Monday, October 11, 2004

waste of time

now what would i do without the precious net?
there is so much time to waste (not!) and what would be a better way to do it than to surf the beloved web?
a fellow blogger skitso (in finnish) reminded me of the good old satanic messages in pop music. i had a good chuckle at this site and i have to admit that the britney bit ("with you i lose my mind give me a sign" >> "sleep with me i'm not too young") would be my favourite too.
and when i need fucked up popular media shit, i can always count on hunger3000 to hook me up with some. first he goes and shows us the most trippy and messed up kids' show boohbah. i mean, that shit is just evil.
and then, talking abt evil, he shows me that bert truly is. and this brings us back to back-masking: when you play "tickle me elmo" doll's original sound backwards he goes "what the fuck?!?"

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