Wednesday, December 22, 2004

newtown survival crash course part 1

heh. thanks to my beloved flatmates i had quite an interesting day today.

i was drinking my morning coffee at the backyard catching up with matt and dan just before i had to start getting ready for work. after a while they took off to go and do some xmas shopping and shit. i stayed at the backyard to finish my coffee. abt ten mins after they had left i decided to get my arse into gear and start getting ready.

this is the part when everything goes wrong.

i got up to go inside and have my shower only to find the backdoor locked. dan had taken his keys with him and without thinking locked me into the backyard (the house has double doors for both front and back yard. there's a wooden solid door and a "screen door" which is actually more like an iron bar gate. we keep the gates locked at all times EXCEPT WHEN SOMEONE IS IN THE FUCKEN BACKYARD!). so yeh, i was pretty much fucked. there was no way of opening the door without a key and the only way out of the yard was to climb over the 2m high fence.

all i could do was climb over the back fence and go running up and down king st. to see if i could find the boys. on top of everything else i was wearing my dodgy gym gear cause i had just finished doing my method putkisto excercise. and of course i couldn't find the boys.

i came back after half an hour (oh, i might also add that i had no shoes on and it was a fucken hot day so the black bitumen and hot as hell pavement actually BURNED a bunch of blisters on my feet...). during the next 1,5 hrs i got a counsil worker guy climb over the fence to try and see if he could find a way into the house. of course he couldn't. then i just sat on the front porch for 20 mins homicidal as hell and cursing out loud in a manner that made the people passing by change to the other side of the street.

after a while i just decided that fuck it, if there's will there's a way and i climbed over the fence to the backyard again and ended up squeezing myself in through the metal bars on the window. hurt a bit but what the hell, it worked.

the first thing i did was call the boys and let them know that their death wish was granted.

dan was a good boy and tried to make up by bribing me with two retro milkshake glasses. i reckon it helped a bit since he's still alive... for now.

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Anonymous said...

hey how are you what have you been doing? anyway do you have plans for new years yet? im off to wagga 2moro for a week so have a good christmas and ill see you soon.