Saturday, August 25, 2007

tigger bounce!

i was treated to the most hilarious case of real life slapstick comedy the other night.

we went out to the helen lempriere opening at artspace, which was a big deal this time due to pg making it as one of the finalists. so naturally we got sloshed. which was all good. in fact, we had an excellent night catching up with everyone.

i was pretty much gone so i went straight to bed when we got home. deviant on the other hand was feeling rather energetic and playful. so there i am, lying in bed and he storms into the bedroom and takes this massive tigger bounce leap into the bed.

now instead of landing on the bed like the frisky beast he is, the bed bounces him straight off into flight again and i hear this awful crash as he lands into the wardrobe. there is a silence that seems to last forever until i hear a weak trembling 'ow ...that hurt. a lot.'

poor tigger. i don't think the endless pointing and laughing helped either.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

parkour at tgv

amy winehouse

fuck rehab. what this woman REALLY needs is to have her stylist burned at the stake!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

love at first sight

my work mate just received his iphone.

i have to say that its even prettier irl than it is in pictures. now the only problem of course is that we're in australia, and there is no way for him to use it.

still perty tho.

guess what?

I - WANT - ONE !

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

parcels from mum are the best thing in the world

(just for the record: my mum roks big time!)

we found a perfect new lil one bedroom apartment with deviant a few weeks ago. we moved in a couple of weeks ago and are (still) located very conveniently in sydney's inner east.

you just can't beat the eastern suburbs. full stop.

anyhoo, this apartment is fantastic and we're both over the moon about it. we still haven't decked it out fully, but we have a list - even if a very long one - and one item at a time, we plan to make this place home.

oh, also an update: coexisting with deviant is still fantastic and only getting better by the day. who would've thunk it? i reckon the perfect balance is: i make him brekky in bed every morning and he cooks me delicious dinners. a win-win if i've ever seen one!

well, the reason i'm ranting and raving on abt mums is that i just received a parcel from mum.

she sent us a little 'welcome to your new home' pressie that contained marimekko goodies and finnish candy!

mum sent us his and hers sets of marimekko towels ('nimikko' bath towels & 'ujo' hand towels), a 'kaiku' tea towel to suit the 'kaiku' fabric i'm going to frame on our livingroom wall and of course finnish candy (salmiakki-chocolate rocks my lil world!).

now how cute do the towels look in our bathroom?

there is a giant stuffed fish head on my dining table!

no. it is not always easy coexisting with the fisherking. see, he caught his 105 kilo black marlin off the rocks this year. which - needless to say - is a big deal.

now as fas as i'm concerned that's awesome. deviant can now feel like a Real Man[tm] and the fish was uber tasty. plus there was lots of it. one-hundred-and-five-kilos to be exact. now that's a lot of fish.

well that was all good. but what happened next? the goose wanted to get his friggen fish mounted!

now there is a massive fish head on my dining table. not happy jan. not happy.

but have you ever seen a happier man?

sick lil puppy

ok. i'm as sick as a dog, all rugged up in bed hugging my laptop and bored shitless. not fun.

i think this is my cue to finally start blogging again. i mean, apart from filling my cup of steamy healing tea goodness, what else do i have to do?

Monday, August 06, 2007

retrospective: pasha bulker

here's my piccies of the big fat lady - neatly stuck between the flags on nobbys beach in newcastle: