Thursday, September 30, 2004

big decisions

ok, this is it. i have decided to transfer over to cofa for my third year. i just emailed the head of program at cofa abt it and let's hope that everything goes as planned.
even though i have fully enjoyed my first two years at uws, i do feel it's time to move on. i know that i am going to miss all my lecturers like hell, but i need to get out of penrith(*). there is always the possibility that i'm heading back home after my third year and in that case i want to live in the city for at least one year. besides, the uni funding cutbacks are going to hit uws really bad next semester and i'm paying shitloads for this fun.
(* for all you non-sydney-siders: penrith is a western sydney suburb that's abt one hr train ride away from the city (=central station on the map), where as cofa campus is next to museum station right in the city.
i could describe the current situation as living and studying at lahti and training it to helsinki for every night out, party and gallery opening. it's fine for a while but it starts to piss the shit out of you after a while.)

fin: no pakko kai minunkin on sitten...

mea sen aloitti, tira jatkoi ja sitten se levisi kaikkialle. eli kuka halaa keta ja kenelle kaannetaan selka.
lusikka erittain hyva, samoin jompikumpi selallaan ja toinen kylkeen kietoutuneena. mutta taytyy myontaa, etta olen hieman eri mielta tiran kanssa: tira julistaa naisen sylissaolemisen puolesta ja vaikka myonnankin, etta tiran suosimassa asetelmassa on etunsa, niin samaan hengen vetoon vaadin kylla ehdottomasti oikeuden olla myos sylissapitajan osassa. molempi parempi.
vaikka olenkin sen verran vanhanaikainen, etta suosin itseani pidempaa miesta (ei ihan hirvean haastavaa, kun en itse ylla kuin 160cm korkeuteen), niin en pida liian pitkista ja harteikkaista miehista, vaikka kauempaa kovasti silmaa miellyttaisivatkin. tama pohjautuu ihan henkilokohtaiseen empiiriseen testaamiseen: edellisessa suhteessa mies oli lahes parimetrinen ja urheilullisen harteikas luokkaa ladonovi. lahikaytto tuntui kuukausien treenin jalkeenkin kovasti kompelolta ja tunsin vain aina olevani kovin pieni ja hentoinen neitiolento. ei kivaa pitemman paalle.
vasen kuva: liian pitka mies - alla 10cm korkoja ja silti muistutan miehen rinnalla lahinna pygmia
oikea kuva: bueno - alla 5cm korkoja ja mies on juuri oikean mittainen
oikeastaan sen voisi maaritella nain: optimaalinen pituusero = kasvokkain seisoessa mies on juuri oikealla korkeudella suudellakseen neidin otsaa (tama siis ilman korkoja) ...muut samaa mielta?
sitapaitsi sankyyn palataksemme, mika onkaan parempi tapa nautiskella kumppanin hyvin muodostuneesta selasta ja harteista kuin lusikointi "vaarinpain"? heraamista ajatellen myos talla asetelmalla on etunsa...
"poor baby. can we make spoons?"
- fabienne, pulp fiction

meanwhile, back in the real world...

ok, here we go again. time to focus on uni work and get this shit done...
i'm hoping to finish my three plate process prints today. shouldn't be too difficult. all i need to do is to carve the last block of lino and print the third colour.
tonight is uni bar night, but i reckon i'll give it a miss once again. i'll go and see the pool comp tho. never pass an opportunity to do some quality pointing and laughing.
that reminds me: how the fuck can pad thai contain dairy? my uber-good date dindin the other night is still making my tummy cramp like hell. and it's been two days. i thought i could trust asian food. fucken lactose-intolerance. not fair.
oh well, enough whinging, time to get shit done. have a great day bunnies!
almost forgot: soundtrack for the day is ministry of sound - acid jazz classics 2004 and to pick a song i'll go for: cd2 - track09 - izit - stories

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

sometimes life is very, very good

a perfect date. what else can i say?
starting out with my shit hot date taking me to a really nice thai place for dinner, continued by a really good play at sydney theatre (those bums were just phenomenal!) and ending with a beautiful and romantic walk by the water in the middle of the night = a perfect date.
i had forgotten what fantastic bodies dancers have. i think i missed half of the performance because i was too fixated on the leading guy's buttocks. that, my dear bunnies, was art.
and the walk was absolutely awesome! we got lost when we were trying to find a cab and ended up walking back to the circular queue under the harbor bridge. it was a perfect quiet warm night with just a gentle breeze and the sydney skyline has never looked more beautiful. couldn't have planned it better. it made me remeber just why i love sydney so much.
after this we of course continued the party and marinaded ourselves in white wine (...hence the throbbing pain in my brain, but it was oh so worth it!).
fan-tas-tic. thanks hunny, you rok.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

oops, where did that monday go?

dear, oh dear! a whole day without blogging? i musta been a busy girl yesterday!
we viewed all the first project video works in video art yesterday and some of that shit was really good. tho of course some of the stuff was just total scheisse. but hey, that's the way it always goes. hunger3000 kicked arse once again. he is one fucked up guy and i really love his work.
i decided that i needed to go to the gym too. i think it's a good idea to work out all that sexual frustration so that i won't jump my poor date straight away today. one hr of full on working out followed by an hr of method putkisto deep stretching should allow me to behave today.
today? today i need to do the studio art group critique and today is also the sydney theatre day. so if everything goes well, i'll walk out of the studio with shitloads of constructive critique and know exactly what i want to do with my project, go home and doll up, train it to the city, have a perfect date with this shit hot guy, enjoy the dance show and train it home safely.
i hope the show will be really good or i'll scare (and scar) my date for the rest of his life. always have to be careful with the shit hot dates, cause you want to be able to invite them again. all you need is one wanna-be-full-on-out-there-but-really-is-just-a-piece-of-useless-wank art exhibition, to turn an average person off from art exhibitions for the rest of his/hers life.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

beddy-bed time

alright, i've been a good enough girl for today. it's time to get some sleep before tomorrow morning's video art. nite nite bunnies and here's a good tune to enjoy before going to bed:

np: a perfect circle - the package
"clever got me this far
then tricky got me in
eye on what i'm after
i don't need another friend
smile and drop the cliche
'till you think i'm listening
i take just what i came for
then i'm out the door again"

yay for caffeine od!

i was able to come up with an image after all... not so sure if it's a good one, but at least i have something to move on with now.

part 2 of "for once, one knob is better than two"
a combination of screen printing and reduction lino cut
designed to be folded horisontally in five parts
and to be inserted inside the "
tap book"

at some point the frustration with double knob taps turned into urinal portraits of the men in my past and present life. the first four prints are men from my past and the fifth still remains without a label.

