Sunday, October 31, 2004

yet another brilliant idea...

i changed the order of the last three postings so that they make a bit more sense
i swear i'm getting way too old for this shit!
yesterday, there i was, minding my own business, just abt to start my uni work. i walk downstairs to get a cup of coffee to perk me up. then as soon as i get down the stairs, my dear friend chris walks in, grabs me up, carries me upstairs saying : "you've got 30secs to dress up and to sports bar we go. the rest are waiting outside". well, dress up i did and there we went.
it was just supposed to be the usual few drinkies and pool. heh. right.
we came back sometime after midnight when the sports bar closed and someone had the fucken bright idea of playing drinking games. yeh, that's when it all went really wrong. naturally everyone got utterly retarded. and what do we do after the game finishes? go to another unit to play more drinking games with more ppl! yay!
in the end we were all wrestling and giggling our arses off on the lawn, watching the sun go up. then we did a maccas run. and then we drank some more. i think i went to bed at 8am.
harry potter: "can i get a hug? "
mistress: "no."
harry potter: "well, can i get a hug then?"
mistress: "no!"
harry potter: "awwwww... how abt a hug?"
mistress: "NO!"
as mistress walks away, her fingers play with the toilet pass in her pocket and she hears the conversation continue.
harry potter: "i don't think she likes me..."
john allmighty: "...i don't think she likes a lot of ppl..."
mistress hears a loud thud caused by harry potter falling down on his back as a result of pointing towards her by waving both his feet in the air vigorously. mistress cracks up.

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Anonymous said...

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t. Johanna