Sunday, January 30, 2005

movies, movies, movies

we had a lil bit of a movie marathon with sunshine last night. out of three movies, one was absolutely fantastic, one was average and one just a complete piece of shit.

michel gondry:

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
it has been a while since a movie totally blew my mind off, but eternal sunshine of the spotless really did that. both charlie kaufman and michel gondry are just fucken brilliant. brilliant.

actually, i can't think of anything to complain abt this movie. the script was just mind blowing, the visuals were absolutely stunning, the audio supported both the story and visuals perfectly and the actors did a pretty damn good job. and this is from someone who would usually sees either one of them (jim carrey and kate whines-a-lot) a good reason to skip a movie (apart from truman show and quills that is). in fact, winslet does a better drew barrymore than barrymore could ever do herself.

stunning, just stunning. i strongly recommend anyone who hasn't seen this masterpiece yet to drag their arse to the closest video store and get it.

catherine breillat:
anatomy of hell
ok, i don't quite know what to think of catherine breillat.

she has a talent of making movies where every frame is visually perfect like it would be a still photograph on a gallery wall. in each frame every detail is carefully planned and thought of, every colour has a meaning and the compositions are just so flawless that it distracts you from the movie itself.

but at the same time every frame of the movie is overloaded with symbolism, every word of the dialoque is underlined with message and every single gesture of the actors is spelled out to support the dialoque. there is absolutely no subtlety. everything is spoon-fed.

i do appreciate the way breillat can build up an overwhelmingly intense mood in a single scene. like the final scene in her previous movie sex is comedy was just amazing. but then again, the rest of the movie was just an absolute piece of wank (apart from the shit hot leading male was walking around nekkid with a gigantic fake cock for most of the movie. which was nice).

i think i would have enjoyed this one much more if it would have been presented as 50-100 stills on the wall of a gallery. as i said, visually stunning, otherwise a piece of shit.

dodge ball
yeh well, this one was just what i expected.

cheap dodgy brainless giggles. very average, but at the same time very entertaining. did the trick. few scenes actually make my laugh my arse off which is always a bonus.

quality quotes - part 2

"oh, he put's the S in "Average"... oh hang on, i meant the A."

- c

"drink up, young man. it'll make the whole seduction part less repugnant."
- clementine, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Saturday, January 29, 2005

found a fantastic lil book thingie from a book shop along king st on wy way to lunch today.

it's got these oh-so-trendy retro images with female-angst slogans and it amused me to no ends. after giggling at it for a while in the store i decided that it would look good on my fireplace. and there it is.

Friday, January 28, 2005

if the past year was: a movie festival...

Rock Up, Piss-Up

And Laugh It Up 2004
"rootless lament for the young and the restless"

a hot and humid late summer night, starting from the moment just before the shadows start to get longer, colours deeper and the sun starts to set

a small dodgy but cosy indie cinema with 60 seats and b.y.o. grog allowed due to the blind eye turned by the staff

heavily intoxicated group of 40-50 uni students and hang around pissheads, half in for the piss-up, third for the actual entertainment and the rest are there just because someone mentioned free booze and arty chicks who put out

  • 16:00 - opening film:
    lost in translation

  • 19:00 - love actually - CANCELLED
    replaced with:
    fear and loathing in las vegas

  • 21:00 - amelie

  • 00:00 - re-run of lost in translation
    (due to popular demand)

  • 03:00 - closing film:
    garden state - CANCELLED

    replaced with:
    a very long engagement

  • followed by the garden state trailer
    (with a promise to really screen the movie in the Rock Up, Piss-Up And Laugh It Up 2005 festival)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


hey you more technically oriented readers (yes, i'm pointing directly at you k. haakana, kennu and anyone else who knows his/her shit). what is the best (read: cheapest and problem free) way of transferring pictures from my sony ericsson z608 phone to my pc?

i've been thinking abt getting an external bluetooth usb adapter on my comp but they're a bit pricy and kennu warned that it might not be easy to find a gadget combo that actually works together(?).

would anyone know of a good (and cheap/cheap-ish) gadget to work with windows xp and sony ericsson z608?

yet another slow morning

first of all bunnies, put on moby - go to start the day on a good note. usually ripping good stuff shits me, but the obvious twin peaks reference in this one just works. don't ask me why.