  • cyan = a laid back, soothing and wonderful person who balanced me out and made me happy
  • magenta = a passionate drama queen who turned me on but also pissed the shit out of me
  • yellow = a best friend bf who showed me the world
  • white = a cold and distant person who i failed to connect with
  • CMYK = a very interesting someone who i haven't quite yet figured out

so there they are, the five men that are somehow connected to the person i am today, turned into kitsch urinals.

i'm thinking about changing the title of the project from "for once, one knob is better than two" into "maybe once one knob could replace a few"?

today, i'm UNproductive

i should be working on my studio arts project like a 20cent slut, but of course i'm not. i've been cleaning, bullshitting, kicking three native arses in scrabble (yay for me!), blogging, manicure, pedicure, coloured my hair, playing the unit16 official it-helpdesk... and i think i need to do laundry too. in other words: everything but my image. i suck.
btw that reminds me: i got a sort-of-a job! i'm the new on-campus it-slut. it pays shit and there's hardly any work to do but hey, it's better than nuthin.
alright, time for plan b: i shall od on caffeine and try to sketch while i'm twitching so badly that i can hardly hold on to the pencil. that should give me some interesting results. must come up with something to do with taps, knobs, bathrooms, wall tiles, sinks... bathroom porn? nah, too george michael-ish. i can do better than that. (or at least i bloody well hope i can!)
[insert brains here] and press ok to continue

Saturday, September 25, 2004

oz dictionary - part 2

here's some essential aussie lingo for a good night out:
blotto, tanked, plastered, faceless, legless, rat-arsed, pissed to the eyeballs, sloshed, pissed out of your brain, maggot, supermaggot (the state you have to be in to call someone up at 5am)
off the planet, loaded, spacey, stoked, off one's face, stoned, smashed, ripped, spaced out, high as a kite
throw up:
chunder, spew, ralph, hurl, drive the porcelain bus, do a technicolour yawn, chunderspew, blow chunks
stocking up and pre-drinkies:
bottle-o = bottle shop = liqueur store
bundy = bundaberg rum
esky = portable ice-box
goon = cheap wine sold in a cardboard cask (abt 6e/4l)
dunny = toilet
b.y.o. = bring your own (alcohol) restaurant
handy during the pub crawl:
wanker/tosser = idiot and/or pretentious person
piece of piss = easy task
reckon! = you bet!
prozzie = prostitute
quickie = quick sex
tazzie = tasmania (also pussy: "did ya touch her taz?")
tinnie = can of a beer
undies = underwear
comfy = comfortable
arvo = afternoon
mad as a cut snake = angry
weak as piss = weakness
crack the shits/go apeshit = to lose one's temper
and to wrap it up:
"my bloody flatmate went apeshit on me, so i cracked the shits, and stopped over at a bottle-o on my way to the b.y.o. my mate and i got pissed to the eyeballs and wanted to continue with a pub crawl but the goon at home seemed more comfy. i reckon i'll end up hurling my guts out in the dunny tomorrow arvo."

fin: nirsk.

no niin, kyllahan tata tasapainoa jo ihmeen kauan kestikin. asuminen samassa opiskelijakampassa neljan muun ihmisen kanssa on kuulkaas harvinaisen rajahdysaltis yhtalo. bensaa oli jo jonkin aikaa heinaladon paalle valeltu, mutta tanaan sitten joku vihdoin ja viimein raapaisi sen uupuvan tulitikun. avot.
kuka toi makkaratikut ja hk:n sinisen?

Friday, September 24, 2004

one small step for a girly...

damn american influence. there goes my healthy(?) diet. lynne just made me my first ever peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and it was SO good. i can so see myself having another one.
np: morcheeba - over and over
talking abt american cultural influence: i just watched porn star - the legend of ron jeremy today. quite sad really.
i think my home sickness is starting to show again... i bought a new haircolour today and when i was paying for it at the counter i noticed that the name of the colour i had picked was "helsinki". heh.
now it's time to get some sleep before the one who can get away with waking me up in the middle of the night does so.
np: air - you make it easy
nite nite bunnies!

thank gawd it's friday!

agh. someone woke me up today with a phone call at 6am(!), just because he was bored. that person should be pretty fucken grateful abt the level of diplomacy that i was able to pull out before hanging up on him. considering that he woke me up way too early on a weekday after a bar night, the fact that i did not tell him to fuck off was practically a miracle. i know of only one person who can get away with that and this was not him.
oh, and i just got my portfolio back from the international office. that was rather quick considering that i've been calling after it only for abt TWO FUCKEN YEARS! this chick calls me up going "...the office is moving to another building and i found this portfolio between my table and the wall and i think it has your name on it..." great. bloody useless waste of office space. oh well, i guess i should be happy that it still exists since my hope of ever seeing it again was long gone.
asian cinema was very good today. the funny thing was that before we began watching the movie the teacher goes "er... alright, i feel that i have to warn you: if there is anyone in here who is even mildly suicidal or depressed, please DO NOT watch the whole movie. you need to leave before the end of the movie cause this might just push you over the edge..." that's when i knew that this shit had to be good.
we watched masahiro shinoda's double suicide, a japanese black'n white movie form 1969. visually it was stunningly beautiful and the constant referencing to bunraku puppet theatre added a really interesting layer to the movie. though i have to admit that (being a finn and all,) the whole giri-ninjo aspect is pretty much lost on me: i just don't get it. i know what it's supposed to mean, but it just doesn't do anything to me.

fin: hs verkkoliite - maailman ihmisia

no jo oli aikakin! siemens lupailee tuoda markkinoille puhelimen pahan hajuisen hengityksen tunnistavalla mikrosirulla, joka tunnistaa myos mm. alkoholin sulotuoksut. jos tama kannykka sitten vihdoinkin toisi markkinoille kannipuhelut ja -tekstarit estavan toiminnon!
"*PA-POW* - declined, you are too drunk to make that phone call."
jos allekirjoittaneelta kysytaan, niin tama toiminto olisi pitanyt olla vakiona jo ensimmaisista kannykkamalleista lahtien. niin paljolta vahingolta olisi saastytty.
vaan toisaalta, onhan se kylla melkoisen huvittavaakin. mieleen tulee muutaman viikon takainen puhelu aamuviiden aikoihin *silta* pojalta, joka oli kylla varsin viihdyttavaa ja ehdottomasti sen heraamisen arvoinen. eipa ainakaan kay tylsaksi.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

