Saturday, March 31, 2007

team building?

fuck team building exercises, we took the 'out of my fucken way!' approach. and fuck me it was fun!

grass karting. best fun you'll have with your clothes on outside shoe shopping bunnies! it was fan-fucken-tastic!

we - the entire office of 11 people - found ourselves at the top of a very steep hill with stunning views. we got handed a helmet and told to sit on this 'thing' that they told us was a kart. it was just a metal frame with four wheels. no steering wheel, no seat, no breaks, nothing to keep you safe from killing yourself.

we got seated on these death traps on the top of the hill and then pushed down. i was honestly scared for my life and it was awesome! our tiny asian web builder didn't have the mass to keep her seated on the kart and i think she topped the stacking it chart.

one of our account managers and our programmer luveded it and got a lil crazy with the driving and performed a serious of quite impressive crashes, finishing off with the accoung manager getting seriously airborne while leaving the kart behind and ending up doing his back in big time.

i had an absolute ball. the rest of the night was having a bbq at our other account managers incredible house (with pools, tennis courts and the lot), with the creative team starring on the comedy hour. i don't think i have ever laughed as much. i was crying half of the time and i don't think it was even that funny.

fantastic times bunnies, fantastic times!

Friday, March 30, 2007

'excuse me miss, but you'll have to leave those thongs with me...'

there was a 'goodbye to our old premises' piss-up with my old work mates last night. people from the present as well as people from the past showed up and consumed the copious amounts of alcohol provided. and then some more.

we got bored at some stage with miss pearl and took off heading over to the cross. we decided to have night caps at the world bar like so many times before. now i know the place is backpacker ridden, but if you sit out on the second floor balcony, you can usually have the whole place to yourself and the drinks are relatively cheap. plus, its only a short crawl to home.

of course we got fucken carded at the door, which at that drunken state was just hilarious. what was even better tho, was that after he spotted the pair of thongs in my bag, the bouncer announced that i needed to leave them at the door. cracking up i asked why the fuck would he want my thongs and he goes 'well, if i let you take them in, you're just going to take your heels off as soon as you get in and wear them!'


at this stage miss pearl cracks up going 'doesn't he know who you are? doesn't he realise you wouldn't be caught dead in thongs at a public place???' i'm just staring at him waiting for him to reveal that he's joking. but apparently ppl do shit like that. i just don't get it.

so there they were, my thongs, sitting and waiting by the door while we drank indoors and the bouncer was happy to hand them back to me when we walked out welcoming us back anytime.

i mean walking to work in thongs is as far as it goes. and that's only to keep my heels nice and not wear them out when i don't need to. fuck wearing thongs to a bar! funny tho.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

yay for free alcohol

i got a call from my previous boss yesterday inviting me to the last piss-up at the premises we used to work at.

pretty much all the current and a good portion of the previous employees should be showing up, so it should be fun. besides, now that i've escaped, its good to go back for a visit.

its great seeing miss pearl again. its kinda weird not seeing her on daily basis anymore. also kato should be arriving and hopefully super mario too.

tomorrow i have a piss-up with the new work ppl. we're going downhill karting. i have no idea what it actually is, but it sounds like fun. also, its a bonus to be able to get home easily, since half of the office lives within a few blocks from my place. heh.

i'm actually really looking forward to spending time with these bunnies out of office, cause they really are a great bunch. entertaining as all hell and no doubt can put away copious amounts of alcohol in an impressive manner. so that should be a ball.

now if i just could get my visa application finalised today and stop thinking abt it, then i could relax tonight, enjoy tomorrow and look forward to easter hols.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i am a female. this means my sense of direction as well as the ability to read a map have been over-written with more complicated neural patterns, providing me with such perks as emotional intelligence, vanity and complete and utter lack of logic.

in other words, if you need product a fetched from location b, you simply don't send female c on the mission.


i was asked to pick up certain items from a well known office supplies reseller at bondi junction.

there i was, oh so certain of the location of the aforementioned store, enjoying a coffee in the morning on my way through the mall. only to realise on arrival the store in fact belonged to another well known office supplies reseller and that i had no clue where to find the store i was looking for.

of course eventually - after more than 30 mins of cursing and running around in heels - i managed to locate the store i was after, but fuck me it was an effort for a quick joke designed to operate as a meeting ice breaker.

