Thursday, October 28, 2004


np: reamonn - supergirl
"and then she'd say: it's ok, i got lost on the way
but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry.
and she'd say: it's all right, i got home late last night
but i'm a supergirl and supergirls just fly.

then she'd shout down the line, tell me she's got no more time
cause she's a supergirl and supergirls don't cry.
and then she'd scream in my face, tell me to leave, leave this place
cause she's a supergirl and supergirls just fly."
two more weeks to go and i'm done with uni for this year. that'll be two down one more to go. still don't have a clue on what i want to do after that. scary shit.
i was hoping few other issues could have waited those two extra weeks too, but sometimes shit just doesn't go as planned. i don't believe in accidents, but sometimes it's funny little things that trigger bigger shit hitting the fan.
this time it was not even my shit, but little meaningless things ended up framing up a perfect drama that almost resulted into a dear friend being separated from his balls. i thought it was fucken hilarious specially after i heard abt the sequel starring a long blonde hair. funny shit.
anyhoo, the domino effect naturally went around the block and ended up piling shit on my backyard. in order to keep the irrelevant sentences appearing in my asian cinema essay i had to clear it up. not the way i was hoping for things to go but hey, "elama on laiffia".
in the end it's like travelling. you know, to get on that dream trip to that exotic country overseas you have to get all the necessary shots. and i fucken hate needles. but in the end, every single time it's the same old thing: the fear of the pain beforehand is so much worse than the needle itself.
i always end up feeling relieved. feeling like a supergirl.

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