fin: addiktoivaa touhua tama

no niin, nyt on sitten niin maan vietavasti kielet sekaisin, ettei tasta tule enaa yhtaan mitaan. olen tanaan alkanut selittamaan tohkeissani jotain tuiki tarkeaa selkealla suomen kielella jo kolmeen otteeseen. siis suomessahan ei sinallaan ole mitaan vikaa, mutta jostain syysta se ei vaan oikein uppoa naihin paikallisiin. skarppaa nainen!
hih, taas tuli turpaan pallon toiselta puolelta: misu taisi tulkita mukinani hieman liian ponnekkaana, vaikka sen oli toki tarkoitus olla vain ikakriisin vallassa vellovan haluan-olla-yha-nuori-ja-hehkee-raahkan saalittavaa katinaa. tai ainakin jotain alahdyksen tapaista kalikan kalauttamalta koiralta. aikaisemmat havainnot kun saivat minut hihitellen lukemaan omaa tekstiani taaksepain todeten, etta en taida ainakaan fiksummalta tai vanhemmalta haluta kuulostaa. tuore ikakriisin ilmenemismuoto siis rekisteroity.
siita puheenollen, taas totesin perinteisen torstain pre-drinkies tuokion tohinassa, etta kumman nuorekkaan lihan markkinoille sita on taalla eksynyt. paikallaolijoiden ikahaarukka oli palttiarallaa yhdeksastatoista hiukan paalle pariinkymppiin. mikas siina, nuorena pitaa kunhan vaan muistaa kikattaa parin viinilasillisen jalkeen kuin aito vaaleaverikko konsanaan ja pitaa pokka kun omaa ikaa arvaillaan siihen kahdenkympin hujakoille...

this, my dear bunnies, is a fantastic day!

...and i haven't even opened the curtains yet.
last thing i heard before i went to sleep yesterday was that i won the draw for two tickets to go see some rooms, a sydney dance co show going now in the sydney theatre!
and as the sweet, sweet icing on the cake i already scored a shit hot date for it too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

one of those days

this is definitely one of Those Days [tm], days when my life just resembles a b-grade soap opera to a point that all i can do is sit back, observe and giggle my arse off. but enough about that. maybe i'll fill in the gaps later.
this might actually worry me if i still had any bit of sanity left, but i fear that my recent studies have taken care of that pretty efficiently. i think that last bit left me somewhere between the one hour lecture on colourful rat shit and the one where my male lecturer was showing us porn while waving a massive realistic dildo in his hand. i think he was raving on about his fantastic idea of making a pulse measuring remote out of the dildo or someshit. both excellent lectures by the way. but sane? hardly.
but as i've mentioned repeatedly: i'm having the time of my life! ...i wonder if this says more abt me or the course i'm doing?

fin: [ikakriisi hiipii]

Tira&Misu&EG: Misu: "Havainto ja yleistys: mitä nuorempi bloggaaja, sitä enemmän ko. yksilö pyrkii vaikuttamaan ikäistään vanhemmalta ja älykkäämmältä. "
tulkitaankos allekirjoittaneen kompelo suomi ja viela onnettomampi lontoon murre (loputtomilla alatyylin sanoilla maustettuna molemmat) sitten vakavaksi ikakriisiksi, hah? siis taysin ennen aikaistahan moinen olisi!
sitapaitsi, toistakaa perassani arvon neidot: "you're only as old as the one you're feeling"

fin: vaihteeksi kotimaisella

(sorry bunnies, this whinging in finnish only...)
puuh. menee hankalaksi. pinserin myota olen pahasti jaanyt koukkuun suomalaisiin blogeihin ja se alkaa kovasti paljon sujuvaan paikalliseen ankyttamiseen vaikuttamaan. sanoja joutuu hakemaan niin pirusti tuon tuostakin. hittolainen.
viimeksi taman koin painvastaisesti kotosuomessa kesalla vieraillessani. kovasti selitin tosissani "silmakontaktista" ja ylellinen kohteliaisuuteni otettiin vastaan lahinna vittuiluna. jopa oma aiti-parkani hihitteli avoimesti ensimmaiset muutaman paivaa, etta "eihan noin puhu kukaan! mita ihmetta ne on sulle siella tehneet?". eniten taisi olla huolissaan kiroilun puuttumisesta...
kai se niin on, etta kun taalla ei paase suomea ollenkaan tavaamaan (minahan en ulkomaan puheluihin rahaa tuhlaa prkl, kun silla saa kerran viiniakin!) ja kaikki kotimaisen kaytto on oikeastaan sahkopostin kirjoittamista, niin se muokkaa omaa sanavarastoakin suhteellisen nopeasti.
kauhulla odotan sita paivaa, kun kotosuomeen palaan ja kuulostan kuin kuningas andylta konsanaan. ei lainkaan hyva.

focus woman, focus!

grah. it's wednesday again. the day when i don't have uni, but i still have to drag my arse to the printmaking class to keep up with my work. i have four (holy shit!) prints to do at the moment:
  1. the collaboration with paul
  2. the collaboration with janis
  3. the three plate process print
  4. my bloody taps for studio art

and this is for printmaking, which is only one of my four subjects. yeh i know, i'm stuffed.

i am having some difficulties concentrating on my uni work. i have too many other things going on in my mind:
in a way i'm waiting for the semester to end so that i might be able to finally figure out one funny sidekick in this movie called my life. it could be good or it could be nothing. i'm curious and a bit eager to find out. but at the same time the semester ending means the end of my second year in here. which leaves only one year left. i can't believe that i've already been for so long. over 1,5 yrs!
everyone keeps asking me what i'm doing after next year... how should i know?!? i mean, i hardly know what i'm doing next week. freaky shit. i don't even know what country i want to be in... stay here in australia? go back to finland? maybe continue my studies somewhere in europe? move to spain and finally learn spanish? move to stockholm and brush up my (currently useless) swedish?
see, if i was an aussie, this shit would be easy: i'd just get a scholarship to do my honours and masters and that's it. couple of years more time to figure it all out. but no, i always seem to have this habit of playing the game on a higher difficulty level.
at the moment i feel like staying here in australia for longer. i do really love this place. sunshine is where it's at.
but now: printmaking time. over and out, bunnies.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

the colour "clean"

you know that mysterious, hard-to-name-or-explain colour area between blue and green? it's something around cyan and turquoise but you're always forced to add the explaining "you know, kinda like baby blue but not" or "like watery blue but with green in it and shit" to define it. i've decided to call it "clean" from now on.
the bluer end of it can be seen in pools and swimming halls, the half way fills hair salons and beauty product lines and the greener end can be found in all the cleaning products as well as the hospitals everywhere.
see? it's:
clean, cleaner, cleanest.
(besides, being a finn and all, i much prefer pronouncing "klen" if the other option is "tûrkwoiz, -koiz"...)

yet another beautiful day down under...

weather report: sunsunsun, oh glorious sun! i swear, i live out of sunshine. my mood is totally dependant on the weather. if the sun shines, i'm a happy lil girly, if it's cold and rainy, step the fuck out of my way!
today the weather inspired me to be really good. i even went to the gym and did a long walk in the sun afterwards. felt absolutely fantastic!
uni news: i was stupid enough to confess to my teacher that i was stuck with my studio arts project. of course his reply was "oh, good. you'll be presenting next week then. now go and come up with an image."
fuckity-fuck. now i'm REALLY stuck.
and girly shit: i got a beautiful red rose today. no idea what i've done to deserve it, but it's still kinda cool. it's been a really long time since the last time i got flowers. in fact, can't even remember when that was! almost makes me feel like a girl again.