i've been social again, tho this time it was accidental. i was at work last night when a friend from the first year in oz suddenly showed up with his gf.

even tho it was a really hectic night i was able to take a 10 min coffee break (thanks to dear fatin being such a good girl) and catch up with them. which was great. i have only met the gf a couple of times but i reckon she's good value. good on him.


my lobster-red flatties returned from the big day out after midnight and they had clearly had a great time. i wish i would have been able to join them.

d-man had managed to get the best geek-tan (read: geek-SUNBURN) i've seen so far and the poor thing didn't really appreciate me pissing myself after he took his shirt off. after i was done with the whole cracking up thing i kinda felt sorry for him and fetched some after-sun lotion to fix the damage. matty had done a pretty good job burning his face too. didn't see the others, but i reckon they'd be the same.

talking abt flatties, matty is moving out tomorrow. kinda scary. when matt goes, dan moves into his big room and i move from the downstairs bedroom to the small bedroom upstairs. it's kinda cute and cosy and the rent is cheaper.

must try to prepare for uni mode already. time to start cutting down the living expenses soon. not fun.

oh, and i still luv my perty lil ipod. luv it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

it's a baby girl!

how cute is that?!?

my mum goes and takes a puppy while i am on the other side of the world. that's just not fair. but how bloody adorable are they? the older dog is a 2,5 yrs old parson russell terrier rapsu ("scratchy") and the baby is 7 weeks old jack russel terrier vanilla.

right now i wish i could fly to finland for a little holiday.


yes. it's big day out 2005 day today. and guess who's not going?

i had a fucken ticket and i paid shitloads for it too and then some dickless piece of shit goes and fucken steals my bag with the ticket in it.

no. today i'm not a happy lil girly. today everyone can go to hell. fuckshitfuck.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

mr. perfect

i just happened to read an older entry (in finnish) written by the official princess of the finnish blog scene (in finnish), and it made me think abt my mr. perfect. the more i think abt it the less likely i ever expect to find one. i am a very picky and difficult lil bitch. BUT let a girl dream will you? here's what i do know about my mr. perfect:

first of all, he is strong enough to be open and honest, has great sense of humour and is highly intelligent. that's a good start.

he is also laid back (yay for oz blokes!), passionate (tho i'm not that fussed on what abt), opinionated (AND has the brains and balls to back it up with!), strong (physically as well as mentally), independent, active, funny, talented and fucked up (i don't want to feel like the only freak in the show).

he is a social chameleon in a positive way. he can pull off the shit hot pinstripe date at an art gallery opening, uni piss-up bbq at the backyard in thongs and shorts as well as backbacking barefoot on some forgotten paradise beach in the middle of nowhere. his ability to appreciate culture spreads from art galleries and indie film festivals, quality books and fucked up comics to disposable blockbuster comedies and porn. he also has the selfesteem and balls to be open minded enough to fit and feel comfortable with any kind of people and environments.

he knows where he stands so that he doesn't need to get jealous when i happen to feel a bit flirty on the dance floor, but at the same time he's man enough to put me back in line if i happen to take it a bit too far. he is not a lapdog but not a dickhead either.

he is talented and driven, but his ambition doesn't rule his life. mr. perfect also possesses a special talent (or even better, several of them), tho i'm not that fussed on what that talent is. it can be anything from art to music or sports. it's more abt him being able to feel special and giving me a way to admire him outside the usual stuff.

he lives in today. and this is very important. he is in control of his life in a way that gives him the freedom to live now and not wait for tomorrow or worry abt yesterday. he has done enough yesterday to provide him with the life experience and balls to seize the day and take what he wants.

and yes, my mr. perfect takes me. i don't believe in drunken first kisses or accidentally ending up together after a night out. no. my mr. perfect takes me out on a proper date, makes me feel like a princess and has the balls to kiss me sober. oh, and he's a great kisser.

but despite all this my mr. perfect has enough of a romantic in him to do stupid lil things like leaving the apartment and then walking all the way back from the elevator just to give me that one last kiss and then one more. no matter how much of a cynical little bitch i am, things like that still make my heart race. yeh i know. pathetic, but what can i do.

