Sunday, October 31, 2004

yet another brilliant idea...

i changed the order of the last three postings so that they make a bit more sense
i swear i'm getting way too old for this shit!
yesterday, there i was, minding my own business, just abt to start my uni work. i walk downstairs to get a cup of coffee to perk me up. then as soon as i get down the stairs, my dear friend chris walks in, grabs me up, carries me upstairs saying : "you've got 30secs to dress up and to sports bar we go. the rest are waiting outside". well, dress up i did and there we went.
it was just supposed to be the usual few drinkies and pool. heh. right.
we came back sometime after midnight when the sports bar closed and someone had the fucken bright idea of playing drinking games. yeh, that's when it all went really wrong. naturally everyone got utterly retarded. and what do we do after the game finishes? go to another unit to play more drinking games with more ppl! yay!
in the end we were all wrestling and giggling our arses off on the lawn, watching the sun go up. then we did a maccas run. and then we drank some more. i think i went to bed at 8am.
harry potter: "can i get a hug? "
mistress: "no."
harry potter: "well, can i get a hug then?"
mistress: "no!"
harry potter: "awwwww... how abt a hug?"
mistress: "NO!"
as mistress walks away, her fingers play with the toilet pass in her pocket and she hears the conversation continue.
harry potter: "i don't think she likes me..."
john allmighty: "...i don't think she likes a lot of ppl..."
mistress hears a loud thud caused by harry potter falling down on his back as a result of pointing towards her by waving both his feet in the air vigorously. mistress cracks up.

drinking games 1

alright, due to a request from the audience, here is the drinking game that ended fucking us up last night.
setting up: depending on the number of the players use 2 or more decks of cards. there was 5 of us and we used 2 decks. decide on the difficulty level of the game:
[1] pussy: 1 shot of vodka = 4 drink units
[2] pisshead: 1 shot of vodka = 2 drink units
[3] professional alco: 1 shot of vodka = 1 drink unit
[] = 8
[] [] = 7
[] [] [] = 6
[] [] [] [] = 5
[] [] [] [] [] = 4
[] [] [] [] [] [] = 3
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] = 2
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] = 1
  1. deal 36 cards on the table, face down, in 8 rows so that the first contains 8 cards and the last only 1 card
  2. the first row of 8 cards is worth one drink each, the second 2 and so on so that the last card on row 8 is worth 8 drinks
  3. the dealer deals 5 cards to every player
  4. the first card on row 1 is turned over and the player holding a card of the same number can assign a drink to anyone s/he wishes (in rows 2-8 the cards are worth more drinks than just one and the the player assigning the drinks can divide the amount of drinks between several players or assign all to just one)
  5. when all cards are placed on the table or if no one has any cards to play the next card on row 1 is turned over
  6. every time a new row is started the dealer deals more cards to the players
  7. the players can decide to play a card or leave it for later if they hope the same number will appear later on again
  8. this is repeated till the whole pyramid of cards is turned over or till the last pisshead is passed out

drinking games 2

setting up: you need a deck of cards and enough players. (i think there was abt 10 of us)
every card is assigned a new meaning and every player picks up a card on their turn and acts based on the meaning of the card. for example:
  1. a new rule
    player can come up with any rule to add to the game "ok, from now on chicks have a toilet run without a toilet pass"
  2. assign one drink
    player assigns a drink to anyone
  3. assign two drinks
    player assigns two drinks to anyone
  4. truth or dare
    player can place a truth or dare to anyone s/he wishes
  5. toilet pass
    no going to the dunny without one
  6. a rhyme
    player starts a rhyme that is continued till someone fuckes it up and drinks "once there was a boy - who had a lil toy - and... and... and... DRINK IT UP!"
  7. a category
    player decides on a category and the next continues "ok, i take countries starting with a. australia - albania - austria - afganistan - er... ummm... australia? DRINK IT UP!"
  8. a waterfall
    player drinks and all other players are forced to drink till s/he stops
  9. new name rule
    player gets to rename a person in the game and after that who ever calls this player by any other name has to drink "ok, from now on you shall all address me as mistress"
  10. new pointing rule
    player gets to make a new pointing rule and anyone forgetting the rule has to drink "ok, from now on you must point at people by waving your feet vigorously in the air towards the person you are pointing at"
  11. 1 drink for everyone
  12. 2 drinks for everyone
  13. 3 drinks for everyone

Saturday, October 30, 2004

fin: mista loytyy ongelmat?

pistipa taas herra likainen miettimaan ja listaamaan menneita vuosia.
talla kertaa teemana ihmissuhteet ja missa sen kiinnostavan henkilon on sattunut tapaamaan. jostain kasittamattomasta syysta tuntuvat menevan pareittain ja taidan oppia laksyni aina ennen sita kolmatta kertaa. jos lasken nykyhetkesta taakse pain, niin:
2 viimeisinta omasta olohuoneesta(!)
2 edellista netista
2 duunista
2 baarista
tata aiempia en nae listaamisen arvoisiksi.

slowly regaining consciousness

this past week has been fucken painful.
i think i slept a total of 12-14 hrs between saturday and friday. at first i was coughing my lungs out every time i tried to lie down and then i had too much work to do to be able to sleep. i finished my last class on friday at 1pm and went straight to bed. i woke up at 1:30pm today. heh. i REALLY needed that.
now i have finished most of my uni work for this semester. thank-fucken-gawd. i only have my video and studio arts to finish during this week. but that shouldn't be a biggie.
oh good news too: i think i nailed a job. it's only for 5 weeks, but since it's some sort of a student award it'll look good on my cv. and anyway, it's better than nuthin.
i think i'll go and have a nap before i try to wake up for real. the only goal i have for tonite is to watch takeshi kitano's hana-bi.

