Tuesday, November 30, 2004

room details

here's few quick snapshots of the room itself. i'll take pics around the house later.


i wrote a long entry last night only sacrifice it to the ever so demanding pagan gods of the server error.
work. looks like i'll be working every day this week. just came from work and feel *dead*. i think i'll go and fix myself a nice cold mango smoothie to chill me down. it's +35c outside atm and i walked home from darling harbour. that's something like 6km. normally it's alright and quite an enjoyable walk, but in +35c? not so much.
i've survived for the whole day without coffee so far and i'm VERY proud of myself.
fetch your swimmers bunnies and run for the kiddy pool!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


my lil room is pretty much done now!
i do need a few lil things like curtains, couple of shelves, mirror, more milk crates etc. but at least i'm not living in the middle of boxes anymore.
now this room feels like home. my home.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

few legs too many

i swear they are out there to get me!

i've been searching for furniture and shit for my room all day and i just (oh well, again) had the freak of my lifetime. i was in a small furniture shop and i found a beautiful 40's dressing table mirror that would look great on top of the fireplace (yay! i have a fireplace in my room!). so of course i picked it up to have a closer look and sure as hell there's a fucken big huntsman on the back side of the mirror.

i can't, for the life of me, understand how i was able to put the mirror back down on the floor calmly instead of screaming like a bitch and throwing it away...
yay! i found a simple wooden clothes rack and a beautiful old filing cabinet! don't ask me why, but i've always wanted to have one. they are just so ugly, hated and beaten up that i feel sorry for them. i had to save it.
now it's mine and it's perty and it's luveded.

good morning sunshine!

well well, just spent my first night in the room [insert major yawn here]
i got woken up early by a totally unexpected phone call. it was quite a nice suprise which was even more unexpexted. i'm starting to believe that some drama queens might be able to grow up a bit after all.
tho now i just know that since i got up early i'm going to be totally rooted by the time i get off work. otherwise it would not be a problem, but stine has her go away party tonite and they are all planning to go clubbing afterwards. there is no way i'm going to survive that. no way in hell. i reckon i'll just go to her place for the drinkies and then head home. in this state a couple of glasses of white wine should finish me off quite easily. yeah, i know: piss weak.
tomorrow is my day. MY day. i'll just enjoy my hangover and fix my room. i'll make no dates and see no one.
ooh, abt pics: i'll take my camera with me today and try to get snap happy a bit around newtown. dunno if it'll work cause i'm physically quite dead and that's not too good for inspiration. but hey, doesn't stop me from trying.
hopefully i'll post some shit up tonite.
till then bunnies!

Friday, November 26, 2004

sydney tourist pic

testing bloggerbot and posting the oh so typical sydney tourist photo...


all my shit is in my new room.
still packed tho, but at least it's here. so it's all good... apart from the fact that instead of being able to sort everything out i need to run to work for the night. but that's just a minor setback. i have all night to sort it all.
anyways, i promise to be a better girl and start blogging daily again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

life between boxes

hey hey hunnies, sorry abt ignoring you lately. i've been awfully busy and my dear baby isn't connected to the internet atm. so yes, we both are suffering from extensive withdrawal symptoms. [insert here shaky hands, mad eyes and cold sweat]

still staying in a temp room at newtown and finally moving into my new place on thu. honestly, cannot wait! don't get me wrong, i've enjoyed staying in this temp room aswell. the guys are great and the location couldn't be better, but i just hate living with all my shit still packed into boxes. better than kingswood tho. heaps better.

the shoeboxes have been temporarily swapped with big arse cardboard boxes of junk that fill my room and make my morning routines a living hell... "now which box was it that has my shampoo? where the fuck is that bra? where did i hide the shoes that i'm looking for?"

