Sunday, April 03, 2005

day at the 'beach'

i really am not a beach person. i rather just stretch on the grass away from the sun, sand and fucken annoying kids.

we went to the beach yesterday with sunshine, matty, goldie locks and nics(*). the boys wanted to have a cock fight in beach cricket, so we bought them a cheap $30 plastic cricket set on the way.

it's amazing how men - given a stick and couple of balls - can entertain themselves for hours and hours. the fascination never seems to wear out. for a while me and nics were entertained by pointing and laughing at their "oh, but look how big mine is!" game, but then it got boring. thank gawd the perv was good and the rippled sweaty half nekkid young men kept us drooling and giggling for the rest of the time.

while others went for a swim, i did a good set of method putkisto on the grass. really rather relaxing. this was prolly thanks to sunshine staying there with me so that i wasn't bothered by any fuckwits. very sweet of him and highly appreciated.

naturally after this overdose of healthy outdoors life we headed to the good ole courty after dinner, started out with tequilas and got shitfaced. fantastic saturday in other words.

(* sunshine a.k.a. the boy should be a familiar character already, matty is the other house mate and sunshine's big bro, goldie locks is matty's highly competitive fitness fanatic lawyerboy best friend and nics is matty's ex gf and a very feisty and pretty little kumquat of a girl. all very good value.)

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