my mr. perfect is also shit hot, tho not in the calendar-boy-ish way. he has that certain something that makes it totally impossible for me to keep my hands off him. he has good posture and an attitude that carries his whole appearance. he smells good and is tall enough to kiss my forehead effortlessly even when i'm wearing heels. most likely he has strong hands/arms, a beautiful muscly back, a flawless boy-ish grin and eyes that i can get lost in.

oh one more thing: he is NOT a metro-sexual. he doesn't take more time in front of the mirror before a night out and he let's me to be the chick in the relationship. don't get me wrong, he does have a good sense of style and he takes care of himself on everyday basis, but it looks effortless and natural. the way-too-groomed-wanna-be-trendy-boys make me grinch.

so yeh, if you see him, could you pls pass the message that i'm looking for him?

tp - avatar

everyone else already has so i guess i must too - avatar creator [via]

Monday, January 24, 2005

good shit

sorry bunnies, i fear i've been a bad and lazy girl when it comes to my dear blog.

i've actually had half a life lately. which is kinda scary. really scary. i've been very social with ppl within the past few weeks. can you believe that?

i met an ex of mine over a cup of coffee again the other day. if i'm totally honest, i don't really feel that close to him and it's a bit difficult to find topics to relate on, but then again we never did really connect. he's a good guy tho and i am hoping we'd be friends again one day without the weird remain of a tension between us. but that's tricky.

i also met mr. pinstripe over a cup of coffee the other night. first time for months and months. the poor guy's utterly fucked, but i think he's getting better. the fuckwit still has hope. it was already looking like he'd kill himself with work in record time. but he's still v. good value and even tho he had cut his hair very short "against my advice" as he said himself and he was a total wreck due to the lack of sleep and too much work, he was looking shit hot. as always. must be the pinstripe. once he's able to get a good night's sleep between all that work bs he might even be able to follow a conversation. heh. funny shit. " did i just say that out loud or was i just thinking about saying that...?"

and last night i met a group of my uni friends that i haven't seen for ages. i felt v. sober while they were just utterly fucked. like this is to a point that one of them was wearing kid's underpants on his head. the whole night. heh. good ole jonathan. they're definitely good value.

and the rest of the time i've been just laying on the backyard sofa with my cup of green tea and enjoyed a non-stop jukebox of good live music. "i'm not a bloody jukebox!" "suresure, sunshine, of course you're not. now do that radiohead song again..."

Saturday, January 22, 2005

a good day

today was a good day. i went for a coffee with a dear friend that i haven't seen for ages. it was really good to catch up even tho the poor thing was a total wreck. but i think he's getting better. i think there's some hope he'll snap out of it after all. good on him.

after getting home i ended up joining my dear flatties for some quality pointing and laughing while they got their arse kicked in pool. matt spent half of the night trying to get this guy called 'killer' to kick his arse and to our amazement he failed. i wonder what that was all abt. must be the height.

oh, and i love my ipod. love it.

Friday, January 21, 2005

love outside andromeda
- if you really want so little from me

"i’m upset, are you flattered?

i can take it on the chin and let it go about as easily as you can swallow the concept one day you’re going to die alone."

good morning bunnies

this shit made me choke on my morning coffee: [via]

Thursday, January 20, 2005

but it's so perty...

today i'm a very, VERY bad girl.

but isn't she perty? she's my new 'minime' and she holds upto 40gb of music in her. i didn't get anything for my birthday or christmas and i've been working a lot lately. i felt like i needed to pamper myself with something. just something small. nothing big. (hey, i never said anything abt the price...)

besides, i walk home from work every night. the walk takes abt 60mins and my old (128mb) mp3 player is starting to die on me. i needed my new minime. i really did. honest.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

cooking with tp

i have to say, that one of the things that i love most abt this country is the daily morning coffees/brekkys/lunches outside in the sun all year around. i can't think of a better way to start a day. hang on... ok, i can, but that too is better when followed by a coffee in the sun.

here's my latest uber-delicious recipe:
  • eye watering omelette
    1/2 tomato
    1/2 onion
    few mushrooms
    1 egg
    1 can of tuna
    2-3 big fresh chili peppers
    heaps of fresh garlic
if your eyes are watering while frying and your nose is running while eating, there's enough chili and garlic.

