Sunday, January 16, 2005

i see you baby, shakin' that ass...

great night out! that's all i can say bunnies.

yesterday i was leaving work when everyone was rushing into the bloody bacardi fest. all i could think of was to get as far away as i can from all of them, but i wanted to go out REALLY badly.

i called danny-boy who of course was up for a night out and since i'm such a demanding bitch i gave him 20 mins to drag his arse to town hall.

the good ole sushi and caffeine combo provided a perfect kick start for the night and we even bumped into lynnie and dave at the starbucks. a couple of drinkies at coronation pub to get us into the bitching mood ("what on earth was she thinking?" "now THAT'S a nice ass!" "ooh, i wanna sink my nails into those!") and then it was time for the main course: some serious arse wiggling at gas and it was just what i needed. quality perv, excellent tunes and enough room on the dance floor to bust some quality moves.

to finish up we fetched some oporto goodness on our way home.


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