Monday, March 26, 2007

such a geek

just a quick note on second life. i'm beginning to think that its quite a cool thing really.

i mean, i created my account less than a week ago, and i've already experienced some cool shit.

while the first couple of visits just bored me to death, i received a fantastic guided tour by a dear bunny reader and have gotten much more out of sl since.

i wasn't feeling too good this weekend and was thus forced to spend the majority of it indoors. since i don't support (or own) a telly, i decided to explore sl. i attended an art exhibition opening, danced to a great live blues gig, joined a minimalist techno rave, listened to a live lecture, and last but not least observed a random purple dragon trying out an impressive selection bdsm equipment. weird and intriguing shit.

and today i read about ohio university's second life campus.

embracing the reborn corporate whore me

tell you what bunnies, this 'being busy at work' is incredibly refreshing.

it is very satisfying to feel like a professional once again. i mean, the academic world is a whole different thing. i took it very seriously and did put the hours in... but its just not the same.

don't get me wrong, i'm more proud of my bachelor of fuck all certificates than prolly anything that i've done before, yet it still doesn't provide me with the same fulfillment that a real job does.

i've missed being proud of my career.

its quite scary getting back into the serious digital advertising field after so many years. i so got dropped into the deep end straight away. i've already been involved with big projects that challenge my creativity and technical expertise, as well as my capability to appear as a hard boiled professional in front of customers.

speaking of which, i've got a BIG meeting with fashion/beauty professionals tomorrow. a lil bit daunting that one. i mean, what am i going to wear?

i've just spent a good half an hour on perfecting my manicure and i can tell you that my nails look perfectly lush and sexy now. all i need is a pair of heels and a dress to go with them...

oh, the academic bs reminds me: i received a letter from the uni announcing that i scored a university medal for my honours. pretty sweet, huh?

autumn in the air

*deep sigh*

looks like autumn is coming for real. last night was the first when i had to dig up my doona from under the bed. i think its time to invest in a new set of cute pjs soon.

why is this daylight savings thing always such a bloody kerfuffle? i *never* know beforehand when its supposed to happen. fuck i was confused once again this morning when my backup alarm went off before my macbook woke me up with its soft tender air tunes.

there was a fair bit of 'wtf?!?' in the air while staring at the one hr time difference between my mobile and my laptop. and since i was not even half awake, it did take a while before the penny dropped. and when it did, fuck i was happy to crawl back under the doona.

but tell you what bunnies, this whole weather getting colder shit isn't made any better by the fact that my favourite heat source is sitting on a rock far away from sydney. what am i going to leech heat off from now?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

touch base

ha-HA! finally operational again!

sorry bunnies, i've had some major issues with my connection and haven't been able to post anything for a while. also, the new job has been keeping me very busy and happily entertained. so no more posting while bored at the office.

so in other words: very busy and mildly important. yes.

the beginning of the week has been great as i got to enjoy deviant's company for three days. so i have been pampered with fantastic dinners and good wine alongside his wonderful company. it has been a good week so far.

i watched a documentary on second life the other day. had to find out what everyone was raving on abt, and downloaded the client last nite to give it a go. meh. it kinda gets boring after you get your character shaped out to your liking. what then?

mebbe my first life is just too much fun?

oh also, went brunette again. wasn't planning to do it quite yet, but i can't wait once i got my mind set on something. besides, deviant seemed to appreciate it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

shoes, oh, glorious shoes!

i got my first paycheck from my new job yesterday. oh the glorious day!

the office is right next to oxford st. now i have a feeling that this tiny detail concerning the location will have a drastic effect on my budget. so many pretty things!

i went to get some lunch with this feisty petite lil producer chicky and of course we fucken ended up shopping for shoes!

mind you i did score a drop dead gorgeous italian $400 pair of heels for a very good price. gorgeous classy cream coloured leather shoes with a very feminine vintage feel to them. it was love at first sight.

