Saturday, January 15, 2005

boring old hag

sorry bunnies, lately i've been v. boring.

i've been working way too much to come up with anything worth blogging. here's the few lil snippets of life that i've been able to fit between the work shifts during the past week:


apparently the jewelry shop practically next to my work was robbed on thursday night. the robbers were trying to get into the store with a bloody sledge hammer and they were shooting at the cops and everything.

all this happened while i was at work, yet i had no idea anything had happened. i just heard abt it from the secirity chick the next morning. you'd think that i would have at least heard the fucken shots?

must be getting old AND deaf.


yesterday we had a(n average) vietnamese dinner followed by some excellent gelato (coconut and banana sorbet. uber-yum!) and drinkies in this pub that was a friggen hike away.

when we were sitting in this tiny vietnamese restaurant there was a really fucken loud and obnoxious table next to us that were shitting us for the whole dinner. they made any table convos practically impossible.

naturally by the time we got to the pub and threw down a few more beers, it was our turn to be the loud and obnoxious table. tho i dare say that we were louder and at least twise more offensive ("yeah, YEAH! i'd do jude law! no... i take that back, it's still jude law, but i'd want to see a straight chick do him with a strap-on!" - a lil lesbian chick who looks like a teen girl even tho she's nearing the big three-o).

we had a very excited debate on which movie stars we would do. i'm telling you, these are v. important issues that need to be considered with care. i mean, if you ever got to that situation, you wouldn't want to do the wrong celebrities, would you?

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