Sunday, November 14, 2004

yay for great night outs!

man, last night was fun. heaps fun. i hadn't even realised how much i had missed these guys!
we had dinner and drinkies at the whiteblue restaurant in double bay and then we just did a bar crawl and ended up in johnnie-john-john's hotel room for some more wine and catching up. great fun!
then i accidentally tricked a good friend of mine into driving me back to home from the city (it is almost three hours of extra driving for him). i had been talking abt my new room in ultimo and i had mentioned that i'm moving in within the next couple of weeks. but apparently he had only heard the part abt me getting a room in the city, nothing abt not living there yet. so the poor thing promises to give me a ride without realising that it means a trip to woop-woop and back.
heh. i did feel a bit guilty... but it did give us a good chance to catch up on everything since he used to be one of my best friends but i haven't seen him for a year or so. will fix that from now on. oh, and he did get shitloads of krispy-kremes to take home too so it's not all bad.

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