guaranteed to keep the flu (and the opposite sex) away.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a bloody saint i tell you

the other day i was such a good girl that i went and bought myself weights.

two perty lil 4kg dumbbells. they were a bargain too. i was looking for a pair earlier but they were always around $20-25/each. this time we went to k-mart and there was only one pair left and no one could find the right price for them so the manager said that i could have them for $10. score!

now i've made a lil daily workout program that'll get me thin and gorgeous in no time. (oh shush, let a girl dream, will ya?)


yesterday i caught up with my ex over a cup of coffee. we haven't really been in contact since we broke up almost a year ago, but it was actually nice seeing him again. he wasn't as bitter and pissed off as i feared so it's all good.

he still does the tall, dark and handsome thing pretty fucken well. good on him.


i got recommended a new album and i really like it. love outside andromeda - love outside andromeda lp. try it out bunnies, it's good shit.

Monday, January 17, 2005

who's turn is it to roll the dice?

how many new chances does a person deserve? or in other words, how many fuck-ups can a person afford to do before they have to pay for it?

does everyone deserve the same amount of "get out of jail free" cards or do some people get more than others? if so, why and who? if a friend gets x cards, does the number of cards increase or decrease when the relationship turns into something more intimate?

when does forgiving turn into stupidity?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

i see you baby, shakin' that ass...

great night out! that's all i can say bunnies.

yesterday i was leaving work when everyone was rushing into the bloody bacardi fest. all i could think of was to get as far away as i can from all of them, but i wanted to go out REALLY badly.

i called danny-boy who of course was up for a night out and since i'm such a demanding bitch i gave him 20 mins to drag his arse to town hall.

the good ole sushi and caffeine combo provided a perfect kick start for the night and we even bumped into lynnie and dave at the starbucks. a couple of drinkies at coronation pub to get us into the bitching mood ("what on earth was she thinking?" "now THAT'S a nice ass!" "ooh, i wanna sink my nails into those!") and then it was time for the main course: some serious arse wiggling at gas and it was just what i needed. quality perv, excellent tunes and enough room on the dance floor to bust some quality moves.

to finish up we fetched some oporto goodness on our way home.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

the difference between friends and friends

i've been disappointed with ppl so often lately that i'm starting to wonder if i set too high expectations to people. i mean, all i'm asking is for them to be open, straight forward and honest to me as i am to them. to put in as much effort into the friendship as i do and have some common sense on what's cool and what's not. it's not that much to ask, is it? fucked if i know.

but some of the shit that i've experienced is just way out of line. some examples?
  • one of my "most trusted" male friends fabricates a not-so-flattering portrait of me as the next monica lewinsky to boost his male ego - thanks, really appreciate that.
  • a "great friend" ditches me alone on my friggen b-day cause he can't be fucked to sit 20 mins in the train - thanks, you really made my day.
  • my most recent ex adds me to the recipients list of his group catch-up email that just happends to be all about how he ended up together with his new gf and what they have been upto lately - thanks, i really was dying to hear all the details.
  • one of the few people that i (did?) consider worth while couldn't even be arsed to answer the bday party invitation or happy new year message that i sent - thanks hun.
tho at this point it's good keep in mind that for every dickhead there is an angel too.

some of the people i have met during the past couple of years in here are wonderful and i don't know what i'd do without them. couple of my old flatmates and the people i've met through them, my new flatmates, some of the friends i have from the first year, few uni mates and of course all my old friends back home are just absolutely priceless.

some of these ppl stayed behind when i left finland, some of them are here around me and some of them have moved back home after staying down under for a while. which ever the case, i do hope that i will be able to stay in contact with them, cause the more fuckwits you meet the more you realise how important the truly good people are.

boring old hag

sorry bunnies, lately i've been v. boring.

i've been working way too much to come up with anything worth blogging. here's the few lil snippets of life that i've been able to fit between the work shifts during the past week:


apparently the jewelry shop practically next to my work was robbed on thursday night. the robbers were trying to get into the store with a bloody sledge hammer and they were shooting at the cops and everything.

all this happened while i was at work, yet i had no idea anything had happened. i just heard abt it from the secirity chick the next morning. you'd think that i would have at least heard the fucken shots?

must be getting old AND deaf.


