Saturday, January 22, 2005

a good day

today was a good day. i went for a coffee with a dear friend that i haven't seen for ages. it was really good to catch up even tho the poor thing was a total wreck. but i think he's getting better. i think there's some hope he'll snap out of it after all. good on him.

after getting home i ended up joining my dear flatties for some quality pointing and laughing while they got their arse kicked in pool. matt spent half of the night trying to get this guy called 'killer' to kick his arse and to our amazement he failed. i wonder what that was all abt. must be the height.

oh, and i love my ipod. love it.

1 comment:

THE J Mo said...

Be sure and get a case for you iPod if you want to keep it nice and shiny. Otherwise, the thing scratches if you give it a sharp LOOK. Other than that, I love my iPod also!