Thursday, April 28, 2005

trippy kid

i booked flights to finland (supa-yay!) and did a lil grocery shopping on my way home too.

as i was walking through the park, minding my own business, i saw a pretty lil girl skipping along towards me. she was prolly abt 4 yrs old and pretty like a lil angel, as she approached me. despite my dislike towards kids, i was almost tempted to smile at her... until she opened her mouth first that is:

- "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" she shouted as she passed me.

awesome. my hatred towards children is well justified after all. next time i'll trip her while she tries to skip past, or maybe "accidentally" punch her cold with my shopping bag.

tho i have to admit that i prefer her bad attitude, to all those whinging kids at the shopping centres.

the bliss of customer service

[nine inch nails - somewhat damaged]

you know bunnies, i think i should really get my arse out of that stoopid news agency booth before i snap and go all columbine. xcept in a crappy tourist shopping centre. not a school. and in a very pathetic little girl way like trowing confectionery at people and screaming. not guns or anything cool. but yeah, you get the idea.

i am starting to hate people with passion and it's getting worse every day.

it's kinda like the same effect that developed during the time when i was working at the helpdesk of one finnish computer magazine years and years ago. after the first few months i found myself developing ways to deliver electric shocks to punish the callers for their stupidity.
  • *ringring*
    "good afternoon, how may i help you?"
    "hi. your site ruined my computer. it won't leave the screen! - *BZZZZZZZZZZT*"

  • *ringring*
    "good afternoon"
    "my screen is blank. what should i do? - *BZZZZZZZZZZT*"

  • *ringring*
    "hi - *BZZZZZZZZZZT*"
unfortunately everyone else thought that it was way too much fun watching me try to stay calm on the phone and they refused to help me with this shit.

now i feel that same rage-like frustration building up again and i think it's time i go sit behind the computer alone without having to interact with ppl for a while


the next asian tourist teen in her school skirt and tie, who doesn't speak a word of english beyond the empty brainless stare and a blink, who has absolutely no concept of the money what so ever, and has the nerves to show up behind my counter during the rush hour with her entire busload of cloned friends, attempting to pay for a $0.20 chewing gum with a $100 traveller's cheque WILL GET A FUCKEN MARS BAR SHOVED HALFWAY UP HER TINY LIL NOSTRIL! or, if it's a really bad day, toblerone, all the way up.

there. a bit better already.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

sunshine is where it's at

[playing in the background: jamiroquai - feel so good]

heh. last night was great.

i dragged matty with me to the local to see the gig and sunshine joined us as soon as he got home from work. the hottie girly was as talented and pretty as always and the other two gigs weren't too bad either.

we had a great catching up night with a bunch of my uni/on-campus friends that i haven't seen for ages. after we got bored with kelly's we continued at courty with pool and more drinkies. and man do i suck in pool!

i don't know what happened, i've played less than 10 games in my entire life and in the first couple of games i kicked arse! then something happened and i started sucking. badly. like REALLY badly.

now i think i don't want to play any more. unless i take secret lessons or someshit. not cool.


oh, and the boy is wonderful.

sunshine was wonderful the whole night, being all nice and treating me like a princess and giving me attention non-stop and all that shit. then we ended up having a sort-of-an-argument when we got home, but it turned into a really good talk quite quickly and afterwards the make-up sex was absolutely mind-blowing.

the poor thing was so tired this morning tho, that he slept in and was late from work. which is not cool. but if you ask me... it was way worth it. i'm sure the boss would understand.

you know bunnies, i've often thought of picking a fight just for the make-up sex. but would it work if you did it on purpose?

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: sunshine is where it's at.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's a me day

[playing in the background: opus III - it's a fine day]

(nearly) nothing in the world is better than a slow day off with absolutely nothing to do. and to make it even better, i just received a sms from a lil talented hottie friend of mine saying that she's doing a gig at my local tonight. i reckon i'll drag my arse there tonight and have a couple of quiet ones enjoying quality entertainment.

i've treated myself with a long girly shower, manicure, pedicure, quality coffee and some uber yummy home made pizza.