Friday, October 29, 2004

best google so far

some poor fucker ended up on this blog after typing "crack whore" and "king's cross" into google. priceless.

fin: suomalaista lihaa?

hmmm... likainen leikkipoika liputtaa kotimaisen lihan puolesta. pistipa ihan miettimaan omia makutottumuksia.
jos tassa nyt vaikka lyodaan viimeiset viisi vuotta poydalle, niin melkoisen kansainvalinen sillisalaatti siita taitaa tulla: loytyy suomalaista, venalaista, malesialaista, amerikkalaista, australialaista ja puolalaista lihaa.
hassua tosin on, etta tama ei ole ollut millaan asteella tarkoituksellista. tavatessani kiinnostavan ihmisen, ei kansallisuudella ole oikeastaan mitaan valia. hyvin paljon tuntuu olevan universaalia ja tietysti stereotypioissa on jotain peraa, mutta ehka kuitenkin haluan uskoa yksiloihin. olisikohan jako jotain 30%/30%/40%
ja hassua muuten on, etta vaikka lusikoinnin puolesta liputankin, niin ei se vaan aina ole yhta taivaallista. yhdessa lusikassa voi unohtaa ajankulun ja kadottaa itsensa paiviksi samalla kun toisessa on vain mukava olla. hyvana puolena tosin se, etta keskivertolusikoinnista ei tule vieroitusoireita.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

yay for me!

asian cinema essay - done!
such a good girl i am. i think i'll go and reward myself with a fresh cup of coffee on the front porch now. i still have my printmaking assessment in the arvo, but that's something fun specially since we got the books done on monday.
that reminds me, some people amaze me (and scare the shit out of me too). my printmaking teacher was preggers big time and the baby was due on friday couple of weeks ago. i showed up in the printmaking rooms on the monday after that friday and the first thing i see is her with the massive overdue tummy, working with her prints like normally. and when i went over to ask what the fuck she was still doing at uni, she just said "i get bored at home. i have to do something... besides, if my water breaks, i'll just drive home." right.
well, she had a baby boy this monday and is coming back to work today like nothing happened.


np: reamonn - supergirl
"and then she'd say: it's ok, i got lost on the way
but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry.
and she'd say: it's all right, i got home late last night
but i'm a supergirl and supergirls just fly.

then she'd shout down the line, tell me she's got no more time
cause she's a supergirl and supergirls don't cry.
and then she'd scream in my face, tell me to leave, leave this place
cause she's a supergirl and supergirls just fly."
two more weeks to go and i'm done with uni for this year. that'll be two down one more to go. still don't have a clue on what i want to do after that. scary shit.
i was hoping few other issues could have waited those two extra weeks too, but sometimes shit just doesn't go as planned. i don't believe in accidents, but sometimes it's funny little things that trigger bigger shit hitting the fan.
this time it was not even my shit, but little meaningless things ended up framing up a perfect drama that almost resulted into a dear friend being separated from his balls. i thought it was fucken hilarious specially after i heard abt the sequel starring a long blonde hair. funny shit.
anyhoo, the domino effect naturally went around the block and ended up piling shit on my backyard. in order to keep the irrelevant sentences appearing in my asian cinema essay i had to clear it up. not the way i was hoping for things to go but hey, "elama on laiffia".
in the end it's like travelling. you know, to get on that dream trip to that exotic country overseas you have to get all the necessary shots. and i fucken hate needles. but in the end, every single time it's the same old thing: the fear of the pain beforehand is so much worse than the needle itself.
i always end up feeling relieved. feeling like a supergirl.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

quoting tira quoting alicia

alright, first of all i would like to make known that i don't like alicia keys at all, but tira happened to quote some lyrics (linked blog entry in finnish) that hit like a brick. i don't know if it has more to do with the quality of the lyrics or the timing... perhaps both.
alicia keys - a woman's worth
"she walks the mile, makes you smile, all the while being true.
don't take for granted the passions that she has for you.
you will lose, if you choose, to refuse, to put her, first.
she will if she can find a man who knows her worth. oh
cuz a real man knows a real woman, when he sees her.
and a real woman knows a real man, ain't afraid to please her.
and a real woman knows a real man, always comes first.
and a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

fin: hemmottelusta

voi arvon dirty world, olet niin oikeassa.
hemmottelu keinuttaa minun maailmaani. isosti. mutta taysin ongelmatonta kyseinen autuus ei suinkaan ole. olen nahkaas huomannut, etta hemmottelun vastaanottaminen on kovasti houkuttelevaa ja maalaisjarjen sumentavaa.
kun suhteessa yhta osapuolta hemmotellaan, on kiusaus niin vallan melkoinen vain istua siina avosylin vastaanottamassa ilman, etta ne kultaakin kalliimmat pikku kellot siella takaraivossa soittaisivat sen "hei haloo, olisikohan aika vahan antaa takaisinkin?" savelen...
samaisen tilanteen olen lapikaynyt hemmotteluakselin molemmin puolin uudestaan ja uudestaan, mutta aina on tulos sama: jos minua hemmotellaan, niin unohdan maksaa takaisin samalla mitalla. jos mina hemmottelen, niin vallan jaan itse ilman. vasta siina vaiheessa kuin piikki suljetaan, eika selkaa yhtakkia enaa silitellakaan tauotta, heraa kohde miettimaan, etta joskos sittenkin olisi pitanyt toimia toisin. ehkapa.
eika nyt kyse ole suinkaan seksista. vaan ihan siita perinteisesta suhteen ottaa/antaa/jakaa akselista.

"husband wanted"

"an australian woman in the market for a husband decided that an advertisement in the lonely hearts column of a newspaper simply wouldn't do. nor would posting an item on the internet.

so helen zou, a 40-year-old sydney civil engineer, went public in the most dramatic form. she erected a giant billboard at a major sydney intersection appealing for love."

now THAT's what i'd call a biological clock ticking big time...

