Wednesday, October 20, 2004

halloween - solved!

woohooo! we have a big halloween party in the house on saturday and i just figured out what i'll wear: i'll go as bettie page.



i saw chris yesterday and told him abt my halloween idea. as i'm explaining my idea, he cracks up and tells me that he was just coming from hollie's unit and that she had just used the exact same words to tell him that she is going as bettie page on saturday.

what are the fucken odds of this shit happening, huh?

bettie was a switch tho, so maybe i should go as the dominatrix-bettie and hollie can go as the slave-bettie. then i can just tie her up in a closet and leave her there for the rest of the party...

plan b: of course i could always do the post-od mia wallace with my wig...

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