Friday, October 22, 2004

halloween outfit - take 2

[insert here whinging abt other bitches stealing my ideas]
alright, fuck doing two bettie pages for the party. if someone else came up with the exact same idea, its not good enough. i think i am going with plan b: post od mia wallace

...then i can get utterly retarded, pass out on the floor and drool all over myself and the following day i can get away with: "nonono... don't you get it? i wasn't pissed out of my brains, i was just in character..."
teeheehee... i tried on my costume, wig and make-up and accidentally freaked the shit out of my flatmate's boyfriend.
i was walking downstairs to ask for lynne's opinion and dave walked in to the kitchen at the same time as i came down the stairs. he honestly freaked out to the point that he couldn't look at me and later on he said that he didn't have a clue who i was before i cracked up.
i honesly looked like a beaten up crack whore. bloody excellent.

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