Saturday, December 02, 2006


went to the movies to see a flick that turned out to be full frontal hard core porno. mind you, it was great. i laughed my arse off.

i mean, if a movie begins with a scene of a man attempting to film himself performing auto-fellatio, it can't be all bad.

but yeh bunnies, if you want to see lots of flesh, sex and warped relationships between twisted people, shortbus was excellent.

>> the uncensored trailer can be found from here

justin bond: these people spend all night sucking cock and eating ass, and then hit the buffet claiming they're vegan.

after the movie we ended up checking out a series of disgustingly trendy clubs in the cbd. surprisingly the music was really good and i ended up shaking my arse quite a bit.

just woke up and still feel a lil fragile. mebbe i need a good healthy brekky. i'm thinking oporto's...


Soon said...

Thing is, Winterbottom frontloaded this film with the sex. Tapers off by the end though. Wasn't too bothered by it. Just a little strange diversion in a sea of SF and comedy movies out there at the time.

tp said...

yeh, you're right. but i think it kinda worked.

imo (never humble) it went with the narrative. what seemed to be all about sex was actually the relationships and personal problems reflected on sex. and the amount of sex in the movie follows the balance shifting?