Monday, April 28, 2008

Gigging again

Such a rare treat to spend a weekend in Sydney nowadays. Deviant and I spend all our time running up and down the coast and never really get to enjoy the city life anymore.

Well, this long weekend was a refreshing change.

We went to see a joined album launch gig by The Snowdroppers and Nici Blue Eyes on Saturday. And I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable gig nights out I've ever experienced.

The Snowdroppers are a very cool good ole times blues band in 20's sorta working class getups.

"The Snowdroppers are an old style good time family fun band, whose feel good tunes harken from a more innocent era. From the days when jitterbugging, speak easys and contracting cholera was all the rage. They tackle issues such as substance dependancy, spousal abuse, homocide and good old fashioned misogyny."
Nici Blue Eyes is an adorable lil vintage chicky with a guitar.
"Melbourne-based Nici Blue Eyes and her band have won over the most unlikely of fans over the last year with their very own brand of original sassy, foot-tapping country with a twist. Their simple, stripped back sound is a perfect accompaniment to the sweet, breathy, broad ranging vocals of their rockin' front woman - the inimitable Nici."
Of course we ended up getting trollied and the next morning wasn't so much fun, but hey, that's what painkillers and nausea drugs are for, right? Who gives a fuck about car sickness anyway...

The Snowdroppers (from the gig)

Nici Blue Eyes

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spoiled rotten

What a wonderful man I have!

Deviant announced that he's got a treat planned for me today. He told me to write him a shopping list so that he can drop me off to get a massage while he'll do the shopping for me. How sexy is that?

Not only is it wonderful that he's shouting me a massage, but he hates grocery shopping and he's still offering to do it alone while I am getting pampered!

He's so my perfect tall, dark and handsome knight in the shining armour!


And here's a treat for you bunnies: Nine Inch Nails put out a new single the other day and what's really cool about it is that Trent made 'Discipline' available for free download on!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just like fishing with Deviant!

What makes this so funny is the fact that its all so very true!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mine all mine!

FINALLY I had a chance to visit Jason's shop and pick up this gorgeous necklace I've been dreaming of for ages!

Home Sweet Home?

Sunrise at Iluka on the first morning

Back in Sydney and time to face the real world again. *sigh*

Had an awesome time on the road, despite the weather not being the best possible for the most of it. The first few days in Iluka were absolutely beautiful and I got to do some serious work on my tan. The rest of the week was quite patchy and rainy. Not so much fun.

Brekky at Byron Bay


I got an inspiration for a new project which is quite different from anything that I've done before, so I'll see if that takes off and turns into something or not.


As Sam already commented on my earlier post, my new baby managed to attract itself a buyer, so that's something I need to sort out too.

I don't want to sell it for money, but I reckon I'll swap a copy for a nice pair of heels.

Running around Woody Head camping ground working on my tan

Awww... look at him giggle with his beer. Deviant is such a happy drunk.

I guess this is supposed to be an awkward fising gear pose or something...

The fisherman and his dog in Iluka at sunrise. Can I haz a puppy? Please?

...and a dramatic sunrise it was

This is where we fished

No. Its not a bait. That's what he actually caught. An eye. No sign of the poor fish who it used to belong to. Just a friggen eye. Funny shit.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stinky hippies and buff surfer boys

Just a quick note from the road. 

We spent the first three days fishing in Iluka and surprisingly had an absolute ball. The weather was fantastic, fish aplenty and we managed to find the perfect lil camping ground with ocean-views and all. Bonus.

Now we've been spending the last couple of days around Byron Bay sussing out the area. Not such a big fan of any of the coastal towns to be honest. Too touristy, too many hippies and too strong surfing culture. Just not my thing.

On the other hand, Bangalow area up the hills was perfect. Once I grow up and get old, I want to get a lil house on top of a hill, miles away from anyone, with a dozen dogs and kazillion chooks running around the property and a shotgun to keep the neighbours away. Yes. I could definitely do that.

Today we are planning to drive across the bridge from Tweed Heads to Coolangatta - just so Deviant can say he's been in Queensland.

Also, I need to do some shopping. I must find the ultimate pair of heels as a continuation to my latest video work. But more on that when I get the idea shaped up a bit more...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Roadtrip here we come!

Deviant has handled the packing. As the piccie no doubt illustrates, all the essentials are there:

A bottle of tequila and... that's it. A few empty containers and a bottle of tequila. Should I be scared?

We're heading up the coast for a week long road trip. I reckon we end up driving roughly 800km north and hang around Byron Bay/Ballina/Lennox Head area. Which should be very much fun. Its just incredibly beautiful up there.

I only hope the weather will be kind to us and I reckon this trip will be a ball and a biscuit.

See you in a week and a bit bunnehs!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh no, not you too James. Hasn't this fad gone far enough already?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Bunnies, realising that you've ran out of coffee is NOT a good way to start a day.


Did you read about that 16 yo surfer kid who got chomped up the coast? Well, that's exactly where we're heading for a road trip next week. And if that wasn't enough, the weather forecast spells torrential fucken downpours for the next week.

There's nothing quite like closed beaches and torrential downpour to make your holiday...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And there was shoes...

Bring on tomorrow night's opening!

Finally finished my video AND was able to export it in a format that didn't screw with the frame rate once burned onto a DVD. Judging by the pile of fucked up DVDs on my desk it took just as many goes as it felt like.

Just got back from the gallery and was lucky enough to pick a choice monitor for myself too. Can't wait to see my latest baby up and running.

Its been ages since any of my videos have been exhibited (yes, I'm well aware what a lazy old cunt I am) and now I'm quite excited to see people reacting to my work after such a long break.

