Saturday, November 27, 2004

good morning sunshine!

well well, just spent my first night in the room [insert major yawn here]
i got woken up early by a totally unexpected phone call. it was quite a nice suprise which was even more unexpexted. i'm starting to believe that some drama queens might be able to grow up a bit after all.
tho now i just know that since i got up early i'm going to be totally rooted by the time i get off work. otherwise it would not be a problem, but stine has her go away party tonite and they are all planning to go clubbing afterwards. there is no way i'm going to survive that. no way in hell. i reckon i'll just go to her place for the drinkies and then head home. in this state a couple of glasses of white wine should finish me off quite easily. yeah, i know: piss weak.
tomorrow is my day. MY day. i'll just enjoy my hangover and fix my room. i'll make no dates and see no one.
ooh, abt pics: i'll take my camera with me today and try to get snap happy a bit around newtown. dunno if it'll work cause i'm physically quite dead and that's not too good for inspiration. but hey, doesn't stop me from trying.
hopefully i'll post some shit up tonite.
till then bunnies!

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