Friday, December 29, 2006

gah. time for yet another road trip. to be honest, i'm not too thrilled about it atm, but let's hope it'll get better.

enjoy your nye bunnies, and see you back on the same bat channel next year!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

the return of an old friend

"she knew she was complete.
it said so on the package.
with three holes and all.
still she could not stop wondering if there was more to it..."

i haven't been drawing for years and for some reason i felt like picking up a pencil tonite. must be the cider.

to my surprise, after throwing away the first few idle pages, my old friend 'plastic prostitute / perfect date' also known as every man's dream appeared on the corner of my drawing pad. i did a book, a series of prints and a video featuring her in my second year of uni, but haven't seen her since.

i wonder why she's back?

these two characters appeared too:

'she so wished she could stop smiling.
little jill had grown up years ago
and being abandoned in the attic for so many years
made the doll want to scream, but she'd settle for a good cry...'

'oh, how he roared!
to him, it made no difference that he was made out of paper.
he was still a tiger.'

i <3 tony bianco - part 3

bunnies, aren't they gorgeous?

i had drooled after this particular pair for months and only mentioned 'a gorgeous blue pair of biancos' to deviant in passing.

when the poor thing was stressing over my present, he remembers me mentioning the shoes and goes researching tony bianco shoes online and then calling up the stores one by one. in the end he found a store near my work that he figured i had seen the shoes in and rocks up going 'blue suede pair of tony biancos in size 7. help me!'

isn't that adorable? i mean, do things get any sexier than a man who goes buying shoes for you?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas hols: over and out!

phew. finally its over. christmas that is. while i love the food and certainly appreciate the excuse to go on a 5 day bender, i don't think i could have taken another day of it.

i went down the coast with deviant's family and while the weather sucked big time, we still managed to enjoy the beautiful south coast nsw scenery. i wen't full on snap happy and even after deleting the average shots, my iphoto library got 150+ photos fatter.

don't worry bunnies, i won't bore you with the lot of them, but here's a few piccies to give you an idea of what i was shooting over the holidays:

sorry bunnies, but this time i'll just have to leave you with the photos and provide the ranting a lil bit later. to stop a good portion of the christmas ham consumed over the past few days from making a permanent camp all over my hips, i need to go and dig up my running shoes...

reading & quoting

'believe it or not, i do not thrive on trouble with men, and i'm not one of those women who choose the same dysfunction, whatever it might be, in a man after man and obliviously revel in it. no, my pattern is to pick a different dysfunction every time, discover it, and run away as fast as i can.'
heh. even tho this quote comes from some random trashy chick novel, i couldn't have said it better myself.

Friday, December 22, 2006

and bunnies, just in case you are having trouble picking that perfect lil xmas prezzie for me: i want one of these.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

merry christmas bunnies

jason timberlake sure knows how to treat a lady...

Monday, December 18, 2006

trippy shit

i think i have mentioned this before, but there's this guy at work - the fin man - who's a dead ringer for mr. pinstripe. (and for those who weren't reading my rants when mr. pinstripe was in the picture, i also referred to him as mr. big due to my mess of a social life's uncanny resemblance to sex and the city)

i thought it was odd enough to meet someone with such alikeness, but no, oh no, it keeps getting weirder.

on friday this same fucken bloke - who's normally very casually dressed as he works at the loading dock carrying furniture and shit around - walks into the party wearing a fucken pinstripe suit and a bloody name tag saying 'mr. big'.

i swear bunnies, someone's messing with me, and who ever that someone is, s/he must be having a fucken ball.

