
  5. pink flamingos
    by john waters (1972)
    "like a septic tank explosion" - totally different from the previous four. not mentally heavy at all but just utterly disgusting. pink flamingos makes your insides jolt in a very unpleasant way when you know that this shit (quite literally actually) is for real.
    as a bonus, this movie has the original "chicken lover scene" spoofed in southpark. yes, there is a couple having sex, yes there is a chicken involved and yes, the chicken does get hurt. badly.

Friday, November 05, 2004

kiddy ride

wft were they thinking???

found the link from ihmissuhteet (fin) blog.

fin: muutosnarkin tunnustuksia

varo vaan pohtii olennaisen innoittamana muutosta ja muutosvastarintaa. pistipas taas ihan miettimaan. mina kun luulen, etta oma ongelmani on oikeastaan painvastainen: olen niin kovasti paljon parempi muuttumaan ja lahtemaan, kuin pysymaan lestissani ja paikallani.
mitataan sitten uran, ihmissuhteiden tai vaikka asuinpaikan mukaan, niin kylla taidan keskivertoihmista levottomampi olla: ikaa on kaksikymmentakuusi vuotta ja meneillaan on kolmas taysin aikaisemmasta poikkeava ura. ensin olin parturi-kampaaja (joo, alkaa kysyko...) sitten graafikko ja nyt akateeminen kuvataideopiskelija. ihmissuhteisiin en tassa vaiheessa edes kajoa pintaraapaisua syvemmalle, mutta sanotaan sen verran, etta ne tarkeimmat ovat olleet kestoltaan kaikki vuoden ja kolmen vuoden valilta. tosin viimeisin sydameni valloittaja oli minun vain muutaman kuukauden johtuen lukukauden loputtua odottavasta lennosta takaisin toiselle puolelle maailmaa. merkittaviin poikiin lasken silti. ja asuinpaikkakunnissa on talla hetkella menossa seitsemas eri kaupunki ja palttiarallaa viidestoista asunto.
ehka se kultainen keskitie olisi taas tavoittelemisen arvoinen?
olennaisen lainaamat "luovan esittamisen ammattilaisen" sanat: "fyysinen paikanvaihto on edellytys inspiraatiolle ja luovuudelle" pisti ihan miettimaan, etta olisiko siina syyn poikasta omaan levottomuuteen? josko sita sittenkin olisi syvalla sisimmassaan niin Taiteilijapersoona[tm], etta ihan luonnostaan pyrkii jarjestamaan itselleen mahdollisimman otollisen maaperan luovuudelle ja luomiselle? tuskin kuitenkaan. mutta ehka tuota voi yrittaa kayttaa tekosyyna tulevaisuudessa tiukan paikan tullen...
fiilistelymusaa: ultra bra - helsinki-vantaa

all work no fun

nup. no sydney finns meet for me today. in fact, other than grocery shopping, all i've done today is my bloody video. of course i had some "better" ideas today so i had to redo most of it.
my neck is killing me. i have no idea why. i haven't really done anything out of the ordinary lately. maybe it's just all this end of the semester stress building up and my body trying to tell me to take a break already.
bare with me my poor and abused body. few more days and i'll take care of you. but for now i need you to last till tuesday without breaking apart...
sleepy time bunnies, and here's a tune to fall asleep to: kemopetrol - slowed down

Thursday, November 04, 2004

today the world doesn't seem like such a great place to live

this is one of those days when instead of getting up i should have just burried my head under the pillow and slept till next week.
first i sleep in two hrs extra even though i really, REALLY had to get up early. slack. after i finally get up i read the news abt the us elections. great. to open up my eyes i made a cup of coffee just to accidentally pour it all on myself. burned. then i try to publish a photograph of mine on a finnish art site. of course i stuffed it up and now i have to wait a whole month to be able to publish that photo. grh.
right before i had my morning shower i managed to drop a 1l shower soap bottle on the floor and spill 1/3 of it all around the hall. messy. in the shower i got freaked by a big spider and a few mins later by some bug that fell on me from on top of the shower nozzle. that was something i did not want to experience. screamed like a bitch.
then i get to uni and start printing my lino... only to find out that i had carved the lino block the wrong way around so that the image printing was mirrored. so i naturally had to carve it all again. fuck-shit-fuck. as the icing on the cake the golden ink i was using was too slippery for the roller so it was just sliding under the roller instead of spreading around properly. motherfuck!
alright, i know you can do better than this mr. murphy... what else have you got stored for today?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

yay! video arts almost done

sometimes i kick arse. i did half of my studio arts print today and even managed to nearly finish my video too! fucken fantastic!
that means that i might be able to go to the sydney finns meet on thursday after all!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

fin: uhkun ja puhkun

heh. herra liituraita-parka.
sain juuri kuulla, etta olin kuulemma murinallani kaatanut poika-paran niskaan huonoa karmaa oikein amparikaupalla. en kylla tarkoituksella. en ainakaan tunnusta.
viikko sitten oli Iso Keskustelu[tm] alkamaisillaan. mina hankalana neitona sanoin heti viikon alkajaisiksi, etta "Iso Paha Perkele". pojan piti siihen vastata hetikohta maanantai-iltana, kun molemmat koulukiireiltaan viestimaan ehtivat. sitten siita pannahisen kaksilahkeisesta ei yhtakkia kuulu pihaustakaan viikkoon. nimi tietysti siirtyi varsin neitimaisen noitumisen saattelemana mustalle listalle ja taisin koko liituraidan alimpaan helvettiin kirota. ajattelin jo, etta jos ei kerta herralle ole paskan vertaa valia, niin mitas siita sitten suremaan. halki poikki ja pinoon. asia selva.
niin. paitsi ettei kuitenkaan. miksi petit taas rakas occamin partaveitsi?
viime viikon tyhjalle viivalle mahtuikin yllattaen suurta draamaa ja suunnatonta tuskaa. valittomasti ukaasin vastaanottamisen jalkeen kun poika-parka oli tyopoytansa aareen istunut ja valilevyn sijoiltaan muljauttanut. suoraan polille ja loppuviikko olikin sitten vietetty niin pehmoisella laakepilvella, ettei tainnut nimeaan kunnolla muistaa. muista maallisista pikkuseikoista nyt puhumattakaan.
jotkut ihmiset sitten osaavat olla hankalia. mitenkas toista nyt sitten kiroaa, kun se on rampa, reppana ja viela laaketokkurassa?

arty shit

'burtonesque' - plates 05/16 & 12/16
hand coloured etchings with soft ground and aquatint
(100mm x 100mm)

Monday, November 01, 2004

flashback: drinkies till 8am on sat

(thanks to lynne and sophie for the pics)

flashback: unit16 halloween

(thanks to lynne and sophie for the pics)