Monday, August 30, 2004

a good lil girl

just finished typing the asian cinema film log entry on a poet. two down, one more to go.
the first thing i saw this morning was a chick putting up her work for the queer art exhibition. some of her work is absolutely hilarious and i had to take a picture of the "i eat pussy" piece and send it to cheer up one wanker's boring morning meeting. based on the feedback, it was a success.
oh and i treated myself with a good ole girly manicure and pedicure. now i can wear open shoes and let my toes enjoy the sun too.

monday bloody monday

i spent the whole fucken morning in video arts trying to first export my video to digital video camera and then capturing it back to the computer. all this trouble cause it seems to be bloody impossible to burn my videos on a dvd. no matter how i export the videos from premiere, it always looses the sync between the image and sound by the time i get it on a dvd. and when i play the dvd the images run twise faster than the sound. pissing me off i tell you.
anyways, the process lost so much quality on the way that the result looked dodgy as shit. so i was wasting my time the whole day. crap.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

sunday confessions

awesome. i just heard that another good friend of mine is reading my ramblings on the other side of the planet. just keep that poor kitty away from those vacuum cleaner hoses...
what else? today has been a weird day. i've been hungover, stressed, confused, pissy, suffering from pms mood swings, snackish, creative, annoying, sad, productive, lazy and last but definitely not least fucken tired. sometimes i feel sorry for the people who have to co-exist within these same walls with me.
i have to start dealing with my shit. this particular load of personal shit is like that disappearing/reappearing ink from childhood, that ended up spilling everywhere and coming up just when you thought that you got away with it. i'm finding myself on this bloody rollercoaster going from happyhappyjoyjoy to disappointment and frustration and back again. this seriously cannot be too healthy for longer time periods. and i can tell you, it's been going on for a *while* already.
it's just not that easy to make decisions that you can't agree with deep down. sometimes it would be so much easier to feel with your brain instead of thinking with your heart.
fuck this.

sAs: video work update

an update on my video art project >> starvingARTstudents: video work update


  1. the act of revealing or disclosing.
  2. something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of something not previously known or realized.
  3. theology. a manifestation of divine will or truth.


i think i just had one. no, i know i did and actually two of them:

  1. i prefer dingoes to koalas
  2. it's time to leave the pair of my favourite red shoes behind and meet the spring barefoot

a bit of a disappointment to be honest, but hey, such is life.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


gah. i woke up early, tried to work on the soundpiece for my video and got told off by my flatmate for making too much noise. not a good start for the day. gladly chris called me just as i was abt to go back to bed and instead i ended up showing him the deep stretching thingie. i have to admit that for a bloke he was keeping up pretty well.
was feeling a bit buggered the whole day and i needed something to cheer me up for tonight's party so we decided to go out for dinner to this nice lil thai place and since the place was b.y.o. we ended up getting pretty drunk. oh well, i did anyway. and it did cheer me up. so alles gut.

Friday, August 27, 2004

tunes for friday

today i'm seduced by after the playboy mansion compilation. some seriously sexy groovy and funky tunes to make your bum wiggle for sure. to pick a song i'll go with gwen guthrie - peanut butter...
"come on, spread yourself over me like peanut butter, spread yourself over me like peanut butter..." *boogies*


today's asian cinema movie was a bit of a disappointment. i was expecting to see something that would have a strong impact on me and it didn't. oh well, such is life.
still got some printmaking to do before i can fully start enjoying my weekend. oh and meet up with a fellow student who needs some help with documentation concerning his next art project. (as usual) his project sounds quite scary and full on, so i'm actually really interested in hearing the whole story.
oh and i need to start stressing abt my video soon. it's due in less than a fortnight. this bloody printmaking collaboration is capturing my attention too intensively and i can't seem to be able to save up any brain processing time for the rest of the stuff i need to get done. must do something abt that... maybe tomorrow. now i want to go and print :P

Thursday, August 26, 2004

you gotta luv white wine

thursday night. bar night. drunken night. luv it. cheers fuckers and join me for a glass of white wine, will ya?

some tunes for thursday

alrighty, go on and dig up that dusty old prodigy classic called "music for the jilted generation" and crank up LOUD the best prodigy track ever: break & enter. the peaking after the quiet breathing bit is just fucken amazing.