'...and australia's still like double-u-tee-f mate?'

shaken not stirred

oh dear.

we had the crucial task of organizing a kick arse christmas party with miss pearl this year. so we fucken did.

we decided to go with a bond theme and assign everyone with new identities on arrival. i of course stole 'pussy galore' while miss pearl went with 'plenty o'toole'.

everyone could either dress up as their role models or just glam it up casino style. since i didn't have the time to hunt down a blonde wig, i opted for the latter and stole miss pearl's hair extension instead.

i absolutely love the dress. i have been desperately looking for an excuse to wear it ever since retro doll gave it to me some months ago and it went perfectly with my new gorgeous black suede tony biancos.

miss pearl, super mario & tp utterly trashed but oh-so-glam

everyone got slaughtered. the night started with vodka martinis (of course) that were more like rocket fuel than civilized drinks. and i can tell you bunnies, it was down hill from there.

me and the boys - now *that's* what i call a party!

i was well off my tits by 10pm when deviant arrived - as a knight in shining armor - to carry me into his car and take me home. and thank fuck he did! i would have honestly died if he hadn't.

despite the very early night, it took a handful of painkillers topped with a valium to get my arse out of bed around 2pm. i swear i had the whole cast of fucken fraggle rock trying to split my skull before i was knocked out into the sweet oblivion for the first half of the day.

hard core.

mind you, the out-of-control alcohol intake seemed to be the theme of the night.

one of the guys had passed out in the dunny and ended up getting locked in for the night when everyone else fucked off around 2am not realizing that someone was still in the building. heh.

good value.

Friday, December 15, 2006

chicks on speed - we don't play guitars

kitty rok

i knew there was a reason i'm a cat person. pinky rok!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

casino royale droolage

ok. i am officially converted.

see, i had a major issue with the new bond's pout. it just spells out 'way too much botox on upper lip' and i couldn't get over it.

however, i went to see the new bond last night. very entertaining.

mr daniel craig gets two thumbs up and an invitation to my wet dreams. anytime.

Monday, December 11, 2006

an unexpected like-minded soul

i was having an interesting conversation the other day. it started from love and relationships and moved on to future plans. i was arguing with a badly burned romantic person - who is, despite the past, still holding on to the hope of 'true love' - trying to explain that i don't believe in the 'happily ever after'.

its not that i don't think that its possible, i just don't think that its likely.

no matter how fantastic the person is you might meet today, you can never tell who that person will turn into tomorrow. not even mentioning the following week. besides, how could you know how you change yourself?

life is a constant evolving puzzle spitting out the pieces that no longer fit. its difficult enough to try to keep the image intact on your own puzzle, but if you're trying to keep on merging in two images into one, you're pretty much fucked. its doable for a while, but more often than not it comes to a point when the effort required overweights the payout.

instead of 'happily ever after' i prefer 'happy right here, right now'. the expectations regarding the future just end up being a strain and distracting from the current moment. and really, the present is all we have: the past is already gone and the future might never come.

i was told that i was both realistic and cynical and that my view was not only unromantic but also sad. probably guilty as charged.

i was reading the news and ran into an interview of cameron diaz. i think she summed it up pretty much along the lines of what i believe myself:

"you never know if relationships are going to work. you really don't," she says softly. "you can't say, 'i've found this person and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together' ... 'it's [more] like, 'i'm going to take a chance in this moment with this person that we are going to have something wonderful together for however long it is."
relationships begin and they eventually end. and if you're lucky, you'll have a fantastic time in between. how long it might last, what happened before or what happens after that timeframe, is irrelevant.

it doesn't matter how many lovers that person might have had before you, or how significant they might have been, any more than it matters how long it takes for that person to move on afterwards.

what i believe really matters, is that you're able to live in the present and put all of you in that one moment that you do share.

cause if you can do that, then you might end up with a beautiful memory instead of a series of 'what if's...

and really, you never know, one day you might end up meeting a person who you can share a timeframe with that exceeds the days you have left on your lifeline. and now that i think abt it... isn't it really quite close to happily ever after?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

retro glam

its time for yet another pinball piss-up and why not go for retro glam. just to make it more fun for myself...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

finnish independence day

now bunnies, listen carefully: december 6th is finland's independence day. and it is a BIG DEAL. before 6.12.1917 both russia and sweden (with the occasional help of germans) used to tag team fucking us up the arse. one after another. again and again. but not since then. at least not officially.