Monday, October 25, 2004

one down, three more to go...

today i was a good girl. abt a fucken time if you ask me.
i have been a bit out of tune with my uni work. somehow my brain processing capasity has been wasted on personal bullshit lately. but now that area should be sorted. from now on it's all uni, all good girl, all high distinctions. fuck worrying abt other shit.
i need a copy of "deep throat" for my video. i have no idea how i'm going to get my hands on that. i think i might have to go and hunt it down from the porn shops at king's cross...
printmaking - done. we finished the books with paul today and we kick arse. the books turned out absolutely gorgeous. it's all assessed on thursday, so i'll see how we go then.
still a shitload to do for my asian cinema essay and studio art work.
three more weeks to go. and then i'm done.


  1. unpleasant physical effects following the heavy use of alcohol.
  2. a letdown, as after a period of excitement.
  3. a vestige; a holdover: hangovers from prewar legislation.


i believe today is dedicated to two of the meanings of the word. tho the first one is thank-fucken-gawd starting to wear off already. why is it that i never learn that maccas run is a really, REALLY bad idea? grh.

note to self: when dolling up as a post-overdose-mia-wallace (or anything other that makes you look like a beaten up crack whore) remember to wash the make-up off before going to bed.

man, if i looked bad yesterday, you should have seen me this morning. without the wig the make-up looked even worse. freaked the shit out of me when i walked past a mirror!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

post-od mia wallace

halloween party, here i come:

i wonder if any blokes will try to pick me up now? now where did i put that goon...

cheers bunnies!

enjoying australia

this lil beauty was catched by lynne from the nextdoor unit. it was one fucken big redback (the same spider is called black widow elsewhere) and i believe it's ranked as one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. yay for sydney.

i encountered this BIG huntsman in our bathroom a lil while ago. i can think of a long list of shit i'd rather see when i walk into the dunny... the picture on the right should give you some idea on the size of it. of course the hand is closer to the camera, but the leg span on that mofo would have been something around 12cm. way too much if you ask me. now these ones are not that dangerous... i mean, the bite hurts like hell and makes you sick as shit but you won't die from it. or at least you shouldn't.

oh well, at least i haven't found one of these in my room yet... tho i did see one just outside our unit last year. freaked the shit out of me!

here's a listing of the few other adorable creatures you can encounter in this great land down under.

shaving craig

one more quality flashback from a bar night couple weeks ago:

and there it goes...

(our) halloween saturday tunes

np: nine inch nails - the perfect drug
(and pls, crank it out LOUD)
i got my head but my head is unraveling
cant keep control can't keep track of where it's traveling
i got my heart but my heart's no good
you're the only one that's understood
i come along but i don't know where you're taking me
i shouldn't go but you're wrenching dragging shaking me
turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
the more i give to you the more i die
and i want you
you are the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
you make me hard when i'm all soft inside
i see the truth when i'm all stupid-eyed
the arrow goes straight through my heart
without you everything just falls apart
my blood just wants to say hello to you
my fear is warm to get inside of you
my soul is so afraid to realize
how every little bit is left of me
take me with you
without you everything just falls apart
it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces

Friday, October 22, 2004

halloween outfit - take 2

[insert here whinging abt other bitches stealing my ideas]
alright, fuck doing two bettie pages for the party. if someone else came up with the exact same idea, its not good enough. i think i am going with plan b: post od mia wallace

...then i can get utterly retarded, pass out on the floor and drool all over myself and the following day i can get away with: "nonono... don't you get it? i wasn't pissed out of my brains, i was just in character..."
teeheehee... i tried on my costume, wig and make-up and accidentally freaked the shit out of my flatmate's boyfriend.
i was walking downstairs to ask for lynne's opinion and dave walked in to the kitchen at the same time as i came down the stairs. he honestly freaked out to the point that he couldn't look at me and later on he said that he didn't have a clue who i was before i cracked up.
i honesly looked like a beaten up crack whore. bloody excellent.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

flashbacks from friday's ball - part 4

ok, i just have to tell you this shit.
i guess life on campus is pretty fucked up, but you sort of get used to it and after a while you don't really notice the oddities or wierd shit that much. adaptation is a very handy skill.
like when you have a pile of mysterious something on the kitchen floor, any normal person would either [a] clean it up or [b] whinge abt it. an on campus person just makes sure s/he doesn't step on it.
and any normal person would freak out finding a stranger sleeping on the living room floor on a friday morning. an on campus person just steps over the poor fucker and wonders if s/he missed something good after passing out last night.
and one thing you will surely learn while living on campus, is to always lock your bedroom door when you go to bed, specially if you're not alone.
but i bet that sleeping nekkid, next to a pathological blanket hog and waking up to a bunch of smashed uni students storming into the room and jumping on you, must be the quickest and most effective crash course you can get on this subject. poor mr. pinstripe.
oh well, at least they didn't have cameras with them this time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

halloween - solved!

woohooo! we have a big halloween party in the house on saturday and i just figured out what i'll wear: i'll go as bettie page.



i saw chris yesterday and told him abt my halloween idea. as i'm explaining my idea, he cracks up and tells me that he was just coming from hollie's unit and that she had just used the exact same words to tell him that she is going as bettie page on saturday.

what are the fucken odds of this shit happening, huh?

bettie was a switch tho, so maybe i should go as the dominatrix-bettie and hollie can go as the slave-bettie. then i can just tie her up in a closet and leave her there for the rest of the party...

plan b: of course i could always do the post-od mia wallace with my wig...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

quick flashbacks from friday's ball - part 3

just received more pics from friday:

top: mr. pinstripe & me
bottom: elissa, mark, stine, me, mr. pinstripe, lynne & jeremy

fin: nirsk.

