Monday, October 11, 2004

just like the good old days...

heh. with the rez ball coming up, i seem to be getting back to my hairdresser mode. apart from elissa, i've done the whole bloody house: shaved craig's head on thursday, coloured jan's hair black on saturday, highlighted lynne's hair today and blonding my own atm. (this shit fucken burns!)
ooh, good old days reminded me: i just heard a rumour that my ex boss had found my blog and spread the link around the old firm. heh. (yeh petteri, i do mean you.) greetings from down under to pia too. i did not realise that my whinging has spread that widely... better try to behave from now on.
nah. not really.
shit. just realised that i should be carving my lino for tomorrow instead of playing this vain lil princess game again. and i need to prepare a screen tomorrow for my "for once, one knob is better than two" project. if i can get the screen prints done this week i can start doing the reduction linos next week. grah.
i swear that these next three weeks are going to be the end of me. so much shit to do before the end of semester.
[panic mode on]


Anonymous said...

Gotcha :-)))

Put the blame on


tp said...

kaiken takana on haakana.