Friday, January 28, 2005

if the past year was: a movie festival...

Rock Up, Piss-Up

And Laugh It Up 2004
"rootless lament for the young and the restless"

a hot and humid late summer night, starting from the moment just before the shadows start to get longer, colours deeper and the sun starts to set

a small dodgy but cosy indie cinema with 60 seats and b.y.o. grog allowed due to the blind eye turned by the staff

heavily intoxicated group of 40-50 uni students and hang around pissheads, half in for the piss-up, third for the actual entertainment and the rest are there just because someone mentioned free booze and arty chicks who put out

  • 16:00 - opening film:
    lost in translation

  • 19:00 - love actually - CANCELLED
    replaced with:
    fear and loathing in las vegas

  • 21:00 - amelie

  • 00:00 - re-run of lost in translation
    (due to popular demand)

  • 03:00 - closing film:
    garden state - CANCELLED

    replaced with:
    a very long engagement

  • followed by the garden state trailer
    (with a promise to really screen the movie in the Rock Up, Piss-Up And Laugh It Up 2005 festival)

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