Thursday, November 04, 2004

today the world doesn't seem like such a great place to live

this is one of those days when instead of getting up i should have just burried my head under the pillow and slept till next week.
first i sleep in two hrs extra even though i really, REALLY had to get up early. slack. after i finally get up i read the news abt the us elections. great. to open up my eyes i made a cup of coffee just to accidentally pour it all on myself. burned. then i try to publish a photograph of mine on a finnish art site. of course i stuffed it up and now i have to wait a whole month to be able to publish that photo. grh.
right before i had my morning shower i managed to drop a 1l shower soap bottle on the floor and spill 1/3 of it all around the hall. messy. in the shower i got freaked by a big spider and a few mins later by some bug that fell on me from on top of the shower nozzle. that was something i did not want to experience. screamed like a bitch.
then i get to uni and start printing my lino... only to find out that i had carved the lino block the wrong way around so that the image printing was mirrored. so i naturally had to carve it all again. fuck-shit-fuck. as the icing on the cake the golden ink i was using was too slippery for the roller so it was just sliding under the roller instead of spreading around properly. motherfuck!
alright, i know you can do better than this mr. murphy... what else have you got stored for today?

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