taas sataa. ja jos saatiedotuksiin on luottamista, niin sataa viela loppuviikon. onneksi sentaan saatiedotusten luotettavuus on samaa luokkaa kuin taideopettajien ajoissa tunnille saapumisen todennakoisyys. toivoa siis on.
aani hukassa. joku taisi vieda sen yolla. jaljella on vain saalittava pihina ja karheus kurkussa, joka viittaa hyvin pian saapuvaan kurkkukipuun. sen siita saa kun puhisee.
tanaan on ongelma. pitaisi paattaa, etta mita teen videoni aanen suhteen. eras aaneen erikoistunut kanssaopiskelija kun vaansi uusimmalle videolleni 5.1 aaniraidan.
ongelma on, etta ainoa editointiymparisto jossa aani toimii surroundina, vaatisi istumaan koululla superylibuukatussa studiossa. rakkaassa vaavissani kun ei ole siihen kykenevaa aanikorttia sen enempaa kuin riittavaa maaraa kajareitakaan. parhaillaan ei loydy kuin kaksi etukaiutinta ja subbari.
toinen ongelma tuleekin sitten videon esitysvaiheessa. valmistuvat oppilaat ovat vallanneet jokaisen senttimetrin studiotilaa ja jokainen videoon/aaneen kykeneva huone on jo viety. ei ole pelkoa, etta esitysvaiheessa olisi vapaana enaa tilaa, joka 5.1 aaneen kykenisi.
muttakun se olisi niin kovin siistia. paasisi leikkimaan kuvalla oikein kunnolla ja luotua tilan tuntua. vituttaa.

Monday, October 18, 2004

quick flashbacks from friday's ball - part 2

trashed? who? us? naaaaaah...

fin: paperitiikeri sanoo roar!

nii-in. jos sita edes kerran elamassaan olisi vaarassa. siis silleen hyvalla tavalla vaarassa.
jokin aika sitten mutisin lusikoinnin jalkeisista vieroitusoireista ja sen sellaisesta. juuri nyt elamani olisi kovasti paljon nautinnollisempaa, jos olisin puhunut paskaa kyseisessa aikaisemmassa postituksessani ja voinut niin tanaan todeta. mutta ei.
ollaan sitten sateen mukana tasoiteltu viikonlopun loistofiiliksia niin perkeleen pohjamudissa, ettei pahemmasta valia. taustalla soi nine inch nails -kokoelman agressiivisimmat biisit aivan liian lujaa ja veressa julmetusti liikaa kofeiinia ja sokeria. ja pms, perkeleen pms. mur.
ja mika vitun juttu taa sade on sydneyssa, hah??? tasta ei puhuttu mitaan matkaesitteessa! jos sadetta olisin ollut vailla, niin tuskin olisin lentanyt lontoota pidemmalle!
yritin muka tehda tanaan koulutoitakin. paskat. puoli paivaa meni hukkaan painotyopajalla ja sen sijaan, etta olisin saanut jotain aikaiseksi, niin tuhosin vain kokonaisen helvetin ison arkin kallista ja hyvaa paperia. -ttu. oh well, back to the old drawing board.
ainoa hyva juttu oli, etta saatiin tanaan kaksi viikkoa jatkoaikaa videotaiteen lopputyolle. pelasti persnahkani sitten pahemman kerran.
jotain positiivistakin: isi-papalta tuli paketti perjantaina. oli matitahnaa, nakkaria, salmiakkia, suklaata ja tiesmita. (heh. tietysti voi luottaa rakkaaseen sukuun pakata laktoosi-intoleranssista karsivalle neidolle monta kiloa fazerin sinista matkaan. [lisaa tahan valtaisa vatsakramppi]). ainoa huono puoli oli, etta mun kiinalaisen ihmeteeni tilalla oli paketissa vain kirje tulliviranomaisilta, jossa ystavallisesti ilmoitettiin, etta mun tee oli parhaillaan matkalla poltettavaksi. grh. tanaan tuli sitten mamalta paketti jossa oli laja lumenen tuotteita ja kotiin unohtuneet juoksukengat karkin kera.
ensin ajattelin vetaa paalle oikein kunnon sokerihumalan ja sitten menna purkamaan agressioni ja frustraationi salille. tassa mielialassa kun askeiseen yhtaloon viela lisataan joku testosteronipelle testaamaan uusinta nerokasta iskurepliikkiaan kesken venytyksien niin voin luvata, etta tarvitaan useampi kaveri irroittamaan nama virheettomasti manikyroidut kynnet sen idiootin kaulanahasta.

[homicidal bitch mode switched on]

grh. just please don't talk to me today.
nine inch nails - somewhat damaged, cranked out as loud as possible
"broken bruised forgotten sore
too fucked up to care anymore
poisoned to my rotten core
too fucked up to care anymore
in the back off the side far away is a place where i hide where i stay tried to say tried to ask i needed to all alone by myself where were you?
how could i ever think it's funny how everything that swore it wouldn't change is different now just like you would always say we'll make it through then my head fell apart and where were you?
how could i ever think it's funny how everything you swore would never change is different now like you said you and me make it through didn't quite fell apart where the fuck were you?"

monday morning tunes

it's still on: moloko - the time is now
"i give all i have
but it's not enough
and my patience is shot
so i'm calling your bluff"
but i think i'll throw in arab strap - phone me tomorrow next
"phone me tonight when you're pissed.
just to tell me that i'm missed.
tell me you want me in your cunt.
then tell me you're not sure what you want.
i tried to tell you, i thought i made it clear.
i think you make me not want you here.
phone me tomorrow when you're sober.
just to remind me that it's over.
and that i'm not needed there in your bed.
and of all the things that i apparently never said.
i tried to tell you, i tried to say.
i never wanted it to end that way."

