Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas hols: over and out!

phew. finally its over. christmas that is. while i love the food and certainly appreciate the excuse to go on a 5 day bender, i don't think i could have taken another day of it.

i went down the coast with deviant's family and while the weather sucked big time, we still managed to enjoy the beautiful south coast nsw scenery. i wen't full on snap happy and even after deleting the average shots, my iphoto library got 150+ photos fatter.

don't worry bunnies, i won't bore you with the lot of them, but here's a few piccies to give you an idea of what i was shooting over the holidays:

sorry bunnies, but this time i'll just have to leave you with the photos and provide the ranting a lil bit later. to stop a good portion of the christmas ham consumed over the past few days from making a permanent camp all over my hips, i need to go and dig up my running shoes...

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