so repeat after me bunnies: december six is for finland.

hence every year on december 6 we do a big ball in the precidential palace. the idea is that anybody who's anybody in the country (or well, the 1900 ranking on the top of the list) get invited and the rest of the nation sits home and watches on telly while bagging out the dresses.

kinda like an annual fug all you can buffet.

i have to admit that i miss the tradition being on this side of the planet. while the television broadcast is streamed over the net live, its the time difference that prevents me from watching it.

i just caught the last hour of the broadcast with my morning coffee... and it kinda made me miss finland a bit. or mebbe a lot?

i miss karjalanpiirakka... and sauna. not even mentioning salmiakkikossu.

oh well, decisions decisions. i've made mine and it didn't include the three above so must not whinge. instead, here's a (coffee) toast to good ole maiden of finland; way the go old broad, keep on kicking!

Monday, December 04, 2006

i <3 tony bianco

well, it was abt a time i replaced my everyday black heels and once again my beloved tony bianco came to the rescue:

i fell in love with this perfect black suede pair of tony bianco's lucky heels and treated myself to a pair.

today i feel like an everyday princess.

must be the december?

personally, i think the night between sunday and monday should last at least 24 hrs.

it must be that time of the year bunnies. everyone is going crazy. piss-ups, christmas parties, exhibitions, good movies, catch ups, the whole lot. everywhere, all the time.

had a frantic but very enjoyable weekend filled with good movies, yummy drinkies and catching up with people. all very good value.

also, saw an excellent exhibition: bunnies, if you're into video art, there's a fantastic exhibition at the art gallery of nsw: anne landa award for video & new media arts.

a few absolutely brilliant works (including tony schwensen, and monica tichacek, - i got the rest of the names mixed up so can only describe the work - the guy with the projectors on the floor, the martin place scene and i bet the penetration scene would have been much more interesting if only my index finger was longer...

definitely worth seeing and strongly recommended bunnies.

on sunday night i was so tired from it all tho that i just wanted to read my book and have an early night. what luxury.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


went to the movies to see a flick that turned out to be full frontal hard core porno. mind you, it was great. i laughed my arse off.

i mean, if a movie begins with a scene of a man attempting to film himself performing auto-fellatio, it can't be all bad.

but yeh bunnies, if you want to see lots of flesh, sex and warped relationships between twisted people, shortbus was excellent.

>> the uncensored trailer can be found from here

justin bond: these people spend all night sucking cock and eating ass, and then hit the buffet claiming they're vegan.

after the movie we ended up checking out a series of disgustingly trendy clubs in the cbd. surprisingly the music was really good and i ended up shaking my arse quite a bit.

just woke up and still feel a lil fragile. mebbe i need a good healthy brekky. i'm thinking oporto's...

Friday, December 01, 2006

bad video 'art' leads to heavy alcohol consumption

phew. the light motorcycle seriously left the hands on wed.

i went to see the cofa grad show with retro doll and pg and man did it suck.

i thought i was about to sit down and watch a video art screening and couldn't have been more wrong. its not an art school, its a fucken design school.

90% of the stuff we saw was just plain awful and boring. think wanna-be-manga animations, tv commercials and other showcase shit. i mean, don't get me wrong, most of the stuff was technically alright and some even fantastic. but fuck me it was boring compared to what i am used to at uws.

the three last works were fantastic tho. they had idea, originality and technical superiority. (unfortunately i lost the program during my drunken adventures following the screening so i can't mention names here)

after the boredom we did what any good ole artist can do and got sloshed. like *really* sloshed and did a pub crawl all the way back to the cross. fucken funny i tell you.

i have a hazy recollection of getting rid of a few young romeo-wanna-bes attracted by my leopard skirt at the world bar. and drinking lots more.

in the morning i was fine but i couldn't say the same abt pg and retro doll. they ended up crashing at my place and they were pretty fragile when i had to get up to get to work.

lack of practice i say.