*cranks it up really loud and bounces to it*

i solemnly swear...

...that i shall not touch lithography (even with a long stick) for as long as i shall live.

good morning bunnies

yet another early morning. thank you for making it bearable you, you hunky love of my life, mr. caffeine. *huggles coffee cup*
today is thursday and thursday means three things:
  1. thursday means printmaking
  2. thursday means bar night and drinky-drinkies
  3. thursday means asian cinema reader

the problem with this list is, that the latter two don't co-exist that well. or even if by some miracle i can make the two of them work together, there's tomorrow morning's 9am asian cinema movie viewing that definitely does not go with entry no. 2. (couple of weeks ago i did the mistake of viewing a hong kong movie on a friday morning while being [a] hungover, [b] feverish and last but definitely not least [c] suffering from migraine and i can tell you, bunnies, it was not all fun and games.)

maybe i'll just start with the printmaking and worry about the rest as i get there...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


damn this printmaking shit is full on physical workout! i just finished filing the edges of my 8 printing plates and my right arm feels like spaghetti atm. i gotta learn how to do it with my left hand too so that i can make the workout more even :P

and i'm hungry. i think i'll go and cook the chicken i marinated yesterday and make myself a big bowl of super-yummy chicken salad.

my spring is here!

i just realized that this was the first morning when i DIDN'T have to turn on the heater to be able to get out of bed!

spring, here i come! *ecstatic*

c a f f e i n e

these early mornings are starting to get to me. i was up till almost 2am drawing my last etching plate for the collaboration print. the good thing is that now they're all done and i can etch them today. but the bad thing is that i'm tired as hell and feel like shit.
oh well, a coffee cup (or six) should open my eyes and help me through the day. and here's a lil bit of björk lyrics that caught my ear this morning. i really, REALLY like her work.

björk - it's not upto you
i wake up
and the day feels
i tilt my head
i'm trying to get an angle
'cause the evening
i've always longed for
it could still happen

how do i master
the perfect day
six glasses of water
seven phonecalls

if you leave it alone
it might just happen

it's not up to you
oh it never really was

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"fuck you *and* the swiss miss!"

them coen brothers still got it. this is a another must have for my dvd collection. i recommend the ladykillers for any coen fan. or if you're cat person. that'll do too.

gawain macsam : "would you tell this muthafucka he can sew this shit back on? it's like that dude whose wife cut his dick off, threw it on the freeway? she just called triple a, they towed the dick and sewed the muthafucka back on. listen up, jackass, i saw the muthafucka in a porno, the thang still worked, it looked like a chewed-up frank, but that little muthafucka be workin' that muthafucka. it's mangly, but he be fuckin' the bitch all kind of ways with a twisted dick."

email kicks arse

i just received an email that cheered up my day even more efficiently than the gorgeous sunshine outside. it's funny how you suddenly think of someone out of the blue and end up receiving an email or a phone call from that person.
this pic was taken a sec before the sunset on one beautiful wednesday afternoon in hyde park (after we got told off for making out on a memorial). priceless i tell you.
the pic doesn't look like much, but i can tell you it was one of those perfect moments. thanks.

sAs: snap happy phone

i finally got all my pics downloaded off my phone and i put some of the studio/arts related ones up to sAs >> starvingARTstudents: snap happy phone

sAs: collaborative printmaking update

put up an update on my printmaking collaboration project >> starvingARTstudents: collaborative printmaking update

china july 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004

beddie-bed time for this lil girly

hour and a half of deep stretching and i feel like a saint! a very flexible saint that is.
and i just heard that there's going to be a great piss party this weekend too. can't wait. now i'll just need to decide if i wish to have a date for the party. decisions, decisions... *wide flexible grin*

stretchy chicks rock

teeheehee. one more chick addicted on method putkisto. i got lynne to try out the stretchings i do the other day and the next day i got a message form her saying that she really noticed the difference and that she can't wait to do it again. this is excellent cause now there's someone kicking my arse on the days when i feel too lazy.

ruahah! niin mun aamu!