yesterday we had a(n average) vietnamese dinner followed by some excellent gelato (coconut and banana sorbet. uber-yum!) and drinkies in this pub that was a friggen hike away.

when we were sitting in this tiny vietnamese restaurant there was a really fucken loud and obnoxious table next to us that were shitting us for the whole dinner. they made any table convos practically impossible.

naturally by the time we got to the pub and threw down a few more beers, it was our turn to be the loud and obnoxious table. tho i dare say that we were louder and at least twise more offensive ("yeah, YEAH! i'd do jude law! no... i take that back, it's still jude law, but i'd want to see a straight chick do him with a strap-on!" - a lil lesbian chick who looks like a teen girl even tho she's nearing the big three-o).

we had a very excited debate on which movie stars we would do. i'm telling you, these are v. important issues that need to be considered with care. i mean, if you ever got to that situation, you wouldn't want to do the wrong celebrities, would you?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

fin: smg - onnellinen nainen

scandinavian music group - onnellinen nainen
"olen onnellinen nainen
en tee mitaan, en
katso telkkaria, en
vuokravideoita, en
paiski hommia, en
solmi tuttavuuksia

mulla on vain yksi ilme, se ei
ole surullinen, eika
se ole iloinen, se vain
jai kasvoilleni eilen
enka viitsinyt sita enaa muuttaa

olen onnellinen
onnellinen nainen

en tee mitaan
laitan luurini kiinni, en
kaipaa rakkaitani,
enka toivo, etta joku minua kaipaisi

mulla on vain yksi huone, se ei
ole kovin suuri
syon silloin kun tulee nalka
yleensa aina samaan
ja juhlin liikaa jos mua huvittaa

olen onnellinen
onnellinen nainen

pitkaan se vei
vihdoin voin sanoa, hei hei
ilman etta jaan
niita jotka taakseni jaa

olen onnellinen
onnellinen nainen"

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

detail - george town, pulau penang, malaysia (2001)
i was cleaning up my comp when i found this photo again. i had forgotten all about it. this is prolly my own favourite from all the photos i've ever taken.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

60s bossa nova is the shit!

get your hands on tamba trio - mas que nada, geraldo trio - chora tua tristeza or walter wanderley - telefone and shake your bum to the trippy ole 60s.

think wallace and gromit - the wrong trousers and the music that the penguin was cranking out loud in it's room. priceless.

"hi jen where have you been?
gee, youre looking dendy.
this new rhythm's the thing,
it's real groovy!

whether on the tv or the radio,
samba steals the show.
if the swinging bossa nova aint your style,
youre really getting old!"

Monday, January 10, 2005


i just read the scariest thing for a while, thanks to ihmissuhteet blog (in finnish). i never thought i was such a clear textbook example. what a disappointment.

here's a quick translation of the text (an article in ellit):
  • "masculine women are usually extremely competitive and aggressive control freaks. they won't accept being control freaks and they are immensely proud of their competitiveness and aggressiveness. they are also very proud about being strong. this is something they won't let go unnoticed, since (they think) people recognize a strong person from them advertising it to everyone. they also have a strong feeling that men are intimidated by strong women. not really all that surprising.

    children, animals and servants - deep down they all want limits. children require limits from their parents, animals from their owners and servants from their masters. masculine women can be added to the same category. they yearn limits from The Man, who can be seen as the master. here is one answer to freud’s famous "what do women want?" question.

    masculine woman enjoys power and control, but only at work, in politics and in the corporate world. in a relationship she wants to be a female; a weak little helpless thing, claimed and protected by The Man. controlled, but in a gentle, non-abusive way. she wants The Man to be the master who "punishes", when she has been naughty, and she loves to be naughty, cause she loves to be punished. she has the need to be out of line and out of balance every now and then as long as The Man sets the limits for her and puts her back in line.

    but the problem is that these Men are nowhere to be found, at least if you ask a masculine woman. all they see is poofters and weak, feminine men. maybe The Man is in fact only a fantasy created by the masculine woman. and on the other hand: if The Man existed, why on earth would he want to be with such a difficult woman?"
frig. tits and ass? would that help?

