Sunday, October 30, 2005

crazy times

flat out. that's all i can say.

just finished packing my old apartment and waiting for the car to arrive to move all this junk to the new place. dun have a fridge. fuck. bit of a problem really. i won't have net connected for a week or so. *panic*

the frenchman has been keeping me borderline sane lately. and entertained. and drunk. which helps.

the frenchman and sunshine met briefly yesterday. was weird. frenchman drove me to newtown to pick up the last of the shit that was still stored in sunshine's room. sunshine helped me carry the boxes into the car. threw the shit in and fucked off fairly quickly. frenchman's been trying to milk out every detail of my past relationship since that. men are funny.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

slightly less stressed but just as homicidal

i was quite the massacre waiting to happen for the past couple of days at uni. i think ppl noticed it too, cause everyone seemed to stay out of my way and all the communication was pretty much limited to:
'are you ok with coffee? want me to bring you a new cup?'
apart from the mad lil lady. i'm sure she's a wonderful person and everything. but keep her away from me or i shall surely snap. like a dry brittle stick with a shotgun. snapity-snap. snap snap.


was shitty as fuck again last night. i just really, REALLY don't like disappointments.

there's a looooong history. but the current situation is that i have a dear mate who i never really get to see. he's one of the few ppl that i actually give a shit abt even tho i haven't been in any contact with him lately. haven't had the chance to properly catch up with him over a glass of white for over a year! a friggen year!

once again, we were supposed to meet up last night. and once again the plans got cancelled because of his personal bullshit hitting the fan. shits me. shits me to no end.

what the fuck is it with all these fucken paranoid bitches making my life more difficult?

bunnies, go for the sane bitches. please! or at least keep them on a shorter leash. preferably with a muzzle. mmm-kay?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

it's all bikinis and pina coladas from now on bunnies!

the water view from my window

the elevated swimming pool on the roof top terrace with 360 views

the new apartment... THE new apartment. i'm so excited it's not even funny. moving in next weekend and can't wait. now i just need to come up with a studio full of furniture, fridge, pots, pans, plates, cups and all that jazz before next weekend.

at least it's not boring

bunnies, if my life could be any more of a tragic slapstic comedy, you could rent it from your local video store.

this morning i played a new part.
soothing rays of the morning sun coming through the window into a stylish bedroom with amazing views and a gorgeous kingsize bed. a couple sleeping cuddled up snug as a bug. obviously hungover, not wanting to face the world just yet.

he whispers sweet words into her ear. she grins half asleep. as cynical and sceptic as ever, but with a tickling after thought that maybe one day she might actually believe his words. doze off again.

suddenly the door opens and a woman walks in. surprisingly calm. young, pretty and well dressed. she walks to the bed and addresses the still sleeping man: 'frenchman, who is that girl in your bed?' [insert here laugh-on-tape]

cut to the hungover girl exiting the building, wearing one stiletto heel and trying to step into the other without slowing down. still not quite awake enough to decide if she should be amused or upset by the previous scene. undecided, she starts walking home enjoying the beautiful spring morning.

her phone rings. fantastic news. she is the brand new tenant at a beautiful little apartment with a stunning roof top terrass swimming pool. she had been dreaming about the apartment a lot lately. non-stop since she went to see it a few days earlier.

she walks home planning a pool party for her birthday. pina coladas or mango daiquiris? she couldn't decide.
heh. funny things, national stereotypes. could a french man be any more of a french man?

Friday, October 14, 2005

whoa... hello! loud voice. very pain!

oooOOOoooof. my poor lil head feels like i slept in a cement mixer. heh. and judging by the way i looked when i woke up might as well have. you just gotta luv champers.

we had a MASSIVE preview night at work last night. it was fucken insane. the place was packed and every time i carried a tray of food out to the gallery space it was like a re-enactment of a scene from birds. scary shit.

i think i might have to do an oporto run for brekky.


oh, that reminds me... the frenchman has been such a good boy lately. i'm seriously beeing treated like a princess. need to be careful not to get used to it.

i woke up to the most beautiful sight this morning. i've never been to the frenchman's place before but we ended up going there last night after he picked me up when the preview night finished. such a drunken giggly girl i was. i think i even did the russian mail order bride impersonation to his flatmate. heh. "ruski. mail orrrderr. da." but when i opened up my eyes this morning, the first thing i saw was the sun rising over the most amazing view of elizabeth bay from his window. stunning. then the headache kicked in and the picture got blurry, but that's a whole different story.

i think he tried to have the talk this morning. managed to dodge it by calling him a nutcase and escaping the car. a close shave that one.