sorry guys, for finns only: hih! ma luulin et toi oli vaan mun aamurutiini! viivi ja wagner 23.08.2004

beautiful sunny monday

yay! the sun is back and the spring is here! i can't wait for the summer!
(despite the spring hype,
these were pics taken from my backyard
in the middle of the winter)
hmmm... now what did i do today? i burned all my videos on a dvd and thought that i finally made it work, but no. of course it didn't work. the fucken image still runs twise faster than what it should. i just can't understand what the fuck is wrong with it! *growls*
oh well, to cheer me up a bit i went and got my hair cut. always good to treat yourself with lil girly things like that. now i have a lil fringe-kinda thingie that feels cool. and i can hide behind it when i don't feel social.
oh and i prepared 3 etching plates more and finished drawing two of them. would have finished third one as well, but i need another plate to get the placement of the image dead perfect. i'll get the third done tomorrow and maybe even etch all five that i've done so far.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

yay! i'm such a good lil girl

today was a good day. nope, make that an excellent day. i got heaps of work done and had great company to entertain me while i was doing it. took the piss out of some skanky teens and free stuff always cheers up a uni student's day.

"the ukranian exchange student"
posing with the skanky teens

i think my etching plates are turning out really well and i can't wait to actually etch them and see how they go.
ooh, and it looks like i'm abt to have a very entertaining night out in the city! can't wait. this sunday has definitely balanced out the otherwise shitty weekend. and now i have entertainment to call for the next time i'm bored shitless. yay!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

pms girl

[insert clever but offensive swearing here]
*deep sigh* alright, alright. this is prolly for the best since i do need to be working on my plates 10am tomorrow morning, but still. i would have really, REALLY needed this night out. i guess a boring weekend is not that bad since last weekend was the bestest for a while. i would rather have killer weekends every week tho.

i've been listening to arab strap all weekend and absolutely love it. depressive but brilliant lyrics. right now tho i have björk playing in the background.

björk - aeroplane
how come
out of all the people in the world
only one
can make me complete
one word on the phone
makes me happy
but one touch directly
makes me ecstatic

he's away
this ain't right
i'm alone
i'm taking an aeroplane
across the world
to follow my heart



*homicidal rage*

the song for today

arab strap -leave the day free

go and close the curtains
it's getting too bright.
we need some music,
let's stay up all night.

put the light back on
i can't see your face.
can you feel it?
it's going some pace.

no inhibitions,
we could still have some more
so pass me my jeans
from your side of the floor.

no plans for tomorrow
leave the day free.
just waste it in bed,
waste it with me.

Friday, August 20, 2004

t2 on telly

that's it. i want linda hamilton's arms from t2.

viivi ja wagner

here's for all of you finns out there. yet another priceless strip of viivi and wagner: viivi ja wagner
i so used to date that pig some years ago ;)

asian cinema: nowhere to hide

we watched an excellent korean movie nowhere to hide in our today's lecture. i was actually suprised that the movie was so good in the end.
i was reading the director's interview last night and it was just a total piece of wank. i can't stand artists who try to talk up their work with bs. i mean, this guy is explaining how he has this buddhist approach to making movies and how he has to close his eyes till his mind goes totally blank and then let the scene come to him. what a load of crap.
but the movie was brilliant, playful, clever and visually so very, VERY beautiful. oh, and funny. absolutely hilarious.
i have to get my hands on this one and see it again. i strongly recommend this movie.

today, i'm migraine-girl

farken. i've been getting away with all the lithography shit so far but yesterday it hit me: when the teacher was doing what's called a wet wash out on someone's plate it felt like someone had hit me on the head with a brick. *instant* migraine and still going strong for the second day in a row.
i could have strangled my flatmates with my bare hands last night. one by one, one after another. every time i fell asleep (which, needless to say, was not easy with the bloody migraine) someone slammed the downstairs door, giggled or woke me up in some other drunken way. i am SO tempted to full on crank up "let's get retarded" now when they are trying to sleep their hangover off...
- homicidal dead tired migraine girl

Thursday, August 19, 2004


vittusaatanahelvettiperkele. this is definitely NOT my day. which one of you stole my brains during the night? apart from my lino cut for the collaborative print (which worked out *perfect*) EVERY-FUCKEN-THING HAS FUCKED UP! *bangs head on the table*
i need a drink.

tunes for wednesday morning

black eyed peas - sexy

"u really got me goin - outta control
i dot know what im doin - let's let it go
and do what we do best
take off our clothes
we look better undressed..."