Sunday, October 17, 2004

quick flashbacks from friday's ball - part 1

quote of the night:

"oh great, they've bottled death!"
- jon (after tasting salmiakki vodka for the first time)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

fin: joskus elama on aika siistia

heti aluksi viitaten vanhempaan: kolminkertainen hurraahuuto lusikoinnille molemmin pain.
lyhyesti virsi kaunis: aivan mieleton ilta! syotavan komea seuralainen liituraidassa, julmetun hyva fiilis, parhaat kaverit paikalla parhaalla mahdollisella juhlamielella, loputtomasti ilmaista viinaa ja loistobiiseja tanssilattialla. aivan kasittamattoman hyvat hipat. paras ulkoilu aikoihin ja menee ehdottomasti tahanastiseen topkymppiin.
aivan liian paha darra pidempaan raportointiin, mutta lisaa myohemmin kuvien kanssa.
paivan biisi: moloko - the time is now
"you're my last breathe
you're a breathe of fresh air to me
hi, i'm empty
so tell me you care for me

you're the first thing
and the last thing on my mind
in your arms i feel


give up yourself unto the moment
the time is now
give up yourself unto the moment
let's make this moment last"

Friday, October 15, 2004

rez ball 2004!

this is it bunnies!
time to doll up like i've never dolled up before, enjoy the redbull & vodka pre-ball-party on campus, bus it to the city with everyone, flirt with my shit hot pinstripe date, and have a fucken fantastic night out!
we had a lil practise run last night, and everyone was drinking heaps. our old flatmate rob rocked up a day early for today's ball and the first thing he said when he saw me was: "well hello luv, there's vodka on the table and redbull in the fridge." heh. i love my friends.
cheers bunnies, doll up/suit up and drink with me tonight!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

fill up the kiddy pool and chill the drinks!

it's finally summer!
all the locals were buggered today but i was just loving it! it was a gorgeous sunny day and the temperature was around +37c the whole day. absolutely fantastic! woohooo!
it would have been even better if i didn't have to print like a 20cent slut all day. got four "burtonesque" prints done with paul and we still have a shitload to do. it looks great and we're getting such good feedback on it from everyone that it is worth the trouble. but still. it takes an hour to print one. plus setting everything up for printing and cleaning the plates, tables and presses after printing. why do we both have to be so masochistic when it comes to our work?
i think it's time for another icy smoothie to chill me down after such a gorgeous day. here's my new favourite:
caribbean fruit thingie:
  • half a mango
  • a banana
  • 0,25l coconut juice
  • 0,25l pineapple juice
  • (a spoonful of psyllium husk to thicken it up)
  • ice

(fill the kiddy pool beforehand.) blend till smooth, sit in the kiddy pool and enjoy a the sunshine!

cheers bunnies!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"dear this-and-that,"

gah. all i've done today is written x pages of formal academic emails and cover letters.
now my fingers hurt from the typing, neck aches from sitting in front of the computer, eyes hurt from staring at the screen and my brainwave resembles that of a well trained albino hamster. except that i doubt i could dance right now. my arse is way too numb for that.
[insert here an endless whinge on toefl prices]
ooh! something cool happened today too!
i got contacted by another finn living in sydney through one of my existing linkedin contacts. apparently there is a forum for finns in australia and the finns in sydney have been meeting up monthly in the city. i think i'll drag my arse there for the next meet.

Monday, October 11, 2004

tunes for monday night

"sucking on my titties like you wanted me
calling me, all the time like blondie
check out my chrissy behind
it's fine all of the time
like sex on the beaches
what else is in the teaches of peaches? huh? what?"
that's it. i think this is 13th or 14th time that i hear peaches - fuck the pain away today. time to change my playlist.
now i feel like some chilled out pornish funky house tunes so crazy penis - 24 hour psychedelic freakout album it is. to choose the perfect tune to start with, i'll go with track 5 - rite place.

just like the good old days...

heh. with the rez ball coming up, i seem to be getting back to my hairdresser mode. apart from elissa, i've done the whole bloody house: shaved craig's head on thursday, coloured jan's hair black on saturday, highlighted lynne's hair today and blonding my own atm. (this shit fucken burns!)
ooh, good old days reminded me: i just heard a rumour that my ex boss had found my blog and spread the link around the old firm. heh. (yeh petteri, i do mean you.) greetings from down under to pia too. i did not realise that my whinging has spread that widely... better try to behave from now on.
nah. not really.
shit. just realised that i should be carving my lino for tomorrow instead of playing this vain lil princess game again. and i need to prepare a screen tomorrow for my "for once, one knob is better than two" project. if i can get the screen prints done this week i can start doing the reduction linos next week. grah.
i swear that these next three weeks are going to be the end of me. so much shit to do before the end of semester.
[panic mode on]

waste of time

now what would i do without the precious net?
there is so much time to waste (not!) and what would be a better way to do it than to surf the beloved web?
a fellow blogger skitso (in finnish) reminded me of the good old satanic messages in pop music. i had a good chuckle at this site and i have to admit that the britney bit ("with you i lose my mind give me a sign" >> "sleep with me i'm not too young") would be my favourite too.
and when i need fucked up popular media shit, i can always count on hunger3000 to hook me up with some. first he goes and shows us the most trippy and messed up kids' show boohbah. i mean, that shit is just evil.
and then, talking abt evil, he shows me that bert truly is. and this brings us back to back-masking: when you play "tickle me elmo" doll's original sound backwards he goes "what the fuck?!?"