Monday, September 20, 2004

"why you shold never lose your digital media..."

slashdot: "what would you do if you found someone's digital media card from their camera in your taxi? one such individual has decided to provide the world with 227 days of entertainment. i found some of your life will post a photo a day and accompanying fictional narrative for the next 227 days using the photos found on a digital media card left in a cab. is it pure genius or pure evil? who cares? just be thankful they're not your photos."
ps. this made me come up with the first ever argument against having 1gig memory on a digital camera.

works like magic!

feeling utterly rooted and need an efficient fix for it? try this trick instead of sleeping till next wednesday:
  1. skull down a big cup of strong coffee quickly
  2. set your alarm to go off in 30 mins (tho odds are you won't need it)
  3. give in to your tired temptation and fall asleep instantly

in abt 25 mins you'll wake up 110% energized and feeling like a whole new person. it's like a powernap combined with caffeine iv. it never fails.

oh well, could have been worse

[click for a bigger version]

someone (chris?) had left a copy of the paper behind my door today so i had something to giggle at with my morning coffee.

[click for a bigger version]

now that i can examine the full extend of the damage, i suppose it could have been way worse. i mean i am fully dressed, not *that* obviously drunk, not crawling on the floor or picking a fight with some influential wanker. a slight relief.

is this my sad aussie 15 minutes? *giggles*

Sunday, September 19, 2004

nice job, spaz!

oh dear.
my friend chris informed me that our lil night out last monday ended up on the society pages of the daily telegraph. oops...
i haven't seen the paper yet, so i can't really report on the full extend of the damage done, but chris mentioned a colour photo of us under a headline referring to sydney celebrities (er... wtf?) at an art exhibition opening party. nice.
i know i was drunk, but sheeesh, not THAT drunk! *bangs head on table*
good on ya, mate. good on ya.

repeat after me, bunnies:

here's a recent addition to my sydney dictionary. i heard these already on monday, but forgot to write them down:
saliva siblings (also spit sisters/brothers)
  1. when you snog someone that your friend has snogged already, you and your friend become saliva siblings.

    - "oh chris, guess what? we're spit brothers!"
    - "oh no, who did you do now?"

what else have you got?

weather-wise this has been a truly weird day. i'm kinda happy that i've done the observing through my window after all.
gorgeous sunshine in the morning, some hail in the afternoon, a lil bit of thunder to spice up the late arvo and now finishing up with absolutely pissing down rain at night.
i'm just really happy that this was not one of the days when i had to train it to the city with just one set of clothes on me. skimpy lil summer dress and hail doesn't sound like a good combination.
come on sydney, you can do better than that... what else have you got?


  1. quaint or strange in form, conception, or appearance.
  2. unrestrainedly fanciful; extravagant: fantastic hopes.
  3. bizarre, as in form or appearance; strange: fantastic attire; fantastic behavior.
  4. based on or existing only in fantasy; unreal: fantastic ideas about her own superiority.
  5. wonderful or superb; remarkable: a fantastic trip to europe.


WOOOHOOOO! i finally finished my video! getting the stills in sync with the audio was truly painful, but i managed to get it done in the end. now it's just a matter of burning the cd and i can be a happy lil good girl and enjoy the few remaining hrs of my spring break.

caffeine and sunshine

have you ever noticed how the sun always shines brighter when you just have to work indoors? and you can count on the rain when it's bbq time. except of course when you have to miss the bbq cause you need to work indoors, that's definite sunshine again. up yours mr. murphy.
yes. it's one of those weekends. i have shitloads of work to do and no time to play. last night i was up till 0300am fighting with the exporting settings of my video. thank gawd there was someone else pulling an all nighter as well. it's much better being fucked up if you know you're not the only one. and i can always count on this poor wanker to be more fucked up than i am, at least if measured in uni work.
i'm hoping to get this shit done so that i can have another deep stretching session in the sun today. i did one yesterday over at chris' place and it was fantastic.
i love the sun. sometimes life is just really, really good.


  1. extremely hungry; voracious.
  2. rapacious; predatory.
  3. greedy for gratification: ravenous for power.


i'm getting outside influence to my taste in music again. this time i'm being brainwashed to a perfect circle and i think it's working pretty well. loving it so far tho i've only heard four songs.

song for the night: a perfect circle - weak and powerless

Saturday, September 18, 2004

"love & anarchy"

this is one time of the year when i'd much rather suffer the shitty autumn weather in helsinki than enjoy the beautiful sydney spring. missing the rakkautta & anarkiaa - 17th helsinki international film festival shits me.
i was looking at the movie listings and i could fill up more than one serial ticket quite easily. and i miss the small helsinki cinemas too. they are so dodgy and uncomfy that you just have to love them. but the best was always the late night sessions at cafe engel inner courtyard: when you have to show up early to book a seat next to a heater and steal a whole heap of plankets to wrap yourself in. and then you watch a pornish art (or an artsy porn, which ever usually goes) flick while sipping that mysterious tea-like drink that's drenched in alcohol.
rakkautta & anarkiaa is good. so all you finns out there who can, pls watch a movie for me too (preferably a good one... i don't miss the shitty ones that much).

nite nite bunnies

a song before i go to sleep:

incubus - i miss you
"to see you when i wake up is a gift
i didn't think could be real.
to know that you feel the same as i do
is a three-fold, utopian dream.
you do something to me that i can't explain.
so would i be out of line if i said, i miss you.(?)

i see your picture, i smell your skin
on the empty pillow next to mine.
you have only been gone ten days,
but already i'm wasting away.
i know i'll see you again whether far or soon.
but i need you to know that i care and i miss you."