Monday, October 10, 2005

unhappy monday

after such an amazing weekend, going to work on monday was such a fucken nose dive straight into concrete.

awful day at the office. nothing worked. my brain felt like it would have been cushioned in cotton wool that prevents any communication going in or out. none of my so called creative cells seemed fully operational. i was cranky, shitty and under way too much stress.

but then there's msn and those funny fucked up lil messages that make me grin, giggle, laugh out lout and blush in turn.

i wish the weekend could have lasted for longer. it was quite wonderful in a way that i haven't experienced for as long as i can remember. it's quite confusing being treated like a princess. i've been so used to dickheads that i didn't remember it could be like this.

it's quite fucked up feeling uncomfortable because you're beeing treated like you should, don't you think?

...and abt the messages, i think i preferred the ones that made me blush.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

wonderful weekend

quite the resourceful young man this frenchman. today, he showed up behind my door with a beautiful big gift wrapped box full of salmiakki. you can imagine that i was quite impressed. heh. he tried it and naturally hated it, but hey, more for me.

i have had the most amazing day today. first we went for a coffee in the sun and walked around paddington. then we went for another coffee at luna park, kicking kids and enjoying the weather. and for a perfect finish he took me to watsons bay for hrs of walking around at the beach, enjoying a mind boggling view of sydney while purring at the sun and being disgustingly romantic. having a fantastic late lunch of fish and chips in this beautiful restaurant at watsons bay and to top it off a glass of fantastic white wine at a nice lil restaurant at woolloomoolloo.

i'm telling you bunnies, i'm being treated like a bloody princess. i could get used to this you know...

the proposition

ended up seeing a great flick last night. the frenchman wanted to take me out to see the presets at the metro but it was sold out. so we decided to see a movie instead. the plan b was to see little fish but of course the last screening had started 20 mins before we got to the theater.

the proposition had just started. 'a super violent australian western with great cast and written by nick cave' i was told and it sounded pretty damn good. and i can tell you that it was too.

after the movie it was fantastic cocktails and good tunes at candle light. a fantastic night, once again.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


swingingsusan - i just found out that my crazy ex boss blogs too. she's funny as fuck that woman. an endless source of entertainment i tell you. and prolly the only female i know that uses the word 'cunt' as much as i do. strongly recommended bunnies.
"What else...Oh I created Nick Cave in the Sims only for him to electrocute himself trying to fix a fucking oven and died. It took me so long to get his nose right.

The picture is Discoman in sarong sleeping on a Saturday arvo. I really wish people wouldn't buy him things like sarongs - cause he wears them - he likes the fact that my mother told him that they go nude underneath in Sri Lanka so he is now free-balling in that dirty sarong in my house - so very wrong."
oh and the notorious discoman is my video art lecturer from uni. crazy bunnies both of them. and very good value.

Friday, October 07, 2005


exs. you know what i'm talking abt. i still think that you should be allowed to drag them behind the barn and take care of them once you're done. clean and simple and none of this bs. grrrroar.

it's incredible how much the lack of payout (read: rootage) brings the level of tolerance down.

no, i do not have to listen to your bs anymore. i don't need to hear you whinging abt your fuckwit of a day at the office. and most definitely no, you do NOT have the right to get the shits and get all bitchy abt my current social life SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

double standards must be one of the things that shits me the most. shits me to fucken tears. everything is peachy as long as they are the one who's moving on. but lo and behold if i have the nerve to re-direct my attention to someone new.