Sunday, October 10, 2004

not happy john

this lil girl is not happy. yesterday was the day when australia's stock crashed big time: the john howard government got re-elected.
i thought i'd keep my nose out of it since it's not my country and politics is definitely not my cup of tea, but i can't.
i am disappointed.

avoiding uni work (again)

alright. this is one of those lazy sundays when i know that i should be working on my assignments and shit, but end up doing anything but.
i started to think what has changed/happened during the last two years. two years ago i was about to go through probably some of the biggest changes in my entire life:
  • i quit my job
  • applied to a university
  • changed my career path from commercial graphic design to fine arts
  • ended a long term relationship
  • went on a long backpack trip to asia
  • moved from helsinki to sydney
  • left all my family and friends behind
  • commenced university studies in a foreign language

and that all was really fun. except of course leaving family and friends behind. thank gawd for internet, cause it's making it fairly simple to keep up with at least some of them. oh and i never expected it to be this difficult to give up lactose free edam cheese, real finnish dark rye bread, lactose free milk, dry apple upsider, salmiakki and hyla strawberry puffet ice creams...

and what has actually happened after i was queuing up to the check-in desk at helsinki international airport on 11th december 2002? i have:

  • seen 5 new countries
  • seen 10 major landmarks (or tourist attractions, what ever you want to call them) in 4 different countries
  • made new friends from 17 different countries
  • lived with a total of 9 different flatmates
  • got into and out of two relationships
  • fallen in head over heels two times (funny enough only one is the same as above)
  • completed three semesters of fine arts studies in a local university (will complete fourth in a month or so)
  • sold four artworks
  • learned to be proud to refer to myself with terms like "european", "scandinavian" or "finnish"
  • learned to drink white wine
  • gone blonde
  • bought 27 new pairs of shoes
  • broadened my taste in music (adding artists like nine inch nails, rammstein, marilyn manson, the white stripes, arab strap, john butler trio, a perfect circle etc on my playing list)
  • learned to appreciate the existence of swivel taps, drying cupboards, central heating and front loaded washing machines
  • learned to be much more tolerant, adaptive and patient with everything and (almost)everyone
  • started to do method putkisto
  • lerned to eat (and love) soy products like milk, cheese and tofu
  • got addicted on sushi
  • lived three months on plain 3 minute mi goreng noodles (don't try this at home bunnies, NOT HEALTHY)
  • hurled my guts out while someone was holding my hair back for the first time in my life
  • started blogging
  • (and last but definitely not least) have found out a lot about myself that i had not realised i was cabable of before

alright, i think that's enough of a list for now even though i could still continue it. i'd like to add shit like "drank x litres of goon", "finished x bottles of whiskey", "paid $x of tuition fees", "spent $x on booze and partying" and so on, but i think calculating those figures would be way too depressing...

big day out 2005

woohooo! next big day out is starting to look pretty promising!
  • beastie boys
  • system of a down
  • chemical brothers
  • the music
  • the streets
  • the donnas
  • freestylers
  • powderfinger
  • grinspoon
  • john butler trio
  • concord dawn
  • eskimo joe
  • infusion
  • butterfingers
  • little birdy
  • dallas crane

the tickets are $103 but i reckon it'll be worth it if we'll get a good group of ppl going.

i didn't go this year but i did go to bdo2003 and it was great. in 2003 i saw: underworld, foo fighters, kraftwerk (wooot!), the music, pj harvey, and some more that i can't remember anymore. the rest were alright, but kraftwerk and underworld were just fantastic!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

fin: avautumista ilman aivoja...

paa tyhja. siis tyypillinen lauantai.
hitto. eilinen shoppausreissu meinasi koitua yhden havainnointihairioisen kaupustelijan paan menoksi. kaveltiin perinteisessa perjantaikoomassa chrissin kanssa ympariinsa sorbettia metsastaen, kun joku kirottu rahankeraaja pysaytti meidat kysyakseen, etta "onko teilla kenties kouluikaisia lapsia?" ..."kouluikaisia lapsia"?!?
olisin varmaan kuristanut poikaparan paljain kasin, ellei chris olisi arvioinut tilannetta salaman nopeasti ja raahannut mut kadenmittaa pidemmalle ennen kuin pojan sanat lopullisesti upposi tajuntaan. nirsk.
jarkytyksen jalkeen oli pakko raahautua hedelma ja pullokaupan kautta chrissin terassille ja parannella haavoja mango-banaani-rommi-blenderdrinksujen aaressa. helpotti kuulkaas kummasti.
myohemmin jatkettiin taas tavanomaiseen tapaan pahvitonkkavalkkarilla ja rommikolalla. siina kaytiin taas kuulkaas lapi miehet ja naiset ja ihmissuhteet ja seksi ja tiesmita taikamman tarkkuudella: mitaan ei jaanyt ruopimatta. kahden epatoivoisen saatajasinkun sotkuista saisi aikaiseksi jo romaanin.
juorutaan tehokkaammin kuin keskikokoisen kylan marttakerho konsanaan. ihanaa.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

alcohol and boredom leads to pointing and laughing

you know what bunnies? alcohol and boredom is not a healthy combination. entertaining for sure, but definitely not healthy.
this particular bar night? well. first we (naturally) drank and bullshitted as usual. then we drank and bullshitted some more. then we got bored. so bored that someone had to bring up the weather as the topic of the conversation and somehow one thing lead to another. we got from sunshine to heat, from heat to hot and sweaty and from hot and sweaty to how a shaved head would actually be really cool and refreshing look for the summer. not good, not good at all.
see, normally due to the lack of means this would be forgotten by the time the guys got the next round of beers, but not when there's a fully equipped (and awfully trashed) former hairdresser in the house.
less than 1/4 of a beer later my poor flatmate was seated at the backyard while i was hooking up the shaver and asking if it was 2mm or 3mm he wished for.
1/2 of a beer later we realise that it might have been a good idea to consult his dear girlfriend *before* we shaved the mohawk.
few more beers later, while witnessing the mohawk joining the rest of his hair on the ground, we realise that it might have been an even better idea to wait till *after* the student residence ball to shave him. fantastic.
i've said it before and i'll say it again: uni life, gotta love it!