stuff going to bed early. that shit just doesn't work. i went to sleep two hours earlier than i usually do and what do i get as a reward? i'm twise more tired this morning and lost two precious hours of my life.
alright, this is officially not a good morning. i SERIOUSLY need some coffee.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

restaurant cooked from waste bin groceries

"the turku (city in finland) police received an anonymous letter about three weeks ago, claiming that an ethnic restaurant near the market square in turku was fetching foodstuffs from the biological waste bin of an adjacent grocery shop. the restaurant denied the allegations, but a visit by health officers proved that the tip-off information was correct." - helsingin sanomat - international edition

fuck that.

such a good girl i am!

i just finished cutting up the lino for our collaborative project. now i'll get to print it tomorrow finishing up the background to our prints. fantastic.
and i made chicken salad again. i hate to blow my own horn (ha! yeh, i didn't think you'd believe that.) but i do cook fucken divine chicken. divine i tell you!
ooh! that reminds me: i need to get my hands on someone's vcr soon so that i can finally watch pink flamingos on one go. never actually sat that one through from beginning to the end. i really, REALLY should. i mean, nothing that is described with the words: "like a septic tank explosion, it has to be seen to be believed" should be passed without the attention it deserves.

referencing the past

i'm doing this heaps fun collaboration project with paul (a brilliant printmaker from my class) and in it we are referencing to all the previous works we have done (yehyeh, i will definitely have to sneak in few titties and nipples on the plate) . that made me think that real life is kinda like that too: the person we are today is just a collection of references to our past.

boobies 2004 - a series of three etchings
tit, the perfect date, all i need
it's funny how we pick up lil things here and there and merge them into our lives and personalities. it might be a song, a saying, a recipe, a bad habit, a taste for something, anything. people we meet, places we visit and moments we experience. they all end up leaving their lil marks on us and altering the person we are. the tiniest lil thing might end up having the biggest difference on the long run.
i guess what it means in the end is that if i'm happy today, i have no reason to regret *anything* that has happened in the past. not that i would anyway. i don't believe in regrets. i believe that it's more useful to think before you do or just learn to live with your decisions what ever they may be.

wednesday's tunes

today's songs are from black eyed peas: let's get retarded & hey mama.

wednesday's online comics

alright, the others were crap but these two made me at least grin if not so much laugh:
sinfest (how come that shit never happens to me???)
chopping block (this shit does tho, only too often...)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


hmmm... something going *snap* in the middle of an otherwise enjoyable deep stretch can't be a good thing. i think i just sprained something in my inner thigh. i can just imagine how bad that is going to sound tomorrow when someone asks for the reason for my limping. heh.
ooh! yay for flatmates who can cook! elissa cooked soy based peanut butter and oats cookies and i can tell you they were yummy. she's an angel that one. made them soy based just so that i could eat them too.
now its beddie-bed-time for this lil girly. gotta be awake early and shit tomorrow to redo my litho plate. let's hope it works out better this time *crosses fingers*

wake up it's a beautiful morning...

yeh, right. gimme my coffee and then we'll talk abt it.
today is studio arts day. i think i'll paint my studio wall clean white and plan the sign and text to paint on it. and i'll put up the info that i found during the weekend. yeh, that should be sufficient for today. i also need to come up with a starting point for my book. maybe there is something in people's faucets... oh yeh, this is for the "for once, one know is better than two" project.

Monday, August 16, 2004

"you can't get ye flask!"

it's true: geek is a geek is a geek despite the blonded hair. the fact that i'm cracking up to the text based adventure gag worries me the most.

movie festivals in helsinki

it's the time of the year when i wish i was back home in helsinki: first it's espoo cine on from 24th to 29th of august and then love & anarchy on 16th to 26th of september. i can't wait to numb my arse on those uncomfy chairs of the small theaters again.
oh well, maybe in 2006 i'll be able to join in on the fun again.

starving art students

yay! started a new blog today with ivar let's see what that turns into.
life between the shoe boxes will still be my baby, but it seems like a cool idea to write more collectively with a few uni student friends with equally fucked up minds.
crap. i need a burning dvd-drive. i want to burn all my videos on to a dvd so that i can transport and view them easily. now there's all that messing around with different codecs and shit. fuck that. i want a simple dvd to carry around with me.

