Saturday, January 15, 2005

the difference between friends and friends

i've been disappointed with ppl so often lately that i'm starting to wonder if i set too high expectations to people. i mean, all i'm asking is for them to be open, straight forward and honest to me as i am to them. to put in as much effort into the friendship as i do and have some common sense on what's cool and what's not. it's not that much to ask, is it? fucked if i know.

but some of the shit that i've experienced is just way out of line. some examples?
  • one of my "most trusted" male friends fabricates a not-so-flattering portrait of me as the next monica lewinsky to boost his male ego - thanks, really appreciate that.
  • a "great friend" ditches me alone on my friggen b-day cause he can't be fucked to sit 20 mins in the train - thanks, you really made my day.
  • my most recent ex adds me to the recipients list of his group catch-up email that just happends to be all about how he ended up together with his new gf and what they have been upto lately - thanks, i really was dying to hear all the details.
  • one of the few people that i (did?) consider worth while couldn't even be arsed to answer the bday party invitation or happy new year message that i sent - thanks hun.
tho at this point it's good keep in mind that for every dickhead there is an angel too.

some of the people i have met during the past couple of years in here are wonderful and i don't know what i'd do without them. couple of my old flatmates and the people i've met through them, my new flatmates, some of the friends i have from the first year, few uni mates and of course all my old friends back home are just absolutely priceless.

some of these ppl stayed behind when i left finland, some of them are here around me and some of them have moved back home after staying down under for a while. which ever the case, i do hope that i will be able to stay in contact with them, cause the more fuckwits you meet the more you realise how important the truly good people are.

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THE J Mo said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the issues you've been having with my half of the gender pool. We have our moments for sure.

I'm not a Finn nor do I live in Australia, but maybe I can just be one of those internet friends that you simply have no issues with.

Cheers from across the BIG pond.