just a quick thought...

i was just listening to the local radio and it confirmed my previous thoughts about how nations should officially take responsibility for the horrors they unleash to the world.
germany should officially apologise for scooter in a similar matter as canada should apologise for bryan adams and celine dion.
and the fucken radio stations should apologise for not burning certain recordings a long time ago.

one step closer...

yay! we sold one of our burtonesque prints with paul.
heh. now i almost feel like an artist. it's really the biggest compliment you can give someone: to be willing to pay to own a work s/he has done.
previously i have sold (only) two works of my own: goddess etching and thoughts reduction lino cuts (a pair of two images: "her erected nipples kept me awake at night" & "it has been ages since i had fish for dinner")
this really gives me hope that maybe i'm on the right track after all. not that i'd really ever expect to make a living as a practising artist, but at least i know that someone appreciates what i'm doing.
i think i'll celebrate this over a glass or two of white wine tonite.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

quote of the day

"the kitchen tap dribbled like a diuretic gerbil..."

- from good omens by pratchett & gaiman

it's blending time!

the sunshine is a clear sign that it's time to dig up that dear shiny blender from the back of the kitchen cupboard.
i lived the whole last summer on smoothies, shakes and fruit ice thingies. nothing's better than a cold smoothie made from fresh fruits to cool down a sunny and baking hot sydney arvo. (except of course blender-drinky-nights, but we'll get to that as soon as the season begins...).
i had the first smoothie of the season today and here's the recipe:
tp's banana mango smoothie:
(enough for one BIG glass)
  • a banana
  • half a mango
  • 0,4 litres of soy milk (preferably so good essential)
  • (one teaspoon of psyllium husk to thicken it up)

chuck it all in the beloved blender, blend till smooth and enjoy!

burton doing a remake of charlie and the chocolate factory!

now this is the best movie related news i've heard for ages! i'm not a big fan of remakes, except if they're done by one of *the* directors. yesterday ivar tipped me to the coolest upcoming movie:
tim burton is directing the remake of charlie and the chocolate factory and johnny depp is doing the role of willy wonka!
this should be good!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

yay! net at home again!

the net is FINALLY working again. no more running to the comp labs and using those pathetic excuses of a computer to piss me off.
i lodged my application to change uni today. kinda scary since it's quite a big step.
i also realised that my toefl score got old a month ago. one-fucken-month. if they are going to force me to do a new 160us$ test even though i've been living in here since i took the previous one i'll go bloody ballistic, i can promise you that.
ooh! booked places for the student residence ball today. and what's best i scored my favourite shit hot date for it too. fan-tas-tic. i swear, a gorgeous guy in a well fitted pinstripe suit must be the hottest thing on this planet. i cannot wait. i'll have to do the whole lady-in-red shit, since it just goes with pinstripe so well.
everyone is starting to get pretty hyped up abt the ball already and i reckon it'll be a fantastic night out. the restaurant is on elizabeth st. in the city and it's supposed to be a v. nice place too. tho i know that no matter what the place is like this time, it will be better than the last place we went to.
we had our mid-year thingy at the bondi golf club. i don't even want to know who's bright idea it was to choose a place just by checking their website instead of actually seeing it irl. anyways, it was the dodgiest joint i've ever set my foot in. (yes, even worse than pioneer's) but since the place was so horrid, everyone just got shitfaced record speed and it ended up being a great night out. i think the bus stopped for a hurl break 4 times on our way back.
i can tell you, bunnies, that it's a hilarious sight seeing a row of 4-8 chicks in formal frocks nicely side by side hurling their guts out in a very non-lady-like manner. thank gawd i was passed out in the bus by this point and did not witness that.
uni life. gotta love it.

Monday, October 04, 2004

bitchin' ritual

we have this "shopping" ritual with chris: i walk up to his place so that he can drive us grocery shopping. but by the time we get to coles we have already decided to stop by at the bottle-o to grab a bottle of white wine and then head to the b.y.o. thai next door. then we just order our usuals and bitch for an hour or two.
that place serves one of the best pad thai's i've had outside thailand and it's safe (i KNOW that there's no dairy in it). it's very relaxing, perfect way to catch up and we both know the script so well already that it works like a charm. i've labeled chris as my "official bitching partner".
excellent i tell you.
ooh! today was the first real bikini day for this spring! it was just fan-tas-tic! there i was, sitting in the sun in my lil bikinis, enjoying my arvo coffee and perving on the perty young half nekkid blokes playing volley ball. perty i tell you, oh-so-perty.
you gotta love the sun!


more reality dreams. this shit is starting to mess with me already.
last night i dreamed that i was sleeping on this very comfy big bed next to this certain shit hot guy and i rolled over in my sleep to snuggle him. then i fucken woke up cause i hit the wall. not nice. i would have much rather opened my eyes to see him than the wall.
felt like an idiot.
the weather is amazing today. the sun is shining and everything is just perfect. i think i'll do some deep stretching outdoors today. maybe even a longish walk if i can get someone talked into joining me.
fuck. ROLLERBLADING. that's what i want to do.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


finally got my timeframe prints editioned. here's pictures of the coloured edition.

a/p "sweet, sweet lollies..." t.p. 2004
reduction lino cut with three colours - 120mm x 120mm

a/p "...i can still recall the taste" t.p. 2004
reduction lino cut with three colours - 120mm x 120mm

i'll put up pictures of the the brown polaroid edition later.

whoa... hello! loud voice. very pain!

