Thursday, December 28, 2006

the return of an old friend

"she knew she was complete.
it said so on the package.
with three holes and all.
still she could not stop wondering if there was more to it..."

i haven't been drawing for years and for some reason i felt like picking up a pencil tonite. must be the cider.

to my surprise, after throwing away the first few idle pages, my old friend 'plastic prostitute / perfect date' also known as every man's dream appeared on the corner of my drawing pad. i did a book, a series of prints and a video featuring her in my second year of uni, but haven't seen her since.

i wonder why she's back?

these two characters appeared too:

'she so wished she could stop smiling.
little jill had grown up years ago
and being abandoned in the attic for so many years
made the doll want to scream, but she'd settle for a good cry...'

'oh, how he roared!
to him, it made no difference that he was made out of paper.
he was still a tiger.'

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