Monday, November 22, 2004

quoting bill bryson

i got my hands on bill bryson's down under again and i just have to quote this shit cause i keep telling this to everyone anyway:
"it (australia) has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. of the world's ten most poisonous snakes, all are australian. five of its creatures - the funnel-web spider, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, paralysis tick and stonefish - are the most lethal of their type in the world. this is a country where even the fluffiest of caterpillars can lay you out with a toxic nip, where seashells will not just sting you but actually sometimes go for you. pick up an innocuous coneshell from a queensland beach, as innocent tourists are all too wont to do, and you will discover that the little fellow inside is not just astoundingly swift and testy, but exceedingly venomous. if you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking outback. it's a tough place."
good book btw. i can recommend it to anyone who's interested in this funny country. in fact, i think i'll read it again myself.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


a LOT has happened within the last 48 hrs. hence i'm dead. too dead to type it all so here's a very, VERY short version of all of it:
(happened in the previous episode of the sad soap called my life: finished uni, found a room, found a job) packed my shit, went out, lost my room, gained a temp room, packed some more of my shit, moved my shit, went out, gained a new long term room, started working, sold a print, went to the movies...
and now i think i need sleep. nite nite bunnies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

fin: kai minakin sitten

1. minka artistin/ryhman levyja sinulla on eniten levyhyllyssasi?
jamiroquai on kai albumin tai pari edella muista.

2. kenen kirjailijan kirjoja on hyllyssasi eniten?
taitaa menna sarjakuvataiteilijoiden puolelle ja tasapeliksi milo manaran ja ralf konigin kesken.

3. minka tyyppiset elokuvat ovat enemmistossa dvd/videokokoelmassasi?
aika laidasta laitaan loytyy, mutta enemman tavalla tai toisella kieroutuneita/sairaita/vaikeita/outoja leffoja huonon maun splatterklassikoista taman paivan wanna-be-taideplajayksiin.

4. minkalaisia kuvia valokuva-albumissasi on eniten?
tama helppo: kannikuvia. by far.

5. mita painotuotteita sinulla on eniten paperinkerayskassissasi?
elamaton mina: esseiden vedoksia ja muita koulutyohon liittyvia printteja.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

fin: perkeleen kaksilahkeiset top5

ha! haaste vastaanotettu! likainen leikkipoika avautuu naisten arsyttavimmista tavoista. mina helppona blondina tietysti tartun syottiin ja tarjoan viisi vastinetta miesten maailmasta:

  1. tahtaamisongelmat seisaallaan virtsatessa
    kuvottavaa ja kertakaikkiaan sietamatonta. grh.
  2. marina kenka/vaatekaupassa
    myohemmin kuitenkin juuri niita samaisia stilettokorkoja tai pinkkeja pitsistringeja kuolataan ja ylistetaan tauotta. tunkeleentanan mantti, ei ne itsestaan sinne kenkahyllyyn tai vaatekaappiin ilmesty!
  3. eri asennoituminen neitiin potentiaalisena tyttoystavana ja tyttoystavana
    se lyhyt hame tai avonainen toppi jotka saivat poikaparan hulluksi potentiaalin tyttoystavan paalla, aiheuttavat vuoren varmasti kohtauksen jos tyttoystava yrittaa lahtea tyttojen iltaan ne paalla.
  4. kaksinaismoralismi
    poikien kesken on sallittua rehvastella seksista, mutta tyttojen ompeluseuran seksikeskustelut on ehdottoman kiellettyja ja suunnattoman traumaattista poika-paralle ...wtf?
  5. loputon miehisyyden todistelu
    uskokaa jo: ikean tms. huonekalut rakentuvat helvetisti napparammin kauniimman sukupuolen toimesta. pysykaa siis vain kiltisti kauempana bisse kourassa sohvalla rohnottaen, kun kerrankin voitte. myoskaan taustalta huudetut loputtomat (virheelliset) ohjeet eivat ole toivottuja.

Monday, November 15, 2004

quoting the goddess

alright, misu started it. here's my fav bits from madonna's lyrics:
"surely who ever speaks to me in the right voice,
him or her i shall follow,
as the water follows the moon - silently"
"only the one that hurts you can make you feel better
only the one that inflicts pain can take it away"


that means i'm all set for the summer of my life!
updated to do list:
  1. enjoy the drugged up dreams
  2. get better
  3. party like an artist
  4. get an apartment
  5. get a job
  6. move into the new place
  7. repeat steps 1 & 3

i'm moving in a.s.a.p. and i'm starting out in my new job on friday. bloody fantastic!

cheers bunnies! it's time to celebrate!


