Thursday, January 27, 2005


hey you more technically oriented readers (yes, i'm pointing directly at you k. haakana, kennu and anyone else who knows his/her shit). what is the best (read: cheapest and problem free) way of transferring pictures from my sony ericsson z608 phone to my pc?

i've been thinking abt getting an external bluetooth usb adapter on my comp but they're a bit pricy and kennu warned that it might not be easy to find a gadget combo that actually works together(?).

would anyone know of a good (and cheap/cheap-ish) gadget to work with windows xp and sony ericsson z608?


THE J Mo said...

As one who usually prides myself on "knowing my shit", the most reliable way to move pics off your phone to your PC would be to use a data cable to connect the two. The Sony branded kit Part # DCU-11 ( is a bit pricey. I did a search on eBay and found them for as little as $12.95 (USD though).

Once you have the cable (or a bluetooth OR and infrared connection for that matter), download the software you need to do the transfer from here:

If you have trouble with that link, the software is called " Sony Ericsson File Manager" and is available on the Sony website for free.

Anonymous said...

Olin juuri sanomassa aivan samaa kuin yllekirjoittanut paskansa tunteva henkilö. Case closed.