speaking of shoes, please ignore the fact that i just posted a pic of lindsay bloody lohan.

focus on the shoes bunnies

I - NEED - THOSE - SHOES ! if any of you bunnies see heels like that somewhere around syd pls let me know! they are absolutely gorgeous!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

dunken glimpse

i had a dinner and drinkies night out with miss pearl, kato and mr fireman last night. bottles after bottles of white alongside a massive thai feast.

of course we got slaughtered and ended up sipping nightcaps at the darlo like so many times before.

as we were babbling along, standing in the middle of the bar, this asian bloke suddenly jumps in to inform me that its my turn on the pool. after seeing my puzzled reaction he realises that he's got the wrong blonde. instead of being embarrassed or anything, he just shrugs 'all you bloody caucasians look the same to me...' and walks off.

fuck we cracked up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

last day at job no2

well well, its not too often that you get to resign from two jobs in the same week. let alone following days!

mind you, this second one was the one i would have liked to keep... if i hadn't scored the new better one that is.

starting at the new job tomorrow so i'm a lil bit nervous. it's been a while since i've been seriously in the online business, but its like driving a bloody bike, right?

ooh, another cool thing: an old mate of mine from finland - well a lil sister of an old mate of mine that was also a mate during the years - is coming to syd for a three month uni work experience thingo. awesome.

i promised to help her find a place and try to help her through the initial shock of relocating from helsinki to syd.

she should be arriving in late april. can't wait!

more celebrating

heh. resigned from my current job yesterday. fuck me it felt good!

i marched into my bosses office - no doubt he was expecting me to beg on my knees for a job because of my situation - and gave him six-and-a-half hour notice. bunnies, you should have seen his face.

i was grinning the entire day and had a great time with miss pearl. we had a fantastic two hour lunch at clock on crown. their rump steak is nothing short of phenomenal!

i think i found what i want to reward myself with tho. there's this lil design boutique that stocks most of marimekko's fabrics. i hadn't seen some of the maija louekari's designs before and i fell in love with kaiku (finnish for 'echo') at first sight! somehow she has captured the essence of the beauty of finnish summer in the design.

one repetition of the design is 250cm and the fabric is 145cm wide. i was planning to frame it on my wall. well, stretch onto a frame really. i think it'll be perty...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007



i got the job. I GOT THE JOB!

for the lack of a better word: i am fucken ecstatic.

called tulip up and she took me lingerie shopping and then to a fantastic spanish restaurant to celebrate. now i feel like a happy lil piggy stuffed with oysters, chorizo and sangria, and wrapped up in black lacy numbers. ooooooof...

thanks for crossing those paws bunnies, looks like it worked!

Monday, March 05, 2007

bloody fucken hell!

what a friggen morning!

ok. the office i currenly work in (and am desperate to get out of) just moved to new premises. the new office is literally a 5 min drive from my place. which is great.

or would be if i drove. but i don't. [insert here a rant abt oz ppl driving on the wrong bloody side of the road]

so, since i'm such a good girl and wanted to make sure that i'd arrive on time, i left my place more than an hour earlier than i had to be at the office.

i had to walk 2k to the bus stop, take a bus close to work and that was supposed to be it. sounds easy enough, right?

WRONG. first i'm walking through kings cross and get hassled by the usual bums and crack whores. that's no biggie. i'm already used to it.

then i walk to oxford street and get hassled by a crack whore in drag for some change and a ciggie. well s/he didn't get either. by this time i was already starting to get over it as i had been walking for a goor 20 mins and it was pissing down.

then i find my busstop on flinder st and realise that its located between a dodgy club and a sauna.

there i am, dolled up for yet another interview, surrounded by whores, drugged up party boys still continuing from saturday's mardi gras and a couple of rather frisky bears in their biker leathers.

and its pissing down. i was not happy.

then the bus finally came and i thought things were looking up. until i realised that i had no clue where it was taking me and i got friggen lost in kensington. which i btw don't know at all. so when the scenery wasn't getting any more familiar i just get off the friggen bus.

there i am, walking in the fucken rain again. lost as all hell for another half an hour. in the end i just get really fed up and grab a cab.