Friday, September 17, 2004

sAs: update on 3 plate prints

working title: "timeframe" (polaroid edition)

working title:
"sweet, sweet lollies"

working title:
"i can still recall the taste"

posted an update on the 3 plate prints to >> starvingARTstudents

caffeine is where it's at!

now it's proven: it's caffeine that keeps me going.
yesterday i spent the whole day at the printmaking rooms and got nearly nothing to show for it. today i went there for only half a day and i did nearly 40 prints on lino! i blame yesterday all on the fact that i did not drink any coffee in the morning yesterday. i think i'll try the whole cutting back on coffee thingie after this semester is over. i don't have time to waste atm.
we had the usual student rez bbq today and the weather was *perfect* for it. the sun is shining and the temperature is just right: you can wear skimpy clothes but you don't have to.
this is one of the days when i love australia. i truly do.

there goes that caffeine strike

ok, ok, OK. i give up.
every girl knows that a candy strike (including no chocolate!) with pms symptoms is seriously not a good combination. well, add a caffeine strike, shopping strike and celibacy to the equation and you end up with one homicidal biatch.
to keep myself even borderline sane i have to give in on something. i can't really do anything abt the pms shit as it comes and goes as it pleases, can't afford to start shopping and don't really want to do anything drastic just to get some. looks like it's between candy and caffeine then.
i think starting to drink coffee again is the way to go. then i can at least freak out my fellow students with my gleaming caffeine od-look, nervous smile and continuous twitching after the usual 4 cups in the morning.
now bunnies, would you join me for a cup of coffee?

Thursday, September 16, 2004


just had the scare of the year. nope, make that the scare of the decade.
i installed [insert yet another audio editor here] on my comp and it demanded for a reboot. as i said "yes, go ahead dear", it happened: my baby refused to start up(!!!) and i saw my entire life flashing in front of my eyes as i prepared to slit my wrists.
it took about seven or eight reboots with different options to get my baby purring like a kitten again and during those agonising minutes i got an only too vivid reminder of how dependent i am of this bloody thing. nearly my whole life is inside those damn metal covers! all my uni work including gawd knows how many thousand words of essays, all my video works, all my documentation, everything. not even mentioning my personal shit like my 12 gig photo album!
i seriously need to scrape up some money and buy a second hard drive as a backup.

oh, so optimistic and oh, so wrong.

alright, i did prepare my screen, but since the first exposure stuffed up, i had to re-do it and i didn't have time to print today. i was able to cut my linos ready for the first print and i tore up all the papers ready for both editions but i failed to touch my etching plates or even see ink. crap.
in other words, 7 hrs of workin time equals to:
  • 2,5 $7 sheets of paper torn into 40 edition size sheets
  • two 12cm x 12cm squares cut out of lino
  • 2 silk screens prepared and exposed
  • 3 cups of green tea & a yummy chicken burger from the bar

...pretty fucken weak. i better be more productive tomorrow or i'm in trouble.

oh, and i did help "muscles" with his reduction linos a fair bit. i just have to remember to start using that nickname from now on. i think it's the funniest shit i've heard for a while.

soundtrack for stuvac thursday

i think this new prodigy album is starting to grow on me.
always outnumbered, never outgunned didn't do much for me on the first time i heard it, but it sounds better and better every time. it has to be cranked out loud tho.
to pick a song i'll go with track no. 5 - hot ride

[recovery mode switched on]

such a good girl i am. i woke up at 0700am like a good girl would and i even swapped my morning coffee for green tea. its all health-health-health, darling.
printmaking and video. that's my plan for the day. i'll be knocking behind the printmaking room's door at 0900am and keep printing all day. hopefully i'll get my screen done and the first colour of my lino printed. and when janet closes the rooms, i'll run home and start doing my video.
i reckon i'll finish the first draft tonight. i have all the material and as soon as i get the sound together that should be it. it's all fun and games after that.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

sAs: performance at martin place

added pics from jonwah's today's performance to >> starvingARTstudents

today, i'm a sore old hag

bloody age. gets you every time no matter how you try to fight against it. i swear my hangovers are getting worse every time, where as few yrs ago i was able to get retarded, have a couple of hrs of sleep and wake up just fine. where, oh where are the days when i was the one pointing and laughing??? un-fucken-fair.
i had a *big* night out on monday. i dragged chris out to an art exhibition opening with me. i talked him into it by painting a beautiful picture of free booze and hot artsy chicks who put out. of course there was neither.
anyways, the exhibition was good and i really liked janis lander's portrait of the two sisters downstairs.
afterwards we decided to go for a good ol' pub crawl. well, the only problem was that the first bar we walked into had $2,50 drinks. of course we stayed there all night as any povo slut in search of cheap alcohol would. needless to say we ended up getting utterly hammered. and (of course) tuesday was very VERY bad.
today jonwah woke me up with a phone call at 5:30am and forced me to get up so that i'd be able to drag my arse to town hall at 7:30am. as we get there, the whole fucken place is squirming with tv-cameras, security and police. of course the bloody olympic parade was on today and we didn't realise to check the papers for shit like that.
we ended up going to martin place and jonwah started his performance at 9am. the cops came over twice forcing us to move and after 4,5hrs the cops came over for the third time telling jonwah to pack his shit or they'll arrest him. to be honest, i was pretty fucken relieved at this point, since abe fucked off at midday and i was there all alone taking care of all the shit. got some great stills tho so it's all good.
i should be doing my video, but i'll have to leave it for tomorrow night. i'm too tired and weak to start working. i just want to go to sleep. i can't even imagine how rough the performance was on jonwah since he was standing there all the time and i ended up tired as hell after just sitting and observing. but then again, i'm just a whinging bitch. but i'm so good at it, that not whinging would be an awful waste of talent...
over and out bunnies.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


i am going to die.
today my brain activity equals to that of a pink block of play-doh.

Monday, September 13, 2004

sAs: collaboration print with paul - a/p

yay! here it finally is: the artist proof of my collaboration print with paul.

(click for a bigger image)

a/p [not named yet] 2004
by paul & tanja
40cm x 40cm etching of 16 separate plates
on a reduction lino cut background

better pics of the individual plates can be seen at >> starvingARTstudents


alright. this morning is not starting out too well. we have no water. i am NOT leaving this apartment without my shower. i'm just waiting for 9am so that i can call the office and tell them off.

today i was planning to go and take a photo of the collaboration print we did with paul. just so that i can upload it. then i'll have to go and talk to bill abt becoming the new cheap on-campus it-slave.

but tonight should be heaps better. i'm planning to go to the city with chris to see an exhibition opening, absorb some white wine and then go out and wiggle my bum like i've never wiggled it before. should be fun.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

gmail invitations up for grabs

alrighty, if there's anyone out there that hasn't been assimilated to gmail already, i have few extra invitations.
if you want one, read this shit first so you can't blame me.

