Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stinky hippies and buff surfer boys

Just a quick note from the road. 

We spent the first three days fishing in Iluka and surprisingly had an absolute ball. The weather was fantastic, fish aplenty and we managed to find the perfect lil camping ground with ocean-views and all. Bonus.

Now we've been spending the last couple of days around Byron Bay sussing out the area. Not such a big fan of any of the coastal towns to be honest. Too touristy, too many hippies and too strong surfing culture. Just not my thing.

On the other hand, Bangalow area up the hills was perfect. Once I grow up and get old, I want to get a lil house on top of a hill, miles away from anyone, with a dozen dogs and kazillion chooks running around the property and a shotgun to keep the neighbours away. Yes. I could definitely do that.

Today we are planning to drive across the bridge from Tweed Heads to Coolangatta - just so Deviant can say he's been in Queensland.

Also, I need to do some shopping. I must find the ultimate pair of heels as a continuation to my latest video work. But more on that when I get the idea shaped up a bit more...

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