Especially since this new work is quite different to my old pieces in the sense that it contains no sexual references or pornographic material what so ever...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Its a very small world


I ordered my lil mineral foundation pampering pack on Thursday last week. Now its Monday lunch time and it *just* arrived. How bloody quick was that?

Now I can't wait to get home to have a lil play!

Perty scenery

Bunnies, I just LOVE to get away from Sydney on weekends.

Its awesome to drive a few hours up or down the coast and just spend a weekend camping by the sea, enjoying the sun and spotting the OZ wildlife all around us.

You can't really enjoy sunset properly on the east coast of Australia, but the sunrises are absolutely stunning. Now there's one good thing about getting your arse out of bed at ungawdly hours.

South coast scenery a little after sunrise. I just can't get over how beautiful those rocks are.


Reality check: Its Monday morning. I'm sitting in front of my laptop in Sydney. Its absolutely pissing down outside. AND I need to be in the office in an hour.


Monday's are evil.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gorgeous jewellery

Bunnies, I just have to share this one with you.

I was chatting with this brilliant jeweller last week and thought this Latitude & Longitude ring idea was particularly awesome:

What he does is ask for the client's favourite place on earth and then stamps the latitude & longitude of the place on a gorgeous chunky handmade ring. And how beautiful are they?

I thought the idea was absolutely brilliant and what could be a more romantic gift than the l&l of the place where you met that someone special? Or how cool is this one with the latitude & longitude of the place where the pearl was found?

I absolutely love Jason's jewellery in general and every time I visit his shop I just want to buy everything.

At the moment I've got my eye on this beauty and I will have to go and get it as soon as I get paid...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Seriously doubting personal mental health

Bunnies, there must be something severely wrong with me. In fact, this could be fatal.

How can it be, that New Kids On The Block looks absolutely edible? Have I finally lost it for good? Am I blind? Who am I?


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Superficial update: foundation

Now that my nail polish issues have been solved I can focus to the next problem area in my cosmetics routine: foundation.

See, my previously problem free Scandinavian skin doesn't appreciate the Australian climate quite as much as my soul does.

My skin can't really handle sweating in the humid environment and I get instant issues if I even show any other products than Aesop's Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum to my face.


Make-up-wise this is not such an issue, as I don't like wearing foundation unless I absolutely have to... though I would like to be able to doll up full on glam without having to deal with the consequences for the next week or so!

However, where this sensitivity does create a major problem is sun protection. I don't even want to think what would happen if I'd apply sun lotion on my face. That'd be a full blown drama!

So this far I've been forced to go without any foundation or sun protection what so ever. Which is really not kosher.


Lately a few of my friends have been raving on about mineral foundations, and that made me curious if it could solve my issue.

I stumbled into an article about i.d. Bare Escentials products and based on what I've read so far, they seem to be Rolls Royce of mineral make-up.

Not only is their mineral foundation free of preservatives, oil, fragrance, binders, talc and other chemicals, but its also SPF15! Bonus.

I couldn't find any stockists in Sydney who still had the starter kit left in store, so I just had my colour tested and found the same package from an online store that delivers to Australia. Now I'm just eagerly waiting for my parcel to arrive.

I will keep you posted once I get to try the product in action.


Since I wasn't able to find the special promotion I was after from any Sydney store, I had to pamper myself with something... right?

So I found this cute lil Smoky Eyes make-up set by the same brand. The consistency is absolutely weightless and it feels like I've got nothing on! The colour just seems to blend with my skin seamlessly and looks so very soft, natural and sexy. Love it!

Now who's going to treat me like a princess if I won't do it myself? I do love my guilty little pleasures...

Something you don't see everyday...

Such a good girl

Bunnies, I showed an incredible degree of backbone yesterday and turned down a piss-up to finish my latest video.

I was invited to go and see an exclusive live showcase of two VERY cool oz bands (plus a blonde Swedish skanky flashback from the 90's) with my workmates and I reckon it would have been a ball and a biscuit.

Unfortunately I had some work left on my video and as the opening is next Wednesday and I'm planning to go away for the w/e, it really had to be done.

I hope my workmates drank for me too, cause I have a feeling they had a blast.

Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the next time and make up for it...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Note to self: Multiple Tequila shots while cooking dinner are not necessarily such a good idea.

The Presets - Apocalypso

From Bush Barbie to Bait Bitch

Right. I guess it was only a matter of time.

Deviant had already successfully trained me into a Bush Barbie[tm] and with the introduction of a pink fishing rod, he has managed to turn me into a Bait Bitch[tm] as well.

But isn't it perty? And its not just one of those kiddies plastic shit things that every store sells for $10. My Ugly Stik Pink is a REAL fishing rod & reel combo. Just in perty pink. I luvs it and it luvs me.

We went up the coast for a two day fishing & training mission. Which was actually a blast. The weather was great and the scenery stunning. Couldn't have asked for more. By the second day I was kicking the boys arses in bait fishing and Deviant's bait pool was chock-a-bloc.

I just love the NSW coastline. So perty.


Jungle Hammock rock big time!

Ready to head down to the ledge.

How cute is my lil pack?

Does it look like I know what I'm doing?

Pink magic in action and the Bait Bitch[tm] was unstoppable!
(Notice the matching pink rag?)

My first victim, about to head out to face its impending doom!

Meet Mr. Impending Doom, also known as Dinner.
(How cool is my pink rod?!?)

Drukn and happy about to feast on our catch. It was all good.
(See, even my sunshirt is pale raspberry pink to compliment my lovely rod & reel combo...)

I had an absolute ball and can't wait to go again!