list of my video work:
alter ego series
top to bottom:
alter ego I (sep 2003)
alter ego II (nov 2003)
alter ego III (mar 2004)
top to bottom:
online (jun 2003)
offline (jun 2004)

yet another monday

here we go again. uni week no 04/16.
thank bloody hell my week starts with video arts, otherwise these mondays would be intolerable. but video is always a fun and laid back way to start a week.
xcept last week. farken. the first thing i did on monday morning was to walk in to the computer lab and pour a whole fucken cup of coffee on the keyboard. yeh, not a good call. i SO hope that the keyboard is working this week. and there is no way i'm drinking my coffee in that room anymore. i'll go and get my soy latte alright, but i'll drink it standing at the doorway.
i still can't believe i did that. a whole cup of coffee. ditsy fucken blonde.
*shakes head*

Sunday, August 15, 2004

quiz of the week

and here's one for all of you quiz fans out there. this one is definitely my favourite quiz so far: quiz

what type of retro gal are you?


you are the seductress pin-up! you are
self-explanatory. you slut!

what type of retro gal are you? - brought to you by quizilla

what they *really* need to learn

how come kiddy books weren't like this when i was a tiny lil snotty nosed brat?!?

the little mole has been one of my favourite books ever since my dear friend pia introduced me to it. but i had no idea that there was an abundance of brilliant books to mess your kids' heads with! just have a look at these:

back to the real world

do i have to?
i've had such a fantastic action packed and entertainment rich weekend that getting back to my uni work doesn't seem appealing at all.
time is a funny thing. there is not enough hours in a day. i think i could have a ball with the usual 24 hrs and i'd need an extra 9 for sleeping. that would be perfect. and there are not enough days in a weekend. just when you're starting to have fun you notice monday lurking around the corner again.
its funny how good times seem like stealing moments from the real world. when you're kissing/hugging/snuggling someone you don't want to open your eyes cause then you know that the real world will catch up and you'll have to go. time is always in such a hurry when you're enjoying yourself. and the people you appreciate the most always seem to enter your life late and leave early. but all those little things that i'll carry with me for the rest of my life are well worth the high price.

weekend confessions

oh dear. where to begin?
lynnie, stine, jan, elissa and i decided to have a girls' night out on friday and we left to the city straight after classes. i was prepared to drink till i drop and then train it back home. yeh right. now it's almost 2am on sunday morning and i just got home :P
friday was fantastic and the girls were SO much fun! er well, the girls and jeremy, but hell, he's one of the girls anyway. we had delicious thai dinner at newtown. the restaurant was b.y.o. so we carried in plenty of white wine from the bottle shop. needless to say we all got trashed.

later on i met up with a good friend and had a great after party night that resulted into a hell of a headache from some nasty slovakian shit that he made me drink.
on saturday i was on the train half way home as a dear friend of mine calls and invites me to their go away party in the city. so there i go jumping off the train and back to the city again. (this being the third fucken night in a row since thursday is always a bar night) we had a great time bar hopping in the city and ending up jamming to some great live jazz tunes in soups plus. great time i tell you. then it was time for goodbyes and i trained home with ena both of us crying our eyes out.
the problem with meeting beautiful, brilliant and interesting people is that everything is time based. anthony and kai, we will miss you and the campus is not the same without your hottie arses cheering up our morning coffees on the front porch.

Friday, August 13, 2004

asian cinema: chungking express

i think i need to see this one again before i can really say anything about it.
i know i liked it, but i was suffering from fever and headache while watching the movie and that made it impossible to enjoy the brilliant camera work. i just felt dizzy as hell. i am planning to go to the library to watch it again during next week.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

yay for lynnie!

i just had a BIG bowl of CHOCOLATE PUDDING! me! a lactose intolerant poor fucker who can never eat anything yummy! a whole uber-yummy bowl of chocolate pudding to get rid of my drunken cravings. honestly, soy milk rocks my world. and chocolate pudding mixes that don't contain any milk. sometimes life is pretty fucken good.
*rubs tummy*

gay culture flourishes in helsinki

helsingin sanomat - international edition: "although finnish culture has not been traditionally seen as the most tolerant in the world, a thriving gay scene has developed in helsinki in recent years. the city already has eight restaurants with a predominantly gay clientele, as well as one gay sauna."

everyone wants a piece of matti

you just have to love matti nykänen

must - have - coffee!

farken. for some reason it seems to be impossible to wake up this morning. every cell in my body just wants to crawl back under covers and sleep till next week. or at least till pre-drinkies. i mean, it IS bar night.
tho i'll prolly go easy tonight since tomorrow is the Big Night Out In The City[tm]. can't wait! girly bum wiggle night outs are always loads of fun. i think we'll go with the Barbie Dolls Get Utterly Retarded theme....

