Thursday, January 27, 2005

yet another slow morning

first of all bunnies, put on moby - go to start the day on a good note. usually ripping good stuff shits me, but the obvious twin peaks reference in this one just works. don't ask me why.


i've been social again, tho this time it was accidental. i was at work last night when a friend from the first year in oz suddenly showed up with his gf.

even tho it was a really hectic night i was able to take a 10 min coffee break (thanks to dear fatin being such a good girl) and catch up with them. which was great. i have only met the gf a couple of times but i reckon she's good value. good on him.


my lobster-red flatties returned from the big day out after midnight and they had clearly had a great time. i wish i would have been able to join them.

d-man had managed to get the best geek-tan (read: geek-SUNBURN) i've seen so far and the poor thing didn't really appreciate me pissing myself after he took his shirt off. after i was done with the whole cracking up thing i kinda felt sorry for him and fetched some after-sun lotion to fix the damage. matty had done a pretty good job burning his face too. didn't see the others, but i reckon they'd be the same.

talking abt flatties, matty is moving out tomorrow. kinda scary. when matt goes, dan moves into his big room and i move from the downstairs bedroom to the small bedroom upstairs. it's kinda cute and cosy and the rent is cheaper.

must try to prepare for uni mode already. time to start cutting down the living expenses soon. not fun.

oh, and i still luv my perty lil ipod. luv it.

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