"it's a fine day,
people open windows.
they leave the houses,

just for a short while.

they walk by the grass

they look at the sky

they walk by the grass

and they look at the grass

they look at the sky

it's going to be a fine night tonight

it's going to be a fine day tomorrow"

quality "reality" telly

watched series 7 [trailer] again last night. sunshine got it as a bday gift from an ex fuck of his . i dunno if you can get your hands on this in finland, but if you can i strongly recommend it. a movie with taglines like this just can't go wrong:

"we've left them on an island,
and seen if they could last.

we've locked them in a house,
and watched what they would do.

and now, we've given them weapons."


"ever watched survivor and
wished they would just start
killing each other?"

it's pretty much like an american dodgy reality show version of battle royale and even tho i prefer the japanese cult classic, i can't not appreciate the cheesiness of series 7.

"[after taking a movie audience hostage]
dawn lagarto: bring my baby here or else innocent people are gonna die!
[audience members applaud and cheer.]
dawn lagarto: that's YOU, ASSHOLES!
[audience shuts up.]"

Friday, April 22, 2005


i reckon peaches will sink down well with this cracky bitch mood of mine:

"...i'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with, i'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with, i'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with. can you handle it? i'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with..." - peaches - i'm the kinda

"...i see you sittin' and stuffin' your face, why don't you stuff me up? eat a cookie, eat a big dick every day. what? eat a cookie, eat a big clit every day. what?..." - peaches - stuff me up

"...we wrap it. and then we bag it. in a tight lil package and there you have it. or else we sack it. do you wanna sack it? alright, let's sack it..." - peaches - bag it

i don't get it. i just finished working and i have the whole next week off. had a really good day and all my assessments are done. i should be feeling fucken great. yet i am not. fuckshitfuck.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

freezing my arse off

i'm sitting here, all wrapped up in a thick doona while trying to balance my arse on a gym ball. bunnies, winter is not fun.

as much as i love australia, these ppl just don't know how to build houses. after getting used to the +21c indoors around the year, it's *really* difficult to tolerate the fact that you have no heating what so ever in your house. the indoors is the same temperature as the outdoors. if it's a cold day, you better wear a sweater.

...but i don't like wearing clothes indoors. i'm used to chucking nearly all my clothes away as soon as i get home and run around half-nekkid. much more fun. oh well, i guess it's only a couple of months.

ooh! that reminds me! i called my dear mum the other day and she promised to send me tickets to finland and back for my winter break! mid-summer here i come! this means that i should be able to spend a month in finland from mid-june to mid-july. fucken fantastic!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


lynnie is moving into the house! supa-yay!

she was my flatmate on-campus last year and now she's moving into our house in newtown. abt a fucken time i get an ally against the fuckwit brothers sunshine and matty.

i reckon this will be very, very good.

studio arts assessment

wish me luck bunnies!

today is the last day to stress before next week's semester break. so as soon as i get my studio work assessed this morning i can head down to the bar and take it easy. can't fucken wait!

due to fuckups that were out of my hands, my studio work has been running really, really late. i mean... the assessment is today 9am and yesterday lunch time i still had nothing to show. mind you i knew exactly what i was doing, so all it took was one obstacle to be removed to execute the rest.

thank gawd i have friends that i can count on when i'm in trouble. the battered old frame my classmate brought me around lunchtime was all i needed. suddenly my project was getting along great and by the end of the day i had the entire work done. fucken fantastic and not a second too late.

i'll take my camera with me to uni today and take some pictures. i'll show you once i get home.

Monday, April 18, 2005

here again?

how do you know if someone deserves another chance or not? where's the line between too strict and stupid?

once again, i am faced with a situation where the one person who should treat me the very best, pulls a really fucken dodgy trick. and once again i don't know what to do. how am i supposed to react to complete lack of respect?

it would be so very easy to just walk away and not look back. and that's what my pride tells me to do. but at the same time, this is the very first issue of this kind though. is this the exception or the other way around?

i seem to come up with this same situation over and over again. as it is i who chooses my men, does it mean that i seek for these situations? or maybe i create them with my own behaviour?

i dunno bunnies, what ever it is, it sure sucks balls.