Sunday, January 09, 2005


i fear that tonight i'm too tired to share anything meaningful. i need sleep. i promise i'll make it up later on.

so here's just a quick note before i crawl in between the sheets and get ready to face tonight's fucked up dreams: had a very enjoyable lazy day off. cooked sea food tom yam. went to the movies and saw motorcycle diaries. was v. good.

just put on lenny kravitz - if you can't say no and zone out with me.

nitey bunnies.


this super size me t-shirt has been tempting me on our livingroom couch for couple of weeks already. it has been just lying there without an owner and i've been coveting it every time i walked past.

today my curiosity got the best of me and as i walked past i asked dan if he know's who's it is. apparently a friend of matt's bought it for her girlfriend but it was like 4 sizes too small. hence it was abandoned on our couch.

dan told me to play cinderella and said that i can keep it if it fits. sure as hell the shirt fits like it was made for me! woohooo!

sometimes it's good being a tiny lil thingie.


do you know the way you subconsciously associate little things and details with some people?

like every time you hear a certain song, you immediately remember the person who introduced you to it, used to play it all the time or who absolutely hated that song?

or the way you suddenly think of someone from years ago seemingly out of the blue, until you realise that the person who just passed by was wearing the same perfume?

it could really be anything from a place, dish, colour, movie, artist, brand of alcohol, day, whatever.

i've experienced a funny series of these trigger details bringing up someone from the past and then suddenly receiving a email/sms/phone call from them or bumping into them when least expecting it. really don't know what to think of it.

maybe it's part of this weird phase i've been going through lately. it seems to be forming into a process of figuring out my path forward by making sense of the past.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

flashback of the day - 2003

fucked up aussie blokes. i had been in the country for abt two weeks or so when we ended up having a piss-up with my new friends. i never know when to keep my mouth shut and that particular time it resulted into FIVE of them duct taping me onto an office chair for FOUR hours! five of them against little-ole-me!

they only agreed to let me go after my fingers were starting to get blue and i promised not to kill them afterwards. tho i did manage to leave a permanent dental record onto the shoulder of one of them.

the best bit was that in the middle of the duct taping process they ran out of tape and one of them had to go to the 7-11 nearby to buy more. so this dude walks into the convenience store counter and goes "hi, how are you mate? where do you keep your rope and duct tape?" and without even blinking the guy just points towards the right direction.

random quotes from the past few days

"why do i always have to get on a plane to get some?"
- a guy abt to board a plane to get some

"if there's one thing i can't stand about sleeping with women, it's all the fucking mind-reading."
- corky in bound (1996)

"lack of cock causes brain malfunction, i mean, just look at the lesbians..."

Friday, January 07, 2005

i love newtown

i just can't get over the fact that life in newtown is so much better than in kingswood.

it's the little things that make the difference: i love the fact that i'm finally able to eat fresh veggies and fruits daily since there's a grocery store within 5 mins walking distance. i love the way i can just walk up to a gelato store or a cafe any time of the day if i feel bored or otherwise social. i love the fact that there's dozens of great pubs and restaurant's to choose from when i feel like going out and most of all i love the fact that it takes 15 mins by bus to get to the city when i need to.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i fucken LOVE newtown.

tho i do have to admit that i do miss my old flatmates and friends from on-campus and the non-stop partying that went on. no one's doing woodchip angels, playing drinking games till 8am or dragging out the 4-way beer bong every night. i kinda got used to all that during the past two yrs.

if this was a perfect world, i could have taken my friends and flatmates with me.

fin: tarttuneita ruokailutottumuksia

tama meeminpoikanen tarttui mukaan tiralta:
  • herra liituraita aivopesi minut takaisin valkoviinin ystavaksi (johon en ollut pystynyt koskemaankaan sitten ensimmaisen teinihumalan)
  • ameriikan poijan kanssa nautiskeltiin vastaleivottuja kookosmuffinsseja ja vihreaa teeta auringonlaskua tuijotellen ja mukaan tarttui myos joka-aamuinen mysli soijamaidolla
  • julmetun pitka puoliaasialainen poika opetti minut kokkaamaan sea food tom yam -keittoa, marinoimaan jumalaista kanaa malesialaisittain ja tekemaan suussa sulavaa ja jopa oikealta nayttavaa sushia (ja peittamaan sen hienostuneen aromin wasabilla ja soijakastikkeella)
  • a:n kanssa nautiskeltiin hyvaa viskia, herkuteltiin kaikenmaailman kansainvalisilla tapas-tyyppisilla alkupaloilla ja kokattiin elamaa suurempaa kanttarellisuppilovahverokastiketta
  • t:n kokkitaidoista ei tarttunut suuremmin mitaan, koska minun sallittiin vain istua poydassa odottamassa. mieleen jai kuitenkin maistuvat pastat ja punaviini, seka take-away kiinalainen piknikilla pyynikin kallioilla auringon laskiessa

