Monday, December 18, 2006

trippy shit

i think i have mentioned this before, but there's this guy at work - the fin man - who's a dead ringer for mr. pinstripe. (and for those who weren't reading my rants when mr. pinstripe was in the picture, i also referred to him as mr. big due to my mess of a social life's uncanny resemblance to sex and the city)

i thought it was odd enough to meet someone with such alikeness, but no, oh no, it keeps getting weirder.

on friday this same fucken bloke - who's normally very casually dressed as he works at the loading dock carrying furniture and shit around - walks into the party wearing a fucken pinstripe suit and a bloody name tag saying 'mr. big'.

i swear bunnies, someone's messing with me, and who ever that someone is, s/he must be having a fucken ball.

'...and australia's still like double-u-tee-f mate?'

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