tunes for monday celebration bouncing: itchee & scratchee - step inside my world

Sunday, November 14, 2004

oooooooooh, don't you know i'm laaaaaaaaazy

today was a fantastic lazy sunday.
i went and saw bridget jones: the edge of reason in the movies and it was pretty alright. in fact, it was just what i expected: easy, entertaining and had a few good laughs. i ended up pissing myself all through the film, but i dare say i had my own reasons for it.
then we were just sitting in the sun with everyone and ended up having a great bbq feast on the back yard of unit18. and when the others continued drinking i was a boring good lil girl, came home and watched panic room on telly.
what more can you ask from a sunday? just bloody perfect. except for snuggling. that would have been a nice addition. but hey, you can't have everything.

yay for great night outs!

man, last night was fun. heaps fun. i hadn't even realised how much i had missed these guys!
we had dinner and drinkies at the whiteblue restaurant in double bay and then we just did a bar crawl and ended up in johnnie-john-john's hotel room for some more wine and catching up. great fun!
then i accidentally tricked a good friend of mine into driving me back to home from the city (it is almost three hours of extra driving for him). i had been talking abt my new room in ultimo and i had mentioned that i'm moving in within the next couple of weeks. but apparently he had only heard the part abt me getting a room in the city, nothing abt not living there yet. so the poor thing promises to give me a ride without realising that it means a trip to woop-woop and back.
heh. i did feel a bit guilty... but it did give us a good chance to catch up on everything since he used to be one of my best friends but i haven't seen him for a year or so. will fix that from now on. oh, and he did get shitloads of krispy-kremes to take home too so it's not all bad.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

warm, warmer - disco!

here's some quality tunes for saturday: good ole itunes just shuffled on an unbeatable disco classic from 1977 (bloody good year btw) - donna summer - i feel love
i feel love i feel love i feel love i feel love
i feeeeeel love....
i - feeeeeel - loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove...."

fuck resting...

alrighty then, yet another party night out in the city tonight.
it's johnnie-john-john's bday and he invited me to join the festivities. i'm actually quite excited abt this night since i get to meet a group of my friends that i haven't seen since january! so yes, it should be good.
i was hoping that i'd get stine to join me for the party, but the slut has other plans already. damnit.
oh and sculpture by the sea! looks like i'm fucken missing it again! i just heard today that tomorrow is the last day it's on. bugger. maybe i wont drink so much tonight (heh, yeah right...) and i'll be good to go there tomorrow morning? i just don't know if i can handle all those ppl... or the bloody kids.


such a dead lil thing i have been lately. the last month of uni just drained me completely and all i've been able to do since tuesday is to try to recover from it.
i think i am slowly starting to kill this damn throat bug that has been making my life a living hell for the past 3 weeks. maybe i'll be healthy again one day. hopefully one day soon. tho i do have to admit that i kinda like these drugs that i'm eating for it. they give me fucken fantastic dreams. full on vivid messed up dreams all night. very entertaining.
everything is starting to work out very well and so far i've been having unbelievable luck with everything. let's hope that will continue for at least a lil longer. few more things to solve and then i'm ready to enjoy the fantastic sydney summer.

Friday, November 12, 2004

buh-bye westie bush!

yay! i scored a room from ultimo, abt 5 mins from central station(*). FUCKEN FANTASTIC! and with a lil luck i just nailed a job from darling harbour to go with it too. wish me luck bunnies!
the room was great btw. not only was the room in great condition and pretty big comparing to the one i have now, it had floor to ceiling built-ins with mirror doors, internal laundry and really nice kitchen too. but the best part (after the location of course) is that there's a big kick arse pool and a REAL SAUNA downstairs!
now i'm just feeling utterly drained. i left to the city yesterday when the weather was all windy and rainy and cold. so i naturally wore full on clothes and shit. of course today was a sunny and hot day. so i've been walking around sweating my lil arse off while hunting for the job. now i seriously need a nap.
(* fin: helsinkimittakaavassa tama tarkoittaisi huonetta sanomatalosta jos central station on yhtakuin rautatieasema)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"evolution in action"

a little less unfit material in the gene pool...
and judging by the sounds coming from outside my window some of my uni mates are doing their best effort to get a darwin award of their own...
alcohol + boredom = pointing and laughing

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

health, health, health

it is abt a time i start taking the time to nurture this poor battered body of mine back to health. or at least alive. i have been abusing it so badly over the past few months that i believe i'm even breaking my own record.
all i've done is study, work on my projects and party. no sleep, too much caffeine, too much alcohol and all this time trying to run the poor thing with just soy milk, muesli and dry rye bread. NOT good.
from now on it's all health health health, darling.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


just watched shrek 2 and takeshi kitano's hana-bi. i love the fact that finally i had time to sit in front of the telly for long enough to actually finish a movie. and a glass of white wine too.
today, life is good.

