Sunday, October 31, 2004

drinking games 2

setting up: you need a deck of cards and enough players. (i think there was abt 10 of us)
every card is assigned a new meaning and every player picks up a card on their turn and acts based on the meaning of the card. for example:
  1. a new rule
    player can come up with any rule to add to the game "ok, from now on chicks have a toilet run without a toilet pass"
  2. assign one drink
    player assigns a drink to anyone
  3. assign two drinks
    player assigns two drinks to anyone
  4. truth or dare
    player can place a truth or dare to anyone s/he wishes
  5. toilet pass
    no going to the dunny without one
  6. a rhyme
    player starts a rhyme that is continued till someone fuckes it up and drinks "once there was a boy - who had a lil toy - and... and... and... DRINK IT UP!"
  7. a category
    player decides on a category and the next continues "ok, i take countries starting with a. australia - albania - austria - afganistan - er... ummm... australia? DRINK IT UP!"
  8. a waterfall
    player drinks and all other players are forced to drink till s/he stops
  9. new name rule
    player gets to rename a person in the game and after that who ever calls this player by any other name has to drink "ok, from now on you shall all address me as mistress"
  10. new pointing rule
    player gets to make a new pointing rule and anyone forgetting the rule has to drink "ok, from now on you must point at people by waving your feet vigorously in the air towards the person you are pointing at"
  11. 1 drink for everyone
  12. 2 drinks for everyone
  13. 3 drinks for everyone

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