NOT a good morning.

but, then i get a phone call that gives me a little hope that things might be getting better... wish me luck!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

in my language

it is not often that i encounter pieces of art that inspire me to think. it is even more rare to encounter something that would make me question my view towards the world around me. i am not sure if i should label the following clip under video art, but i think i will anyway.

i believe good art challenges the spectator. and i most certainly found this challenging and maybe it even managed to broaden up my narrow lil mind when it comes to the nature of communication.

it might seem pointless in the beginning, but bear with me bunnies and please watch the entire video. the video is in two parts, and the second part will reveal an explanation to the first.

thank you possum girl for sending this to me. i really did enjoy it.


went to newtown yesterday with miss pearl and we sat down in this nice lil joint for a much needed caffeine fix.

we order our coffees and sit down being all antisocial - me scribbling shit into my newly purchased calendar while she's trying to decipher a russian vogue - when some random guy in his mid thirties walks past our table and wishes us a nice rest of the day.

not paying much attention we reply and go back into hugging our frothy steaming cups. after a while i get up to pay for our coffees and the man behind the counter kindly informs me that the man that left a while ago had paid for us.

now how nice is that?

fuck men approaching at a bar counter going 'ooh look at 'em tittyboobs! how abt i ply with copious amounts of alcohol in order to have a squeeze on them puppies later?'

no. this was an honest kind gesture from a random bloke that resulted in cheering up my day and restoring just that little bit of trust in humanity.

now of course he might be a raving homicidal lunatic stalking his future prey, but still it did make me smile.


and on the encounters of the other kind, i ran into my downstairs neighbour a couple of weeks ago.

i was having a fantastic time spending valentine's with deviant after he had been away fishing for weeks - when we suddenly got rudely interrupted.

this chicky shows up behind my door kindly informing that the neighbours were planning to make an official complaint in case i fail to keep the noise down from now on. now the only problem of course was, that the source of that noise was keeping me up too every fucken night and i was most certainly not the cause of it.

instead of finding out who it was that has been keeping the entire building up every night from midnight to 5am, she decided to point a finger at me for no reason what so ever. i kindly explained her the situation pointing out the slight error in her judgment, offered my full support in the crazed mob witch hunt once the correct culprit had been identified, and got rid of her.

yesterday i heard that she had been discussing this lovely encounter with another neighbour of mine who also happens to be a friend. i believe her comments had been along the lines of: 'she's not very nice at all, is she?' 'i think she has a lot of men up there...' and when my friend cracked up and said she doubted it since i have a boyfriend, the dear downstairs neighbour had corrected my friend that no, really, i do have a lot of different men visiting my apartment all the time.

cracked me up.

the only person who has visited my apartment while i have lived in it is deviant. maybe the poor lil chickling just doesn't believe that one can have a healthy(?) sex life while in a monogamous relationship?

people. what are we going to do with them?

idol of the day: bill hicks

was catching up with a bunch of work ppl last night and needless to say we all got trollied. sunshine joined our merry drunken group at some stage and he ended up introducing me to my new idol:

here's one for the rest of you marketing bunnies out there... aren't we speshul?

quality shit bunnies: bill hicks

Thursday, March 01, 2007

sheer stressful agony

*deep sigh*

life is not at all trouble free between the shoeboxes at the moment.

the good news is, it looks like my arse can be saved and i have found a three month contract to play me more time. my current employer promised to employ me on a contract to save my arse, but the position they're offering me is shite. however, i dare say that three months of sheer agony can be seen as the lesser evil when compared to relocation to finland.


good news is that i got a few good contacts yesterday and one of them already resulted into an interview. funny that. the contact was purely accidental over a glass of wine and i found myself sitting at an interview under 20hrs from the first contact. sweet.

the job would be exactly what i'm looking for and i got along great with the guy i would be working with. so keep those paws crossed bunnies.

the bonus in this case is that it is an international company and they already have ppl on sponsorship working visas.

i should hear from them soon and hopefully he was as impressed by me as i was by him and the company...