Monday, December 04, 2006

must be the december?

personally, i think the night between sunday and monday should last at least 24 hrs.

it must be that time of the year bunnies. everyone is going crazy. piss-ups, christmas parties, exhibitions, good movies, catch ups, the whole lot. everywhere, all the time.

had a frantic but very enjoyable weekend filled with good movies, yummy drinkies and catching up with people. all very good value.

also, saw an excellent exhibition: bunnies, if you're into video art, there's a fantastic exhibition at the art gallery of nsw: anne landa award for video & new media arts.

a few absolutely brilliant works (including tony schwensen, and monica tichacek, - i got the rest of the names mixed up so can only describe the work - the guy with the projectors on the floor, the martin place scene and i bet the penetration scene would have been much more interesting if only my index finger was longer...

definitely worth seeing and strongly recommended bunnies.

on sunday night i was so tired from it all tho that i just wanted to read my book and have an early night. what luxury.

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