there i was, once again bored shitless at home and feeling very vulnerable to temptation. sure as hell i can trust the other scandinavian influence on campus to get me into trouble. just when i was abt to give in, go upstairs and start working on my uni shit - ta-dah - enter sophie and i find myself signing up for today's hangover.
i know. i fully deserve it. but it still hurts.
as far as nightlife goes, penrith is NOT the place. like, everyone goes to panthers and it's BAD (for finns: think of a stockholm cruise boat on dry land). we didn't really want to go to there so we decided to head to pioneer's for some pool. it did sound bad, but i figured that it couldn't be any worse than panthers. wrong, oh SO wrong.
we walk in to this dodgy as hell karaoke shithole. karaoke of all things! the first thing i experience is some middle aged beer gut westie bloke singing "i wanna know what love is" way out of tune and way too loud. and when the 150kg/each twin sisters on high heels step in to replace him and do their version of "all that jazz" i knew it was our cue to get the hell out of there. so panthers it was. we figured that if we get shitfaced it will at least erase that previous pioneer's experience for good.
and what's the lesson bunnies? it's all abt perspective. panthers felt like the best fucken place i have ever been to. we ended up having a ball.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

fin: ylimaaraista prosessointiaikaa

nettiaddiktion vieroitusoireet ilmenevat hassuin tavoin. kun en yhtakkia olekaan turruttanut paaparkaani tata helvetin ruutua tuijottaen, niin olen huomannut ajattelevani asioita enemman. eittamatta liikaa.
eniten mieliparkaani on viimeaikoina askarruttanut vahitellen muotoutuva teoria tasapainosta. tiedattehan, kuinka kaikki pitemmalla aikajanalla tasoittuu harmaaksi massaksi siihen tunneskaalan keskialueelle. tiistaina lensin korkealla ja siella pysyin viela keskiviikonkin. mutta valittomasti torstaina tultiinkin sitten jo alas ja lujaa ja perjantaina oltiin niin alamaissa, ettei pahemmasta valia. siis nain lauantaina taaksepain katsoessa koko viikko on kovasti tapasainossa. tietystikin kyse on ihmissuhteista.
peli on nautinnollista ainoastaan haasteellisena. vaikka valilla sita erehtyykin haikailemaan, etta voisi olla tyytyvainen ja onnellinen hetken ilman jatkuvaa strategista suunnittelua, ei se todellisuudessa kauaa kestaisi. tunnen itseni aivan liian hyvin odottaakseni mielenkiintoni sailyvan pitkien suvantojen ohi. myrskya sen pitaa olla ja vuoristorataa.
ja lusikkakeskustelua jatkaakseni: allekirjoittaneelta lusikkaa ei loydy hanasta, jotenka harvinaista hupia se. ehkapa juuri siksi siita pitaakin muistaa nauttia silloin kun kohdalle sattuu. mutta jos ei ole varuillaan, niin lyhyt lusikkaeuforinen kokemus saattaa muuntua hyvin nopeasti moisen jatkumon uupumisen vatvomiseksi.
ihminen on masokistinen elain ja kohta taas lennetaan.


what a lovely way to start a morning to walk 10mins to the fucken uni computer labs just to check my mail. of course this net problem has to happen right when i'm waiting for an important email.
i had a fucked up reality dream last night again. you know those dreams that seem so real that the next day you end up wondering if it did in fact happen or not.
well, in my dream i was back home in finland, sleeping in my old bed. so when i woke up to the sounds of ppl talking outside my room, i half expected to hear my mum to come and wake me up for brekky and see my old room around me when i open my eyes. i was quite disappointed to realise that it was just a dream. i think i'm a bit homesick again.
np: freak power - turn on, tune in, cop out
heh, i think we made a record in being bored shitless with my flatmate craig last night: we ended up playing civilization III on the network against each other. i naturally kicked his arse. (the lan still works even tho the internet is down)

Friday, October 01, 2004


warning: following blog entry is rated R (18+) - contains very coarse language and bitter whinging.


the uni it helpdesk is useless fucken waste of office space! there was a power shortage on uni at 10am and the useless fucken cunts couldn't get anyone to fix the situation before 5pm and then the bitch just shrugs and says "tough luck, we don't have any one in here to send over anymore. everyone has left work already..." un-FUCKEN-believable! the fact that monday is labor day and thus a public holiday doesn't make the situation any better. no net before tuesday. NO FUCKEN NET BEFORE TUESDAY! [insert sounds representing homicidal rage here]
the it helpdesk needs to die.
and that's not all bunnies: i just piked out of a weekend long piss out at wagga AND a weekend long electric art thingo in newcastle! ALL THIS because i decided to be a good girl and start working on my asian cinema essay this weekend. now of course, having no net at home makes this impossible. so i just missed out on all the fucken fun in the world for absolutely fucken nothing.
dear uws it helpdesk: all i can do is quote a friend of mine: "i've had turds more useful than you."

a rainy friday morning

okokOK, i know that this place really needs every drop of rain it gets, but still. i don't like it.
here i am, sitting in front of my computer with my morning coffee, trying to turn the music just loud enough to hide the sound of the rain behind my blinds but still keep it down so that i won't wake up the flatmate sleeping behind the wall. i don't want to meet the rain just yet.
the only good thing abt rain is that i get to use my pretty sunflower umbrella. of course i could also wrap myself in halti goretex goodness, but i think i prefer the umbrella today.
it's asian cinema morning and i'm such a slacker that i didn't do my reader yesterday. i suck. oh and i'm terrified: we're getting our film logs back this week. this is the first time in two years when i honestly have no idea if i did good or not. i really like the lecturer, but she scares the shit out of me.
np: a perfect circle - the package
eye on what i'm after
i don't need another friend
nod and watch your lips move
if you need me to pretend
because clever got me this far
then tricky got me in
i'll take just what i came for
then I'm out the door again