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

sydney on spring heat?

i swear. this whole city is on spring heat. i know, i know: it's a bit early, but what else can it be? the whole city was filled with full on flirty hotties. and i do mean HOTTIES. they were everywhere!
don't get me wrong, i am definitely not complaining.
tho the funniest bit was when i was walking to the train. this poor guy passed me with his bike and then turned back to say something which resulted into him crashing the bloody bike in front of me. it was so difficult not to crack up. i thought shit like that only happened in the movies.

drawing from

pretty impressive pencil drawing technique:
mika jyrylä - mika

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

good stuff: method putkisto

this shit *really* works!

"method putkisto is an innovative, precise exercise method of deep-stretching, deep-strengthening and deep-breathing, enabling you to achieve in-depth improvements in your body shape for a leaner, trimmer body - lifting you to a good posture."

realization of the day

having hotties around makes life SO much better.
tho more complicated as well... it's always as embarassing to be totally distracted in the middle of a sentence and try to pick up where you were after you realize to stop drooling.

collaboration here i come!

sweet! i just scored myself a collaboration partner/actor for my new video work. he's this brilliant guy who i collaborated with in my previous video work offline(2004) that turned out really well. prolly my best video work yet.
now i can't wait to get my hands on the new project. tho to be honest i am a bit scared about using moving image this time. i have grown so attached to the whole "real life stop motion" way of working that it might be quite a challenge to change that. oh well, that's what uni is all abt i guess.

tunes for tuesday

"poooooooooooooooooooor leno..." *bounces*

yeh, i think it's röyksopp day again. and to pick a song, i'll go with remind me

"brave men tell the truth,
a wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles,
a woman holds her tongue,
knowing silence will speak for her.

so now i'll never know,
as you will only sleep beside me"

yet another early morning

now what would i do without you my dearest friend mr. caffeine. every morning you open my eyes and lure me out of my coma. *huggles coffee cup*
first studio art assessment for the semester today: we have to present our project proposals for the whole semester and it's worth 15%. not a biggie really, but just enough to keep me on my toes for the day. due to my yet another brilliant idea i had to type up my proposal on the agony of living with two handled taps. yeh, don't ask. at least a fucked up and twisted minded friend helped me to come up with a great title for my work:
"For once, one knob is better than two"
and thank god my throat isn't as sore as it was yesterday so i might even be able to talk today :)

Monday, August 09, 2004


it's been proven once again: bloody doctors are just a waste of time and money! i just paid $40 to wait for 1,5 hrs (!) to first get in to see the damn doctor and then he's done with me in 30 secs and throws me out to "buy some strepsils and hope that the pain goes away soon".
needless to say i was pissed off. so pissed off in fact, that i had to go and buy myself new pants. these pants better earn me more attention than i got from the doc!

photos from

olli kannaste - it's hammer time (it's funny cause i used to walk by that statue on my way to work every single day in my previous life as a graphic designer in helsinki)

simpsons star to come out of closet

"one of the colourful characters will tell the world he or she is gay – in an episode where lovable oaf homer simpson is ordained on the internet and begins performing same-sex weddings."

