Monday, March 05, 2007

bloody fucken hell!

what a friggen morning!

ok. the office i currenly work in (and am desperate to get out of) just moved to new premises. the new office is literally a 5 min drive from my place. which is great.

or would be if i drove. but i don't. [insert here a rant abt oz ppl driving on the wrong bloody side of the road]

so, since i'm such a good girl and wanted to make sure that i'd arrive on time, i left my place more than an hour earlier than i had to be at the office.

i had to walk 2k to the bus stop, take a bus close to work and that was supposed to be it. sounds easy enough, right?

WRONG. first i'm walking through kings cross and get hassled by the usual bums and crack whores. that's no biggie. i'm already used to it.

then i walk to oxford street and get hassled by a crack whore in drag for some change and a ciggie. well s/he didn't get either. by this time i was already starting to get over it as i had been walking for a goor 20 mins and it was pissing down.

then i find my busstop on flinder st and realise that its located between a dodgy club and a sauna.

there i am, dolled up for yet another interview, surrounded by whores, drugged up party boys still continuing from saturday's mardi gras and a couple of rather frisky bears in their biker leathers.

and its pissing down. i was not happy.

then the bus finally came and i thought things were looking up. until i realised that i had no clue where it was taking me and i got friggen lost in kensington. which i btw don't know at all. so when the scenery wasn't getting any more familiar i just get off the friggen bus.

there i am, walking in the fucken rain again. lost as all hell for another half an hour. in the end i just get really fed up and grab a cab.

NOT a good morning.

but, then i get a phone call that gives me a little hope that things might be getting better... wish me luck!

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