yes luv, i'd love to hear your petty comments. what was that? oh yes, pls get personal. and oh no, there is absolutely no need to think abt my feelings since you know, someone else is taking care of that part already.

yes. let's be friends and i'll take your bs while you sit back and relax. you know what? let's not.

wine by the sea

the frenchman took me out again. he drove me to bondi and we went to this beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea.

it was a beautiful night and we sat outside on the balcony drinking fantastic white wine, listening to the sea, flirting shamelessly and once again being disgustingly romantic.

i dare say we put the ppl in the surrounding tables off their dinner. it was fantastic.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


[in her shoes: diaz and colette are having a talk abt the colette's ever growing collection of shoes she never wears...]

- 'if you're not going to wear them, you've got to stop buying them!'

- 'it's just... i like to treat myself. and... clothes never looked good. food just makes me fatter. shoes always fit.'
heh, i know exactly what she means.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: shoes are the re-usable prozac of single life.

Monday, October 03, 2005

more stories from the office (piss-up)

this is yet another case of my (ex) boss cracking me up. we had a work piss-up. this time at slip-inn.

i had to leave early cause i had promised to meet a mate of mine for a coffee. of course my work mates gave me shit for leaving early and i told my boss that i had a coffee date with a pretty chicky and could not stay.

well, when the time for me to leave came, i said bye to everyone. as i was half way out of the door, she shouts out loud:
'H A V E   F U N   M U F F   D I V I N G ! ! ! '
the whole rest of the table went 'HUH?' as i giggled my arse out of the door. man, is this going to be a fun one to explain at the office.

and sorry bunnies to disappoint you, but no, there was no muff diving involved. i bet ppl at the office will be disappointed too.

awesome long weekend

maybe the best way to fight aversion to third dates is to actually drag your arse to one? i did. and it cured my second date angst in this particular case. entirely.

i met the frenchman again on saturday morning.
he drove me to a nearby beach where we enjoyed our morning coffee in the sun followed by a relaxing walk along the beach.

it was an incredibly beautiful day. sun was shining, there was a perfect fresh ocean breeze and i have to say that the company was great. it was all so disgustingly romantic and wonderful that if i would have wittnessed it from aside, i would have prolly felt sick. luveded it.

oh. and i sprained my ankle. heh. as soon as i stepped down from my heels and went barefoot i went and fucked my left ankle up.

this is not art | electrofringe at newcastle

i was so well entertained and distracted that i ended up missing my train. well, three of them to be honest. when i finally got my drunken grinning arse on the train, i headed to newcastle.

sat night was a non-stop arty piss-up with my badly behaving uni mates. heh. i got full respect (as well as the pointing and laughing) from my mates: 'man, that's dedication! a sprained swollen ankle and she's still on fucken high heels!'

but i have to tell you bunnies, i just don't get it. what the fuck is it with the stinky hippies? i mean, i personally don't think that the use of deodorant is taking anything away from my art.

why does wanna-be-arty nature have to mean that you need to be bloody feral? abt half way through saturday night i started to get this overwhelming need to educate ppl around me abt the wonders of personal hygiene. 'YES! it is a good idea to wash your hair. YES! deodorant is a wonderful thing! NO! showers and baths are NOT overrated.'

and the clothes? oh i don't even want to go there. let's just say that i was sticking out like a sore thumb in my girly skirt, high heels and styled hair. and my non-hairy armpits.

'feature artists'

then on sunday morning we lectured our workshop as feature artists. we were told that we gathered the biggest crowd among the week full of workshops. the place was packed and ppl seemed genuinely interested. they asked heaps of questions and no one walked out half way through. awesome.

as soon as we were done, we walked into the nicest bar we could find by the water and celebrated with big frozen mango daquiris. mmm... mango.

romantic australia day date

last night i was treated to yet another romantic date accompanied by the notorious frenchman. we ended up sitting at russel crowe's backyard, at the end of the pier drinking chardy straight out of the bottle, talking for hrs. overly and disgustingly drunken romantic.