"having kids makes parents thick"

thanks to ihmissuhteet blog i finally found out the reason why i never want to have kids:
the sun newspaper online: "in a five-year study, they checked the iqs of couples who were planning to start families, then repeated the tests six months after their first child was born.
they found the intelligence levels of both mums and dads dropped significantly.
and they particularly lost the power to think objectively.
study head dr hosung lee, of america's indiana university, said: "it explains why parents think their kid is the smartest in class or the best athlete, even if that child is as dumb as a box of rocks or needs a calendar to time a 100-yard sprint. "
"the research team tested 173 couples. ALL fared worse on the second iq test — and most dropped 20 or more points.
that’s one fifth of the average iq of 100. "

this shit cracked me up!

helsingin sanomat - international edition - consumer: "the spanish often label is selling a helsinki university shirt. the french sportswear brand le coq sportif released a line of sneakers under the helsinki name to go with the iaaf world championships, and the swiss watch manufacturer swatch is presenting a wrist-watch model that is inspired by the scandinavian countries and which features a blue-and-white reindeer."
"on the new website of the italian diesel, the garments have been given finnish names aplenty."
"diesel is offering its customers the kossu(!) sweater, a t-shirt named vissy, and a knitwear item called eukko. the assortment also includes gear bearing names like tuoppi, vaara, perkele (!!), kuokka, and a pair of trousers that rejoices in the name of lahti. so it is the business city, after all."
"lapland fans will be glad to know that lahti doesn’t get it all its own way, however: there is also an ivalo t-shirt, and residents of the old savo province can rush out and buy kuopio jeans and even savo pants."
"the mistakes in the finnish texts are quite deliberate.
and the more äs and ös in the words the better."
"underneath the neck label in the suomi shirts there is even a little thank-you for the buyer. it reads: "bless you for buying this so that you paid ulla her salary and allowed me to go surfing!"
"so let’s trade in the language instead. funny-looking words. plenty of weird letters with dots over them. wacky, hard-to-pronounce place-names.
the only shame is that it looks as if the damned foreigners have got there before us."
[the previous text is quoted from the helsingin sanomat article linked to in the title of the post]
and for you non-finns out there:
  • helsinki = capital of finland
  • kossu = finnish cheapo vodka brand
  • vissy = sparkling mineral water and the other half of a very popular finnish drink "kossuvissy"
  • eukko = a demeaning word for a woman/wife
  • tuoppi = pint (of beer)
  • vaara = danger
  • perkele = a finnish swear word (lit. refers to a pagan forest demon)
  • kuokka = a heavy weight hoe
  • lahti = city in finland
  • ivalo = puny town in lapland
  • kuopio = city in east finland
  • savo = a province in finland
  • suomi = finland in finnish
  • ulla = finnish female name

sAs: sketches for 3 plate prints

added photoshop sketches of my next prints to >> starvingARTstudents

prodigy: always outnumbered never outgunned

see, i just don't know abt this one.
i've listened through it a few times, but i'm still a bit iffy abt it. somehow it doesn't seem fresh at all. to me it sounds just like a sequal for the fat of the land, except that it's seven yrs late.
i do like the sound of it and it does make me bounce... but i was expecting a bit more than that. i mean we are talking abt the prodigy here! they've been blowing my mind off with all the previous albums.
maybe i just need to give it another go.

i LOVE the spring!

it's a stunningly beautiful spring sunday out there. the sun is shining, there are only few pretty white clouds in the sky and there's a nice breeze that makes it very pleasant to sit in the sun for hrs. i love this climate, i love this country. honestly, australia kicks arse.
my spring break started on friday, but it doesn't quite feel like that. i'm not really going anywhere so it feels more like a long weekend. i'll be working my arse off most of the time anyway.

i finally have all the material i need for my video project, so i'll finish that off. and i need to write a proposal for my next video. and i should be starting my asian cinema essay... but i know myself better than to expect to actually be doing that. i am planning to do a fair bit of printing tho.
and on wednesday jonwah is doing a public performance in the city and i've promised to go and help documenting it. i'll be taking the stills while abe will be there with a video cam.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

yet nother art exhibition opening

jonwah dragged me out to katoomba to attend an aerosol art exhibition opening. my old uni mate morgan had three of his works on display there. fuck it's cold up there btw! it was a 20min walk from the trainstation, it was fucken cold, windy AND raining. i whinged like a bitch the whole way there...
first of all i have to say that i'm not that big of a fan when it comes to graffiti art. i have a bit of a "been there, done that, dumbed the poor fucker" sorta feeling abt that shit. like, it was cool when i was a stoopid lil pre-teen skank hunting down the oh-so-wanna-be-cool-bad-boys who did the tags and graffiti pieces, but i just don't see anything fresh in it today. its still the same bloody thing. maybe i'm just getting old.
HOWEVER, i did enjoy this exhibition. there was 4 pieces that i really liked, tho only one of them was "traditional" graffiti art type of a thing. the three others had more links to either design or contemporary painting. anyhoo, they seemed fresh and interesting to me. specially the three sisters one.
funny thing, i ended up having a major argument with this boy who had his works in the exhibition. he asked what i thought abt the exhibition and of course i was honest. heh. not a good thing when you're talking with the artist himself after he's had few too many glasses of free wine. he misunderstood what i said, took it really personally and tried to have a go at me, when in fact it was his work that i liked. it was v. funny and entertaining.

milk war rages in jyväskylä

helsingin sanomat - international edition - business & finance: "as a result of the fierce competition between hypermarkets in jyväskylä, the local stores started to attract customers with milk as the loss leader of choice. hence, the current price of milk in some stores is as low as one cent a litre."

"finnish milk cost four cents a litre in the supermarkets of citymarket, prisma, and miniman in jyväskylä, while euromarket priced its milk at 45 cents a litre."
"even though it is only a local phenomenon, the milk-war marks a change in the loss-leader rankings: all summer long the finnish supermarkets vied for customers with increasingly attractive prices on six-packs and 12-packs (known affectionately as "dachshunds") of medium-strength beer.

after the government’s tax-cuts on alcohol in march, which did not in fact greatly affect the price of beer, retailers slashed their prices, with the result that prices for twelve 0.33 litre bottles approached those of a six-pack before battle commenced. "

interesting fact of the day

"how fast a man's beard grows is partly a function of how much he thinks about sex."
there you go ladies: now all you have to do is to pick out the the boys who complain that they have to shave often (or grow a full beard cause they're tired of shaving all the time)! and i have to admit that judged by what i've seen so far... i think there is definitely some truth in this...