"an obvious candidate is waylon smithers... ...other suggestions are marge Simpson's twin sisters, selma and patty"

ouchies :(

i am so sick that i just want to curl up in a corner and cry. i have never in my life had my throat this sore. i can't even sleep. i keep waking up every half an hour because swallowing and even breathing hurts so much. i feel like i am going to die.
i need to go and see a doctor tomorrow.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


pvponline doesn't really keep up my interest for more than couple of strips at a time, but i have to admit that this particular strip is one of the best pieces of online entertainment that i have seen. cracks me up every time i see it.
i think i need to print it out and put it up on our dunny wall. the chopping block strips have been there for long enough...

real life sinfest

ever had the feeling that the artist who draws your fav comic seems to be drawing it from your life? sometimes the characters just seem way too familiar for it to be a coincidence.

i SO know this wanker

"karhunpoika sairastaa, häntä hellikäämme..."

crap. i'm getting sick. my throat is sore as shit and my voice is all gone. how do i whinge now?
this is the only sucky thing abt being single: there's no one to make you hot chocolate with rum and cuddle you all day.
there is never a prince-fucken-charming around when you need one. tho i think that atm i'd settle for any wanker with magic throaties...
*deep sad sigh*

sunday's soundtrack

portishead - dummy. a classic that i never seem to get tired of. its still as good as it was the first time i heard it. i think the last track on it is my fav song atm:

glory box
"i'm so tired, of playing
playing with this bow and arrow
gonna give my heart away
leave it to the other girls to play
for I've been a temptress too long
give me a reason to love you
give me a reason to be ee, a woman
i just wanna be a woman"

Saturday, August 07, 2004

yay for sbs!

i just saw levottomat (restless) on telly for the third time since i moved into this country. man, they must really have a shortage on quality movies that are practically porn but can still be shown on national telly...
the movie got me in the mood for some quality finnish tunes. i think i'll start with ultra bra - sokeana hetkenä
"tiilitalojen varjossa,
hän kirjoitti minulle nimensä,
kiinalaisin kirjaimin,
vetoavalla hymyllään houkutteli minut porttikäytävään"
"kun siirtyy äkkiä,
päivän valosta pimeään,
kestää tottua näkemiseen,
sokeana hetkena hän suuteli minua,
eihän voi tuntea ihmistä joka ei kerro itsestään mitään"

and the same in english:
"in the shadows of the brick houses,
he wrote me his name,
using chinese letters,
with his charming smile he lured me into the corridor"
"when you go quickly,
from daylight into the dark,
it takes a while to see again,
during the blind moment he kissed me,
cause you can't really know a person if they reveal you nothing"

isolation - video art proposal

alrighty then. what's a better way to spend a beautiful saturday afternoon, than to type up a project proposal? yeh i know: anything and everything. but i better not think abt that since i need all my brain process capacity on this one.
"we have nothing in common except the illusion of being together.”
"like crowds, drugs, and love, alcohol can befuddle the most lucid mind. alcohol turns the concrete wall of isolation into a paper screen which the actors can tear according to their fancy, for it arranges everything on the stage of an intimate theatre. a generous illusion, and thus still more deadly."

Friday, August 06, 2004

how to: furnish a student unit

  1. live in an apartment with several other students (preferably a group of kleptomaniac pissheads like yourself)
  2. locate the nearest bottle shop and acquire copious amounts of alcohol (extra points for goon, passion pop and wild turkey combined with the traditional canadian gobble gobble dance)
  3. get utterly pissed
  4. walk to the uni bar scanning for objects not nailed down or chained to poles
  5. drink more
  6. grab what you can on the walk back from the bar (the bigger the better - don't forget teamwork!)
  7. place objects where they will surely lighten up your flatmates' morning (extra points for blocking the bathroom door)
    1. i have to admit that last night's effort was pretty good and the new ugly yellow table will be a nice addition to our ever growing collection.

    word of the day: kleptomania

    klep·to·ma·ni·a (klpt-mn-, -mny)
    1. An obsessive impulse to steal regardless of economic need.
    ( is my friend)

    kyy (a finnish snake) -

    refreshingly different nature photo. is an excellent finnish art related site that is open for anyone to register and publish works in three different categories: photography, fine arts and literature.

    kyy -

    the mother of all bushinisms

    "our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we"

    - george w. bush

    gunther - the ding ding dong song

    this is the funniest shit!

    this guy has the mother of all mullets and i just can't believe that pout! he's like a cold shower between all those bouncing titties and bum wiggles. i nearly pissed myself the first time i saw the video and thanks to the american influence in our unit, this has become the new house anthem. priceless.
    oh, you touch my tralala,
    mmm, my ding ding dong,
    la lalala lalala....
    *sings and bounces*

    asian cinema: hoichi the earless

    looks like the pain of getting up early after a bar night to attend a class has (for once) paid off.