I - AM - DONE!
studio arts assessment went great and the lecturers seemed to love my work. which is excellent.
now, i believe it is time to get shitfaced. cheers bunnies!

Monday, November 08, 2004

fin: lisaa kolahtavia lyriikoita

scandinavian music group - kun tuuli oli viilee
"kun tuuli oli viilee
kun tuuli mua liikutti
joskus toivoin että tarttuisit kii
kun ilma oli pysähtynyt
kun hiljaa jäin paikoilleni

joskus toivoin että raahaisit mukaasi
et vaatinut mitään
et vaatinut mitään
sä et vaantinut multa mitään
kun irtosin ja katosin"


how many times does a stupid blonde have to pour a full cup of hot coffee all over her desk before she learns her lesson?


tunes for monday morning

jamiroquai - picture of my life
"see i've become a man
who holds nothing too dear
who will mind if i just disappear
this can never really end, it's infinitely sad
can someone tell me when
something good became so bad
so if you have a cure
to me would you please send
a picture of my life
with a letter telling how
it should really be instead"

wish me luck!

alright bunnies, this is it: my contain video work is abt to be assessed. then it's really three down and one more to go.
the assessment went great! i think i got the best comment from my videos so far:
[insert here a rather long awkward silence after the video ends]
"er... wow. that was both disturbing AND offensive. i'm impressed!"
the bad thing is that my fucken throat is sore AGAIN. this is the third time this semester. it's not as painful as the first time, or i didn't *fully* lose my voice like the second time but now all the fucken glands under my neck are so swollen that i don't even have a neck at the moment! yes, it's looks very perty indeed. fuck-shit-fuck.
i have got to start developing better resistance to these local bugs. i reckon it'll also help when i move off campus. now i'm just collecting all the bugs going around in this small community. not fun.
oh well, scarf and throaties it is.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


"did you know...
being in love doesn't just make you swoon - it also makes you plain stupid. a new study found that romantic feelings inhibit the parts of the brain responsible for critical thinking."
that explains A LOT.

three done, one more to go

yay for me!
i just finished my video and for some miraculous reason i'm quite happy with it too. i think i want to write a short written component to hand in with it tho. that wont take long since i have all my ideas still fresh in my mind and i'll put it all into words in no time.
then all i have to do is to finish up the studio art box and i'm done for this year.

back to uni work

oh well, back to the old drawing board...
went out in the city last night with stine and had a great time. we started out with some quality white wine at her place and whole lot of girly bitchin and shit. great time i can tell you.
then we went around the corner to attend a party that was talked up to be a norwegian hottie sausage fest. nah. no hotties what so ever. the only hot thing in that place was the argentinian bartender. drinks were great tho and stine is always good company. we just had a ball of our own instead of the sausage fest we were planning for.
this morning we had a delicious brekky in the sun at a cafe opposite broadway and i can tell you it was just perfect. i'm a big fan of french toast. yum yum yum.
now i'm back in front of my computer and i need to finish my shit for tomorrow's assessment. wish me luck, bunnies...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

tunes for saturday

björk - venus as a boy
his wicked sense of humour
suggests exciting sex
his fingers focus on her
touches, he's venus as a boy
he believes in beauty
he's venus as a boy
he's exploring
the taste of her
so accurate
he sets off
the beauty in her
he's venus as a boy
he believes in beauty
he's venus as a boy