Friday, September 10, 2004

a stunning sunset in helsinki

and i thought i was fed up with endless pictures of sunsets... this one is stunning tho >>

Thursday, September 09, 2004

you gotta love the city!

ooh, before i forget: the printmaking collaboration assessment went great! yay for us!
just came back from the city. jonwah dragged me out to go and see exhibition opening in performance space and i ended up having a great time.
vicky brown's installation made me smile and feel good. i enjoyed listening as well as playing with the stuff she was displaying.
i was a bit iffy abt the video works tho. for some reason my attention span is really fucken short when it comes to video art. which is actually pretty weird since i do video myself. you'd think that it would make me more interested and more tolerant towards other people's video work, right? wrong. i hate most of the video works i see. the thing is, i think there needs to be a pretty fucken good reason for a video piece to go on for longer than the magical 3 mins. if it's any shorter than three minutes, it seems too short and if it's any longer it feels like a fucken endless drag. unless it's *really* good that is.
i really liked sam smith's video piece. it was visually impressive, had a cool idea and a nice play between the image and the sound. going through it with jonwah afterwards made me a bit less certain abt the way the sound was in/out of sync with the image. but i think i still liked it. it worked and it was short enough to be an enjoyable experience that i would like to go through again.
the other video pieces had serious issues with length (i thought so anyway but jonwah liked most of them). i think they would have worked out way better as a looping video installation, but showing them one after another and being forced to sit there for the whole duration of the work was a major turn off for me. unfortunately.

wish me luck!

it's time for my printmaking collaboration assessment, so wish me luck guys!
oh, and anthony: just in case you happen to read this, today i *am* wonderful! *hugs*

friggin blogger

crisis! i was unable to publish any postings last night. i don't know if this was a problem at blogger end or once again with the dear uni network. but a problem it was. the way it was bugging the shit out of me must mean that i'm pretty addicted on this blogging already.
yesterday i was a very, VERY good girl. we finished our collaboration print with paul and i can tell you, it turned out fucken fantastic! one of the best work i've ever done! can't wait to present it to everyone today and hear the comments.
i also finished my asian cinema film log, which is a bloody relief. for some reason i felt really intimidated to write to the school of humanities instead of the usual school of contemporary arts. cause like, they're all theory and shit. we just behave badly and create offensive artworks... and stuff.
alrighty then, better do my stretchings and hit the shower.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

scandinavia rocks!

you know what guys? i think i just decided to move to norway next...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

its agro music day again!

to hell with björk and its time to crank up some classic nine inch nails tracks! to pick one to start with i'll go with somewhat damaged from the fragile album. this track is just fucken fantastic. *cranks up the subwoofer as well*

(feel sorry for my flatmates btw)

tuesday's quote

"poor baby. can we make spoons?"

-fabienne, pulp fiction (1994)

studio arts assessment

phew. this was a full on day. we had our studio arts 2 mid-semester assessments and i have to admit that some of the people had done excellent work. naturally some of it was just bs, but not as much as previously. i was positively suprised.
i presented my tap book covers and the "lil golden book of research" and i think it went pretty alright.
hunger3000 (from starving art students) had done a miniature dining room and then filmed three lil mice going apeshit in it and ripping everything to pieces. i really liked the way he was presenting his work so far and i can't wait to see the whole installation he was planning to do for the final assessment.
ivar (also from starving art students) was showing his video piece with the colours and i am eager to see how he puts it up as an installation. i'm really interested in seeing (well, hearing actually) how he gets the sound aspect of the work done. i think the sound could really lift the work to a whole new level.
paul (the same guy i'm collaborating with in printmaking) is working on this really interesting installation piece, tho he was pretty pissed off today with some technical difficulties. i can't wait to see how his final intallation works out. i really like his idea.
jonathan did his third balance performance and i thought it was impressive and full on (as his work always is). i didn't think that the audience was worth it tho. everyone just fucked off after couple of mins and he was performing for the documenting video cameras after that.
and i'm not even going to try to explain what mark is doing with his pineapples and footy... that guy is just seriously fucked up! (in a positive arty sorta way ...i think.)
today was a good day.

Monday, September 06, 2004

monday's quote

"i'm not sayin' he was right, but you're sayin' a foot massage don't mean nothin', and i'm sayin' it does. i've given a million ladies a million foot massages and they all meant somethin'. now, we act like they don't, but they do. that's what's so fuckin' cool about 'em. there's a sensual thing goin' on that nobody's talkin' about, but you know it and she knows it, fuckin marsellus knew it, and antwan shouda known fuckin' better. that's his fuckin' wife, man. he ain't gonna have a sense of humour about that shit. you know what i'm saying?"
-vincent vega, pulp fiction (1994)

sunshine is where it's at

sometimes life is just so good. i think this is one of those days. nothing beats a glass of white wine sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a lazy day in quality company. (okok, i know i couldn't really afford a lazy day at this time of the semester but to hell with it, i NEEDED this one!) oh and as the icing on the cake i ended up having yet another deep-and-meaninful-conversation that was very entertaining and even borderline intelligent. yay for me.
it's always funny to find old friends and/or colleagues from the net. i just found a few familiar faces when i was going through the finnish blogosphere and ended up assimilated to the ever growing borg-like gmail-community. (thanks to the notorious k.haakana) i know i should be more paranoid abt this shit since tinstaafl(*), but hell, we're talking abt a whole gig of storage space here! i'm just a weak materialistic slut and my principles fly out the window as soon as the prize is good enough.
oh frown all you like, but i'm still the one with the one gig storage space *cocks a snoot* (and if you have a gig too, you're just as cheap! *grins*)
(*tinstaafl = there is no such thing as a free lunch)


don't you just hate the shit that's not standardised? there are certain things in life that just should always be the same. *full stop*
one of these lil things that honestly just fucken should be a universal fact is a 5 minute snooze! but no, my new sony ericsson thingie just provided me with a lil unwanted suprise by having a 10(!) min snooze and fucked up my laid back morning.
coffee. i need it.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

[insert brains here]

flatline. brainwave that is.
all work and no fun make tp a homicidal boring lil girly. i have not left the house this weekend apart from sat morning's grocery shopping trip and it was not at all that enjoyable. but that's a whole other story that i'd rather not tell. it's bad enough that i had to live through it.
i need good times. like, i'm talking abt Good Times[tm] here. sunshine, hotties, cheap white wine, hotties, parties, more hotties... you know, the entertaining nice shit that makes you smile.
heh. that reminds me. i ended up having a fucked up convo today with a good friend of mine. apparently this whole spring time with no rootage is getting to her too. we were both supposed to be typing fucken long boring essays for next week's assessments and the last thing we needed on our mind was men and sex. needless to say that's what we ended up having a full on convo on: what kind of quality action would we prefer atm. this is what i came up with:
  • a sushi picnic lunch in the city with a gorgeous young lil flirty thingie (preferably with nice muscles, brains and fucked up sense of humour but at this state i will settle for one of the above) followed by a whole day of activities spiced with a nice accelerating flirt to build up mood for the night. then later a good dinner with heavy flirting followed by a seductive movie (note to self: NOT irreversible!). then a couple of drinks in a nice bar with a quick pre-foreplay session in the dunny between drinks. make out in the cab on the way home. hot and aggressive quickie in the lift/corridor followed by a recovery shower, white wine and a whole night of fun and games in the bedroom (or preferably all around the house).