Friday, April 15, 2005


"i am...
a little...
and if there is one thing i do not like...
it is to be...
-zorg in the fifth element

now i just wish i had that lil red magic button that makes the trouble go away. well, more like "blow up painfully and spread around a vast area where ppl can walk all over the pieces while pointing and laughing gleefully" than go away really. but yeh, you get the idea...

crazy thursday

yesterday was great! i didn't have time to sit still for a sec. this was the schedule for the day:
  • 0700-0900 - train to uni
    0900-1300 - setup and prepare for assessment
    1300-1600 - assessment

    1600-1800 - train back home

     *papow*  - when the fuck do i glam up???

    1800-2000 - exhibition opening at artspace

    1800-2000 - preview night at the auction house

     *papow*  - how the fuck will i make it to both???

    2100-0000 - get shitfaced with old flatties

first i spent the whole day at uni, getting our "painting" collaboration assessed with paul. i reckon it went pretty well and just hanging all our prints on the wall gave us so many new ideas what to do with them and how to push it further.

after the assessment, i ran straight to the train station and went back to newtown, got changed and just when i thought i was going to get away with nice pants and a shirt, i receive an email from skye (my boss) saying that "dresscode is a bit glam". fuck.

out of the pants and running around my room trying to find something a bit more glam. well, than gawd i had just shopped the perfect dress a couple of weeks ago, dolled up full on glam with all the 15 mins that i had to spend, ran downstairs and daniel (my video art lecturer and skye's husband) was waiting for me outside already.

we drove straight to the artspace to see the kingpins and monica tichacek exhibition opening (video installations). ran in, saw the works and 6,5 mins later ran out, back to the car and drove to the preview night. (monica tichacek's work looked pretty fucken awesome btw. i'm definitely going back to see the whole work at a time when i can appreciate the audio as well. because it was the opening night, the space was full of loud people and you couldn't hear shit.)

drove to the auction house, ran in and mingled with the rich. i don't think i've been quite so out of my comfort zone too many times in my entire life. there we are, drinking (fucken excellent) white wine, in this space that's filled with ridiculously expensive shit that i would never spend my money on. i nearly placed my wine glass on a $150 000 table. then we went around test sitting all these antique couches just for fun. the jewelry was cool tho. cool and very, very expensive. me and skye came to the conclusion that we definitely need sponsors. definitely.

mind you, when everyone else was looking at the auction shit, i was just looking at the shoes that all the rich bitches had. now that's where i'd put my money to, not a bloody $150 000 table...

then i ran to pick up sunshine from work and we went back to newtown for drinkies with my dear friend lynnie and alyssa was there too. it was great to see the ladies again. and it looks like lynnie might just end up as my flatmate again! yay!

collaboration images

here are the individual images that we've been printing with paul. they are each abt a4 size and printed as 4-colour process screen prints. these images have only three of the four colours printed (c, m and y) and we will continue printing the black on some of them.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

heh. this shit cracked me up... specially since i'm full on addicted to sushi. [via]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

a slightly less stressed good lil girl

well, she's one chick who's opinion i listen to, so why not give it a go? i also added a link to the lbts atom feed on the front page.


yesterday i was (finally) a good girl and today i'm slightly less stressed with my uni shit.

i finished my film studies essays and all my other projects seem to be advancing pretty well. my new video is almost finished and just requires a lil bit of tweaking with few of the frames. i know exactly what i'm doing for studio, so it's just a matter of doing it and painting has been going along great all along.


thursday is starting to look really interesting, but fricken busy as hell.

first of all my new boss invited me for a wine tasting and live music night out at my new work. should be fun.

then i receive a sms from my dear old flatmate and good friend lynnie inviting me out for dindin on the same day and yesterday my video art teacher passed on an invitation to the new kingpins exhibition opening.

