Thursday, March 01, 2007

sheer stressful agony

*deep sigh*

life is not at all trouble free between the shoeboxes at the moment.

the good news is, it looks like my arse can be saved and i have found a three month contract to play me more time. my current employer promised to employ me on a contract to save my arse, but the position they're offering me is shite. however, i dare say that three months of sheer agony can be seen as the lesser evil when compared to relocation to finland.


good news is that i got a few good contacts yesterday and one of them already resulted into an interview. funny that. the contact was purely accidental over a glass of wine and i found myself sitting at an interview under 20hrs from the first contact. sweet.

the job would be exactly what i'm looking for and i got along great with the guy i would be working with. so keep those paws crossed bunnies.

the bonus in this case is that it is an international company and they already have ppl on sponsorship working visas.

i should hear from them soon and hopefully he was as impressed by me as i was by him and the company...


Anonymous said...

My fingers and everything else are crossed. I need this daily expedition to escape from the drudgery I experience from my job.

Forgive the waxing lyrical but I just got back from the pub.

Anyway good luck ... I recommend showing them the beach photos....


tp said...

you crack me up...

actually just got contacted for another position and have an interview arranged on monday.

things might be looking up after all. so keep those paws crossed dear bunny!