flashback of the day - 2000

dressed up as poison ivy and being fed by the nurse from hell at the hell-o-ween, bloody hell-o-ween party by the boozing society back in 2000.

(this was the first uma thurman trip btw, second was of course the post-od mrs. mia wallace last halloween)

good times i tell you.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

weird dreams - part 2

i just remembered another weird dream from last night.

as background info for those who don't know me: i don't believe in marriage and certainly am not planing to do that at any stage.

anyway, here's the dream as i remember it:
  • i was getting married to someone i know (not entirely sure who it was, but it was a male who i felt close to).

    the trouble was that since i was getting married here in australia, the ring had to be put on my right hand's index finger instead of the ring finger and it didn't seem right to me. it made the whole thing feel uncomfortable and wrong.

    the ring itself was a wide sleek and curvy design silver ring and felt really uncomfortable. the ring wasn't on the finger i thought it should be on and somehow it just felt too big.

    i was twisting and turning it around for ages until i finally was able to turn it in a way that made it sit nicely against the middle finger. then suddenly everything felt comfortable and well-balanced again.
and that's it. i mean... wtf?

flashback of the day - 1995

here i am, 17 yrs old miss tanya "tart" poodle (in the middle) dressed up as the russian nurse from hell with a big red water gun (i'm sure it made more sense back then) and abt to climb on stage as a background dancer for the fantastic drag queen duo transparent (later on known as the school girls). other half of the duo, gorgeous miss lassie on the left.

and on the right, there's also my best friend mira bell wearing my ever so perty barbie top and the lovable transparent original skirt made from a kiddy rain coat that said "i may look funny but i'm not wet like you"

"what would jesus do?"

i know it's an old one but i still want them! how come no one got me a pair of these for my bday, huh?

dreaming high as a kite

last night i was playing survivor in shopping mall catacombs while being chased by an echidna made out of a shrubbery.


they must add acid to tap water around newtown. that would explain a lot.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

what is it with men?

i received the worst conversation opener ever by email a lil while ago. some guy emails me through a site where he had seen some of my work:

i went through your work and came to the conclusion that you are more interesting than your art. how old are you? judging by your picture i'd say 25."

i mean, wtf? first he disses my work and labels me as a piece of meat and then goes and breaks the ever so sacret tabu of woman's age. sheesh. how much worse can you go?

"hi, i think your work is crap and you look cheap, old and desperate enough to put out."

fin: smg - 100km ouluun

"...harva jaksaa enaa puhua,
kun jaljella on 100km ouluun
silloin radio kaannetaan pienemmalle
ja kohta joku jo nukkuu

olen nahnyt,
olen nahnyt

kuinka niiden iho muuttuu
tiedan kun ne rakastuu
ja kun ne suuttuu
mita pidemmal-,
mita pidemmal-,
mita pidemmalle ma tuun
sita huonommin muistan kaiken muun..."

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


there went my day off. meeting someone was nice and we had a good time. mca was alright even tho i hated pretty much everything i saw. but then again, that's the case every time. why the fuck am i doing art if i hate most of it?
  • bridget riley - hated it.
    neat and kinda cool, but too clean and perfected to do anything to me. i was bored after the few first works and besides, they made my friggen eyes hurt.
  • lee bul - hated it.
    i liked the public humiliation aspect of her 'karaoke pod', but that's abt it. the rest was full on bleached giger meets manga. and i hate both.
  • destiny deacon - meh.
    any artist who uses mutilated barbie dolls, dolls and teddy bears in her work should be spanked like a bitch. that shit belongs to a year 12 teen angst work, not in a major gallery exhibition.
    tho i have to admit that some of the images were really beautiful and interesting. specially the colours and compositions were nice.
    but i fucken hated the way they were hung on the wall. it was shitting me all through the exhibition. extra points for that. in fact, i'm considering doing the same for my next assessment.