crap. i want to do all that and not miss a thing. looks like my timetabling skills are set to a serious test...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

it is done.

ten years ago i went full on vegetarian. five years ago i introduced chicken back into my diet in order to stay healthier. now i chucked all that out of the window.

i made up my mind and stole a small piece of fried beef from sunshine's dinner last night. i expected it to taste so fucken good... like something i've missed for 10 years. nup. it was fucken disgusting. nearly spat it on the table. it tasted and felt like eating my own raw flesh. not pleasant at all. wasn't able to taste another piece.

i think i need to take it really slow with this shit. like really slow.

anyhoo, let's see if this fixes me up in long term. if nothing happens, i'm going back to my old no red meat diet.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

hectic week followed by an even more hectic weekend

this week has been just crazy. i've had no time to calm down at all.
  • 3 art exhibitions seen
  • 1 exhibition opening night attended
  • 1 live music event experienced
  • 1 new job started
  • 3 old lecturers met up
  • 3 sunshine's work mates met up
  • 2,5 colours printed on our collaboration
  • 300+ individual screens printed
  • 2 piss ups attended this week (so far)
  • 1 new pair of jeans shopped
  • 5 new tops shopped
i like my new job. i'm hoping it'll result into me being able to quit the newsagency shit for good. besides, my boss kicks arse. she used to be my electronic arts lecturer in first year and i had a great time doing the unit. she's only a couple of years older than i am and very good value. all attitude and i still think that she looks like bettie page.

sunshine is knows as 'princess' from now on. which is fine with me as long as i still get to keep the tiara. he kicks arse by the way. every now and then he's a bit whiny and cranky and shit, but then suddenly he does something that is totally wonderful.

he's a wonderful dickhead, just the way i like it.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

crappy finn?

my finnish must suck big time.

apparently there's a conference involving half a bus load of finns right next door to where i work and my dear countrymen bombarded the centre again last night.

anyway, i did the usual "reply in finnish when they come to buy a stamp for their card home" trick, but the last customer kinda freaked me out. after i replied to him in finnish, he starts talking retarded finnish to me!

"sina - puhut - oikein - hyvaa - suomen - kielta. - muuttivatko - vanhempasi - tanne - kun - olit - pieni?" (you - speak - very - good - finnish. - did - your - parents - move - here - when - you - were - little?")

i mean... wtf? has my finnish deteriorated so much, that i don't pass as a proper native speaker anymore? i do admit that switching between the two languages is not that easy anymore, but it's my fucken language!

that bloody tourist freaked me out.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

this is going to be a good day. if for nothing else, then at least for the fact that my wonderful boyfriend did give me a divine neck and upper back massage last night and my head ache is all gone.

today will be busy with printing the second colour of our screens plus a bit of a film studies tute to talk abt yesterday's movie (samuel fuller - shock corridor, 1963). then i'll have to drag my arse to work for the whole night.

i reckon i'll be a tired lil girly by the time i can finally get home tonight.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

whoa hello! loud voice. very pain!

man, that two hour cityrail trek home from uni really does suck the life out of you...

my poor lil head is killing me. like honestly killing me. i've had a building up migraine for two days already and it's starting to get worse and worse. i have to remember to be really nice to sunshine when he comes home so that i'll get him to give me a proper neck and upper back massage. that should do the trick. that and a good root kill the pain till i fall asleep...

i got an etching plate today. it's all prepared and ready for drawing. now i just need to figure out what i want to do with it. can't wait to start playing with it.

oh! i found a way to balance out my guilty concsience a bit in case i start eating meat: kay, (one of the printmaking technicians from uni) lives on a farm and has chickens. i will get 110% organic and happyhappyjoyjoy chicken eggs from now on instead of the fraud cage eggs you can get from the supermarket. these eggs are uber yummy, cheap, healthy, organic and guilt free. fantastic.

fantastic exhibition

alrighty bunnies, any of you who happen to be in sydney, you have to drag your arse out to performance space *now*.

