Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And there was shoes...

Bring on tomorrow night's opening!

Finally finished my video AND was able to export it in a format that didn't screw with the frame rate once burned onto a DVD. Judging by the pile of fucked up DVDs on my desk it took just as many goes as it felt like.

Just got back from the gallery and was lucky enough to pick a choice monitor for myself too. Can't wait to see my latest baby up and running.

Its been ages since any of my videos have been exhibited (yes, I'm well aware what a lazy old cunt I am) and now I'm quite excited to see people reacting to my work after such a long break.

Especially since this new work is quite different to my old pieces in the sense that it contains no sexual references or pornographic material what so ever...


Anonymous said...

"contains no sexual references or pornographic material what so ever"

This rather depends on the viewer's attitude regarding shoes.

Also it is traditional in video art to fuck up heaps of DVD's (in my experience, this is what DVD authoring software does best).

I hear you found a buyer...well done, you!

sam said...

That was me, by the way.


tp said...

Hey there Sam :)

Heh... word travels fast, doesn't it. Yes. Someone really liked my baby. Which is awesome. Let's see how things go :)