...and can i get that with home delivery, please?

good morning bunnies

yet another sunday swamped with uni work is abt to begin. *deep sigh*
i'm still pissed off that i had to give the friday's party a miss. i mean, a disco trash party with "i'm only aa but i'm thinking xxx" dresscode at "darling-it-hurtz" has to be fucken fantastic and lead to hell of a hangover. well, maybe i'm not so fussed abt missing the hangover bit, but i sure as hell would have liked to be there for the party. sorry peter, i'll try to be a better girly next time.
but i'll have a big night out in the city this weekend. and that's a fucken promise. yay for spring break!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

sAs: tap mania update v2.0

continued working on my studio arts project and posted new pics to starvingARTstudents

healthy, healthy hollywood

ok, this is the freakiest shit i have seen for a while: here is a photo of the presley women (i think it's a photo by annie leibowitz).

...three generations of presley women to be exact. now look at the pic again knowing that you are looking at a teenage girl, her mum and her grandma. yet they all fucken look the same age!

sAs: tap mania

posted few new pics on my studio arts project to starvingARTstudents
sorry bunnies, that bloody das paste took it all out of me and i don't think i have enough left in me to come up with a worth while blog entry before i go to bed. enjoy the stoopid tap, i'll enjoy my well deserved rest.
farken hell. i just noticed that even tho i washed my hands three times already, i'm still all covered in this stoopid paste. to hell with it, it can't kill me... right?

Friday, September 03, 2004

asian cinema: east palace west palace

as far as i know, this is the first gay movie to come out of mainland china and it has never been screened there.
this movie captivated me from the first few minutes and kept me in it's tight grip to the very last image. stunningly intensive movie. truly amazing power play between the two main characters. and SO erotic. i was fully captivated and seduced by the main characters stories and voice and i can't remember that happening for quite a while. i can only imagine how much stronger the effect would have been if i would have been able to listen and understand his words instead of having to read the subtitles.
a stunning movie. i recommend to any (not too homophobic) viewer with a soft spot for bdsm power plays. only down side is that it might be really difficult to get your hands on a copy...

more excellent björk lyrics

this song actually cracked me up today.

i have heard this song at least a dozen times during the past few days, but for some reason i have never really listened to the lyrics. i just kinda liked the way it sounded. but i think that happens quite often with her music.

today her aggression in the "i'm so bored with cowards, who say they want, then they can't handle" bit made me curious enough to look up the lyrics and it was worth the trouble. cracked me up and made relating to her words just a bit too easy... heh.

björk - 5 years
you think you're denying me of something
well i've got plenty
you're the one who's missing out
but you won't notice
'til after five years
if you'll live that long
you'll wake up
all loveless

i dare you
to take me on
i dare you
to show me your palms

i'm so bored with cowards
that say they want
then they can't handle

you can't handle love
you can't handle love
you just can't handle

i dare you
to take me on
i dare you
to show me your palms

what's so scary?
not a threat in sight
you just can't handle
you can't handle love

a good morning

this is weird. truly weird. i had a few drinkies last night but ended up being a good girl and going to bed early. (which was very, very good of me.) but then i got woken up at one something and ended up talking on the phone for an hour. (which was actually very, very nice.) it just woke me up so efficiently that i couldn't get back to sleep before 5am. i ended up working on my studio art consept instead of sleeping.
i had to wake up at 7am which means 2 hrs of sleep. in other words i should be pretty fucken cranky and pissy and hungover and dead... but i am not. instead, i receive this great email from my collaboration partner that just made me feel really good and cheered up the morning totally. and i'm not even tired! i'm just eager to go and see today's movie and continue my work.
very, VERY confusing.

finland (and sweden) rok

helsingin sanomat - international edition - business & finance: "ilo report: sweden and finland best countries for wage earners

according to a report by the international labour organisation (ilo), sweden is the world's best country for wage-earners, with finland a close second. the report, economic security for a better world, covers 90 countries and 86% of the world's population. "

Thursday, September 02, 2004

drinky-drinkies time!

yay! on my way to chris' for pre-drinkies. always best part of the uni bar night if you ask me. come on hunnies, enjoy a glass of cheap white wine with me, will ya?


now that was a rough day. did hell of a lot of work tho ended up with no visible results. sucks.
all my plates are ready for the acid now. which is excellent. i'll go and work on them some more tomorrow after the asian cinema tute. i should be able to make at least a tiny dent in to the pile of work i need to get done before next thursday. why do i have to be so masochistic when it comes to my work?
were getting really good feedback from everyone tho. and the teacher is really excited about seeing the result so that is v. good. looks like its going to be worth the trouble. yay.
for once i've fone my asian cinema reader yesterday, so it won't be intruding on my drinky-drinkies tonight. i'm hoping were doing the pre drinkies at chris' today, but let's see what the others have in mind.

thursday morning

graah. shit loads of printmaking to do today. SHIT LOADS i tell you. better get started, but here's a tune for today:

björk - bachelorette
i'm a fountain of blood
in the shape of a girl
you're the bird on the brim
hypnotised by the whirl

drink me, make me feel real
wet your beak in the stream
game we're playing is life
love is a two way dream

leave me now, return tonight
the tide will show you the way
if you forget my name
you will go astray
like a killer whale
trapped in a bay

i'm a path of cinders
burning under your feet

you're the one who walks me
i'm your one way street

i'm a whisper in water
secret for you to hear
you are the one who grows distant
when I beckon you near

leave me now, return tonight
the tide will show you the way
if you forget my name
you will go astray
like a killer whale
trapped in a bay

i'm a tree that grows hearts
one for each that you take
you're the intruder's hand
i'm the branch that you break

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

and sheeee's back

trips to the city are always as enjoyable. well, sometimes even more so, but that's a whole other story. heh.
i left to the city after classes yesterday and went straight to stine's place. and yes, i will DEFINITELY move into her room when she moves out. i love the location, i love the apartment, i love the flatmate and i love the room. 'smine!
ooh! she cooked pizza that i could eat! fucken divine i tell you. if i ever find a guy who can do that shit, i'll ask him to marry me. if not, i'll just have to propose to stine.
we also experimented on doing salmiakki vodka ouselves and it turned out perfect! mmmmm... i love that shit. but the best part was that i found out that i can get näkkileipää (very dry crispy finnish rye bread), mätitahnaa (caviar paste) and turkinpippureita (turkish pepper = a very strong salty liquorice candy) from ikea in here. fucken fantastic!
i made one more decision: i am DEFINITELY changing uni next year. i visited cofa campus and fell in love with it straight away. the location is perfect! i will SO be there next year :D