Tuesday, January 25, 2005

mr. perfect

i just happened to read an older entry (in finnish) written by the official princess of the finnish blog scene (in finnish), and it made me think abt my mr. perfect. the more i think abt it the less likely i ever expect to find one. i am a very picky and difficult lil bitch. BUT let a girl dream will you? here's what i do know about my mr. perfect:

first of all, he is strong enough to be open and honest, has great sense of humour and is highly intelligent. that's a good start.

he is also laid back (yay for oz blokes!), passionate (tho i'm not that fussed on what abt), opinionated (AND has the brains and balls to back it up with!), strong (physically as well as mentally), independent, active, funny, talented and fucked up (i don't want to feel like the only freak in the show).

he is a social chameleon in a positive way. he can pull off the shit hot pinstripe date at an art gallery opening, uni piss-up bbq at the backyard in thongs and shorts as well as backbacking barefoot on some forgotten paradise beach in the middle of nowhere. his ability to appreciate culture spreads from art galleries and indie film festivals, quality books and fucked up comics to disposable blockbuster comedies and porn. he also has the selfesteem and balls to be open minded enough to fit and feel comfortable with any kind of people and environments.

he knows where he stands so that he doesn't need to get jealous when i happen to feel a bit flirty on the dance floor, but at the same time he's man enough to put me back in line if i happen to take it a bit too far. he is not a lapdog but not a dickhead either.

he is talented and driven, but his ambition doesn't rule his life. mr. perfect also possesses a special talent (or even better, several of them), tho i'm not that fussed on what that talent is. it can be anything from art to music or sports. it's more abt him being able to feel special and giving me a way to admire him outside the usual stuff.

he lives in today. and this is very important. he is in control of his life in a way that gives him the freedom to live now and not wait for tomorrow or worry abt yesterday. he has done enough yesterday to provide him with the life experience and balls to seize the day and take what he wants.

and yes, my mr. perfect takes me. i don't believe in drunken first kisses or accidentally ending up together after a night out. no. my mr. perfect takes me out on a proper date, makes me feel like a princess and has the balls to kiss me sober. oh, and he's a great kisser.

but despite all this my mr. perfect has enough of a romantic in him to do stupid lil things like leaving the apartment and then walking all the way back from the elevator just to give me that one last kiss and then one more. no matter how much of a cynical little bitch i am, things like that still make my heart race. yeh i know. pathetic, but what can i do.

my mr. perfect is also shit hot, tho not in the calendar-boy-ish way. he has that certain something that makes it totally impossible for me to keep my hands off him. he has good posture and an attitude that carries his whole appearance. he smells good and is tall enough to kiss my forehead effortlessly even when i'm wearing heels. most likely he has strong hands/arms, a beautiful muscly back, a flawless boy-ish grin and eyes that i can get lost in.

oh one more thing: he is NOT a metro-sexual. he doesn't take more time in front of the mirror before a night out and he let's me to be the chick in the relationship. don't get me wrong, he does have a good sense of style and he takes care of himself on everyday basis, but it looks effortless and natural. the way-too-groomed-wanna-be-trendy-boys make me grinch.

so yeh, if you see him, could you pls pass the message that i'm looking for him?


Anonymous said...

...ja hän osaa solmia kirsikan kannatinoksan (mikäseonseosajossamarjaroikkuu) suussaan pelkällä kielellä...

MissP. said...

Haha haa! So I´m the official princess of the finnish blog scene??!! Well... I think I can live with that.. mmmm... yeah... okay. :D

THE J Mo said...

You rang?