day off

alrighty, i think it's time to get past my art hangover and get back on the horse.

after the end of the semester assessments i've been reluctant to touch art even with a long stick. today i'm abt to change that. i'm being dragged to the mca by someone. i'll tell you more about it later on.


ok bunnies, honestly, who put the "FUCK ME" post-it note on my back?

last night i walked home from work as i always do xcept that this time i got stopped 5 times by men trying to pick me up. i mean, wtf? i was looking like *shit*, cranky as hell and just desperate to get home cause i was starving. last fucken thing i needed was a pact of idiots to slow me down. yet there they were.

maybe i just looked cheap and easy. that'd explain it.

Monday, January 03, 2005

new year's resolutions(?)

i don't really believe in them. i think it's better to try to live your life the way you want to all the time, instead of doing sad attempts to correct it once a year. however i think i did somehow make a few new-year's-resolution-like decisions around the change of the year:
  1. celibacy.
    fuck it. i'm not getting any so might aswell make it feel like it was a decision in the first place. this year i'm a born-again-virgin.
  2. no booze.
    i've been the official party animal all through last year and i think it has been taking it's toll lately. i'll take it easy till i start feeling better. in the mean time cranberry juice rocks.
  3. no sugar.
    sugar has never been good to me, but i've been weak. i don't want to take this to the extremes, but just cut down on refined sugar using some common sense like no candy, no sugar in coffee, no yucky fluffy white 'bread', etc.
  4. less coffee.
    no more 8-10 cups of coffee per day. xcept maybe around uni assessments. green tea kicks arse.
  5. less mi goreng.
    substitute instant noodles with fresh veggies and fruits.
in a nutshell: be a good girl.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

scary thought

i've always been a big believer in the angelina jolie method when it comes to weight management. if "sex keeps me fit" then does selibacy mean that i need to stop eating too?

Saturday, January 01, 2005


starting 2005 by working was not a good thing. it took 3 energy drinks, one tall rocket fuel juice with guarana and a tall flat white to get anything even close to a smile out of me today.

(alright, that kitty is starting to freak me out. it's sitting on top of my monitor, staring at me intensively with that Wild Eyed Kitty[tm] expression and whinging. i feel like i was a bloody drumstick!)

the mexican boy next door dragged me out to the townie for a drink and catching up. which was nice. and even better since i was able to be a good girl and instead of the usual wine/whiskey/cider i had a plain cranberry juice. tasty, healthy and perty. and it looks like we might end up having a movie night tomorrow. entertainment is always a good thing.

tomorrow is (FINALLY) a day off. i think i'll make an official start of the new year girly pampering day out of it. and then i can finish off with a nice fucked up movie night featuring pink flamingos and sick: the life and death of bob flanagan, supermasochist. perfectly healthy and soothing material to inspire both body and soul.


i need to work today. i was supposed to have a day off, but yesterday as i was leaving work i was told that i need to come in today for the night shift. fuckityfuckityfuckityFUCK.

i REALLY don't feel like going to work. i'm not even hungover, i'm just fucken tired. i've done twise the normal hrs this week. i need rest. i need sleep. i need a life.

2004, done.

right. 2004 is in the past and 2005 is here.

as i was walking home after the party, this guy stopped me just to say "happy new year sweetheart, i hope you find what you are looking for..." so do i to be honest. tho i guess i have to figure out what it is first.

  • 2 v. interesting people met
  • 3 "interesting people" got rid of
  • 8 units completed at uni
  • 6 high distinctions
  • 1 visit to 'my' country
  • 3 moves
  • 1 blog started
  • 234 entries written
  • x boxes of goon finished
  • 1 robbery
  • 7 new flatmates
  • 2 new allergies
  • 1,5 hearts broken
  • 1 new entry on my meter
  • 4 new video works
  • 12 new prints
  • 1 artwork in an exhibition
  • 3 prints sold
  • 1 appearance on the sydney social pages
  • 2 near death piss-ups
  • 3 countries visited
  • and and and... can't think of anything to add anymore. need sleep. now.
ta-tah. talk to you more after i sleep myself sober.