there is a fantastic exhibition on by tony schwensen: fatwhitestraightbaldguy videoperformance work 2001-2005. it's still on till 16april 16th. the gallery is open from wed to sat, 12 - 6pm.

performance space galleries (199 cleveland st redfern)

Monday, April 04, 2005


she came, she streaked and she got away with it!

shot the footage for my new video last night. it involved streaking in a newtown park right next to the police station, so the fact that i didn't end up getting into trouble is pretty fucken good. a public indecency record might not be the best thing to help me in getting my next visa extension...

funny things these aussies, they really can't handle nudity like we do... must be the lack of sauna and shit.

anyhoo, images look great and as soon as i got the sound file working, i'll edit it all together.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

day at the 'beach'

i really am not a beach person. i rather just stretch on the grass away from the sun, sand and fucken annoying kids.

we went to the beach yesterday with sunshine, matty, goldie locks and nics(*). the boys wanted to have a cock fight in beach cricket, so we bought them a cheap $30 plastic cricket set on the way.

it's amazing how men - given a stick and couple of balls - can entertain themselves for hours and hours. the fascination never seems to wear out. for a while me and nics were entertained by pointing and laughing at their "oh, but look how big mine is!" game, but then it got boring. thank gawd the perv was good and the rippled sweaty half nekkid young men kept us drooling and giggling for the rest of the time.

while others went for a swim, i did a good set of method putkisto on the grass. really rather relaxing. this was prolly thanks to sunshine staying there with me so that i wasn't bothered by any fuckwits. very sweet of him and highly appreciated.

naturally after this overdose of healthy outdoors life we headed to the good ole courty after dinner, started out with tequilas and got shitfaced. fantastic saturday in other words.

(* sunshine a.k.a. the boy should be a familiar character already, matty is the other house mate and sunshine's big bro, goldie locks is matty's highly competitive fitness fanatic lawyerboy best friend and nics is matty's ex gf and a very feisty and pretty little kumquat of a girl. all very good value.)

Friday, April 01, 2005

collaboration - stage 1

70cm x 100cm (edition of 6)

35 cm x 100cm (edition of 6)

35cm x 100cm (edition of 6)

70cm x 25cm (edition of 4)

70cm x 25cm (edition of 4)

70cm x 25cm (edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)

35cm x 25cm
(edition of 4)
we had a pretty solid day of printing yesterday with paul and we managed to get the fist colour of our screen prints done. we are printing video stills as 4 colour (process) screen prints. this is a comp mockup of how the first colour looks on the paper.

we did a total of 120 single prints on thursday and it was pretty fucken hectic. we are doing 12 different editions all together and here are the mockups of all the editions.

now i better get ready for work. later bunnies.

just so you know...


it's like salmiakki and chocolate...

heh. not that we finns would be difficult or anything, but it took nearly a week to finally get together over a dindin to catch up. this would of course be catching up with the old finnish friend of mine that i ran into last friday. (see, this is what happens when you spend long enough time away from home... i just described myself as a finn! something i would never have done back home. scary shit.)

anyhoo, i dragged my friend and his lovely girlfriend to newtown for some quality b.y.o. thai. i managed to drag sunshine out with me by promising that we would do our best to keep the dialogue in english.

the wine was good, the food was delicious and it was just so refreshing spending time with scandinavian ppl. there honestly is a difference. i'm not saying that it's better or worse, it's just different. it's like salmiakki and chocolate. they're both good as and you wouldn't want to choose one or the other if you can have both.

it's kinda like being home sick. if i tell any of my local friends that i'm home sick, they take it as me bashing down australia and preferring finland. what they don't see is that when i go back home, even for a month, i'm just as 'home sick' to get back to sydney. it's weird as.

the problem is that i don't really prefer one over the other. i love both finland and australia equally. i have great friends and i feel just as at home in both.

tho of course my dearest mum and rest of my family is in finland and i do miss them lots and lots. i can't wait to get back home to eat mum's home made dindin followed by sauna and hours and hours of sitting around the kitchen table, drinking whiskey and talking about everything under the stars.

luv you mum.