Thursday, December 07, 2006

finnish independence day

now bunnies, listen carefully: december 6th is finland's independence day. and it is a BIG DEAL. before 6.12.1917 both russia and sweden (with the occasional help of germans) used to tag team fucking us up the arse. one after another. again and again. but not since then. at least not officially.

so repeat after me bunnies: december six is for finland.

hence every year on december 6 we do a big ball in the precidential palace. the idea is that anybody who's anybody in the country (or well, the 1900 ranking on the top of the list) get invited and the rest of the nation sits home and watches on telly while bagging out the dresses.

kinda like an annual fug all you can buffet.

i have to admit that i miss the tradition being on this side of the planet. while the television broadcast is streamed over the net live, its the time difference that prevents me from watching it.

i just caught the last hour of the broadcast with my morning coffee... and it kinda made me miss finland a bit. or mebbe a lot?

i miss karjalanpiirakka... and sauna. not even mentioning salmiakkikossu.

oh well, decisions decisions. i've made mine and it didn't include the three above so must not whinge. instead, here's a (coffee) toast to good ole maiden of finland; way the go old broad, keep on kicking!

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