Friday, March 30, 2007

'excuse me miss, but you'll have to leave those thongs with me...'

there was a 'goodbye to our old premises' piss-up with my old work mates last night. people from the present as well as people from the past showed up and consumed the copious amounts of alcohol provided. and then some more.

we got bored at some stage with miss pearl and took off heading over to the cross. we decided to have night caps at the world bar like so many times before. now i know the place is backpacker ridden, but if you sit out on the second floor balcony, you can usually have the whole place to yourself and the drinks are relatively cheap. plus, its only a short crawl to home.

of course we got fucken carded at the door, which at that drunken state was just hilarious. what was even better tho, was that after he spotted the pair of thongs in my bag, the bouncer announced that i needed to leave them at the door. cracking up i asked why the fuck would he want my thongs and he goes 'well, if i let you take them in, you're just going to take your heels off as soon as you get in and wear them!'


at this stage miss pearl cracks up going 'doesn't he know who you are? doesn't he realise you wouldn't be caught dead in thongs at a public place???' i'm just staring at him waiting for him to reveal that he's joking. but apparently ppl do shit like that. i just don't get it.

so there they were, my thongs, sitting and waiting by the door while we drank indoors and the bouncer was happy to hand them back to me when we walked out welcoming us back anytime.

i mean walking to work in thongs is as far as it goes. and that's only to keep my heels nice and not wear them out when i don't need to. fuck wearing thongs to a bar! funny tho.


salla said...

was in the world bar as well yesterday. the bouncer was definitely having some issues with his authority. i can't believe they still make me feel like a 15 year old in a criminal action when i just wanna go to a bar and drink my beer with all of my almost 28 years...

mutta suomalainen nöyrtyy ovella, punastuu ja sanoo vaan että kiitos ja näkemiin. ainakin jos ei ole vielä kännissä

tp said...

heh. yeh, i know what you mean.

but i reckon its due to the fact that finns are stored in fridge-like conditions for the majority of the year, which tends to keeps the meat fresh.

what on earth brought you to syd and how long are you planning to stay?