feel-bad flicks top-5

inspired by misu (linked blog entry in finnish) i started to list my all time top-5 of feel-bad flicks:
  1. irréversible
    by caspar noé (2002)
    the fire extinguisher club scene makes my poor tummy jolt on every crunch and the 9 min real time rape scene pretty much annihilates the libido for weeks.
  2. lilya 4-ever
    by lukas moodysson (2002)
    the movie starts out bad and only gets worse and worse. another efficient libido eliminator.
  3. requiem for a dream
    by darren aronofsky (2000)
    drugs are bad, m-kay? the climaxing of the three stories in the end is just so uncomfortable to watch that it's simply brilliant.
  4. "double suicide" (ten no amijima)
    by masahiro shinoda (1969)
    142 minutes of slow, depressive and hopeless builup towards the evident double suicide of the lovers in the end.
  5. pink flamingos
    by john waters (1972)
    "like a septic tank explosion" - totally different from the previous four. not mentally heavy at all but just utterly disgusting. pink flamingos makes your insides jolt in a very unpleasant way when you know that this shit (quite literally actually) is for real.
    as a bonus, this movie has the original "chicken lover scene" spoofed in southpark. yes, there is a couple having sex, yes there is a chicken involved and yes, the chicken does get hurt. badly.

Friday, November 05, 2004

kiddy ride

wft were they thinking???

found the link from ihmissuhteet (fin) blog.

fin: muutosnarkin tunnustuksia

varo vaan pohtii olennaisen innoittamana muutosta ja muutosvastarintaa. pistipas taas ihan miettimaan. mina kun luulen, etta oma ongelmani on oikeastaan painvastainen: olen niin kovasti paljon parempi muuttumaan ja lahtemaan, kuin pysymaan lestissani ja paikallani.
mitataan sitten uran, ihmissuhteiden tai vaikka asuinpaikan mukaan, niin kylla taidan keskivertoihmista levottomampi olla: ikaa on kaksikymmentakuusi vuotta ja meneillaan on kolmas taysin aikaisemmasta poikkeava ura. ensin olin parturi-kampaaja (joo, alkaa kysyko...) sitten graafikko ja nyt akateeminen kuvataideopiskelija. ihmissuhteisiin en tassa vaiheessa edes kajoa pintaraapaisua syvemmalle, mutta sanotaan sen verran, etta ne tarkeimmat ovat olleet kestoltaan kaikki vuoden ja kolmen vuoden valilta. tosin viimeisin sydameni valloittaja oli minun vain muutaman kuukauden johtuen lukukauden loputtua odottavasta lennosta takaisin toiselle puolelle maailmaa. merkittaviin poikiin lasken silti. ja asuinpaikkakunnissa on talla hetkella menossa seitsemas eri kaupunki ja palttiarallaa viidestoista asunto.
ehka se kultainen keskitie olisi taas tavoittelemisen arvoinen?
olennaisen lainaamat "luovan esittamisen ammattilaisen" sanat: "fyysinen paikanvaihto on edellytys inspiraatiolle ja luovuudelle" pisti ihan miettimaan, etta olisiko siina syyn poikasta omaan levottomuuteen? josko sita sittenkin olisi syvalla sisimmassaan niin Taiteilijapersoona[tm], etta ihan luonnostaan pyrkii jarjestamaan itselleen mahdollisimman otollisen maaperan luovuudelle ja luomiselle? tuskin kuitenkaan. mutta ehka tuota voi yrittaa kayttaa tekosyyna tulevaisuudessa tiukan paikan tullen...
fiilistelymusaa: ultra bra - helsinki-vantaa

all work no fun

nup. no sydney finns meet for me today. in fact, other than grocery shopping, all i've done today is my bloody video. of course i had some "better" ideas today so i had to redo most of it.
my neck is killing me. i have no idea why. i haven't really done anything out of the ordinary lately. maybe it's just all this end of the semester stress building up and my body trying to tell me to take a break already.
bare with me my poor and abused body. few more days and i'll take care of you. but for now i need you to last till tuesday without breaking apart...
sleepy time bunnies, and here's a tune to fall asleep to: kemopetrol - slowed down