    we watched hoichi the earless, one of the shortfilms that make up the japanese movie kaidan. an excellent short film and i was stunned to find out that it was actually done way back in 1964! what kobayashi does with the image as well as the audio is just stunning.
    i definitely recommend this to anyone with a taste for quality asian cinema.

    imdb entry for masaki kobayashi - kaidan (1964)

    "ooof... hard voice! very pain!"

    putting up a theory lecture on 9am friday morning is purely sadistic.
    how am i supposed to be able to absorb all that information when my mental state doesn't even allow me to choose what shirt to wear to uni? ...or if i even should wear one at all. maybe a lil bit of acid jazz would sooth my aching brain...
    the soundtrack for friday is mos - acid jazz classics and to pick a tune to start with i think i shall go with freak power - turn on, tune in, cop out

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    lithography kicks arse!

    ha! of course i ended up hating all my previous sketches before i actually got to draw any of them on the plate. once again i found myself drawing up a new sketch half an hour before the class. *deep sigh*

    final sketch 1.0 - 30cm x 30cm

    i do think it was worth the trouble tho. i think i really like this new image i came up with. (this is just a quick sketch cause i forgot to take my camera to class so that i could have photographed the actual plate after drawing). this image is a combination of four earlier sketches that i found from my journal. the net-kinda-thingie in the middle represents the texture of a fishnet stocking that i released on the plate.

    this one should be really good unless i manage to totally fuck up the etch part of the process.

    but now the Important Shit: i do believe it's thursday and thursday means drinky-drinkies! yay! i shall slip into something more comfortable, pop open my goon and drink till i drop. uni life. gotta love it.
    salmiakkivodka here i come!

    thursday's soundtrack

    i love my mp3 player. (although if given a change i'd dumb it in a sec for a 40gig ipod. but that's just the materialistic slut i am.)

    today's soundtrack is breaks 03 the album. it should keep me all bouncy and shit for the day. i think i'll start with moguai - u know y

    wish me luck with my litho!

    you just gotta love chopping block

    this shit still cracks me up, even tho it has been staring down at me from the dunny wall for almost half a year. (yesyes, i did print out a shitload of them and cover our dunny's walls with the strips...)

    wanna see more? go to chopping block

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    yay for lesbian bsdm!

    er... wha-?
    alright. i did manage to finish *a* sketch. but it got a bit twisted on the way.
    i had this idea and it sounded good... well in my head anyway. picture this: a window from the red lights district in any city with a young whore tempting the by-walkers to come in and a dominant woman in the background making sure that the girl doing her job.

    sketch 0.2 - a5

    now when i look at the paper, there's this bloody lesbian bdsm scene sketched on it! how the hell did that happen? *deep sigh*

    1 new sketch for my litho (yay!)
    1 cup of hot chocolate (without rum! oh the agony!)
    2 ugly but quite yummy homebaked uncle sam cookies
    + shitloads of cookie dough *oooooof*

    [insert words representing tummy ache here]

    today, i also feel distracted

    dis·tract·ed (d-strktd)
    1. Having the attention diverted.
    2. Suffering conflicting emotions; distraught.
    ( is my friend)


    funny thing this blogging. and very efficient. at least when it comes to re-directing my attention from what i really should be doing.

    1 bowl of excellent chicken salad
    2 big carrots
    3 cups of green tea
    2 cups of coffee
    1 bs blog
    0 new sketches for tomorrow's litho (!!!)


    today, i (don't) feel expressive

    ex·pres·sive (k-sprsv)
    1. of, relating to, or characterized by expression.
    2. serving to express or indicate: actions expressive of frustration.
    3. full of expression; significant: an expressive glance.
    ( is my friend)

    sketch 0.1 - a5

    the first sketch for my litho. hate it. as my flatmate put it: "bond girl". yes, fucken bond girl.

    drawdrawDRAW. i must that is. nipples, titties, chicks, boring. i am having One Of Those Days. days when i have a clear brilliant image in my head. an image that is just what i need to do and want to express. but then this useless extension to my body called My Right Arm refuses to co-operate with me. and the shit that i get on paper just makes me want to sulk in the corner of my room and eat dry muesli.

    oh well, back to the old drawing board.