Thursday, November 04, 2004

today the world doesn't seem like such a great place to live

this is one of those days when instead of getting up i should have just burried my head under the pillow and slept till next week.
first i sleep in two hrs extra even though i really, REALLY had to get up early. slack. after i finally get up i read the news abt the us elections. great. to open up my eyes i made a cup of coffee just to accidentally pour it all on myself. burned. then i try to publish a photograph of mine on a finnish art site. of course i stuffed it up and now i have to wait a whole month to be able to publish that photo. grh.
right before i had my morning shower i managed to drop a 1l shower soap bottle on the floor and spill 1/3 of it all around the hall. messy. in the shower i got freaked by a big spider and a few mins later by some bug that fell on me from on top of the shower nozzle. that was something i did not want to experience. screamed like a bitch.
then i get to uni and start printing my lino... only to find out that i had carved the lino block the wrong way around so that the image printing was mirrored. so i naturally had to carve it all again. fuck-shit-fuck. as the icing on the cake the golden ink i was using was too slippery for the roller so it was just sliding under the roller instead of spreading around properly. motherfuck!
alright, i know you can do better than this mr. murphy... what else have you got stored for today?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

yay! video arts almost done

sometimes i kick arse. i did half of my studio arts print today and even managed to nearly finish my video too! fucken fantastic!
that means that i might be able to go to the sydney finns meet on thursday after all!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

fin: uhkun ja puhkun

heh. herra liituraita-parka.
sain juuri kuulla, etta olin kuulemma murinallani kaatanut poika-paran niskaan huonoa karmaa oikein amparikaupalla. en kylla tarkoituksella. en ainakaan tunnusta.
viikko sitten oli Iso Keskustelu[tm] alkamaisillaan. mina hankalana neitona sanoin heti viikon alkajaisiksi, etta "Iso Paha Perkele". pojan piti siihen vastata hetikohta maanantai-iltana, kun molemmat koulukiireiltaan viestimaan ehtivat. sitten siita pannahisen kaksilahkeisesta ei yhtakkia kuulu pihaustakaan viikkoon. nimi tietysti siirtyi varsin neitimaisen noitumisen saattelemana mustalle listalle ja taisin koko liituraidan alimpaan helvettiin kirota. ajattelin jo, etta jos ei kerta herralle ole paskan vertaa valia, niin mitas siita sitten suremaan. halki poikki ja pinoon. asia selva.
niin. paitsi ettei kuitenkaan. miksi petit taas rakas occamin partaveitsi?
viime viikon tyhjalle viivalle mahtuikin yllattaen suurta draamaa ja suunnatonta tuskaa. valittomasti ukaasin vastaanottamisen jalkeen kun poika-parka oli tyopoytansa aareen istunut ja valilevyn sijoiltaan muljauttanut. suoraan polille ja loppuviikko olikin sitten vietetty niin pehmoisella laakepilvella, ettei tainnut nimeaan kunnolla muistaa. muista maallisista pikkuseikoista nyt puhumattakaan.
jotkut ihmiset sitten osaavat olla hankalia. mitenkas toista nyt sitten kiroaa, kun se on rampa, reppana ja viela laaketokkurassa?

arty shit

'burtonesque' - plates 05/16 & 12/16
hand coloured etchings with soft ground and aquatint
(100mm x 100mm)

Monday, November 01, 2004

flashback: drinkies till 8am on sat

(thanks to lynne and sophie for the pics)

flashback: unit16 halloween

(thanks to lynne and sophie for the pics)

fin: listaa listaa

hyva on, hyva on. kylla minakin, kun kerran kaikki muutkin.

sinisilmaisia 3/6
ristiverisia 5/6
voimakas nenaisia 4/6
jumalaisia takamuksia 4/6
jumalaisia selkia 6/6
urheilullisia 6/6
huomattavan alykkaita 4/6
ulkomaalaisia 4/6
laajalti matkustaneita 4/6
tanssitaitoisia 1/6
vittumaisia (hyvassa mielessa) 5/6

never happy?

i just nailed a job. yay for me. yet, i'm not sure if i want it.
of course i'm happy to get it but it's just not what i expected. the add said they wanted a graphic designer to produce a site within 5 weeks to get paid a certain amount. excellent, just what i need. yet when i get there, i found out that what they actually need is someone to research the field, come up with information and then make it look neat within the brand outlines.
for those who are not familiar with the industry the best way to explain the difference is: a graphic designer is given the content and gd makes it all into a site that is easily usable and looks perty where as in this project they want to give me a subject that i have to research and then come up with the content and just add as pages under a crappy looking site. fuck.
and that's not even the major setback. the worst thing is that i expected to be able to produce the site at home during the weekends so that i could be working during the weekdays and making money (since the pay for this project is not that great) but they have assigned an office for me and expect me to sit there from 9-5 for the whole 5 weeks.
[insert here sounds representing the author banging her head on the table]