Monday, March 26, 2007

such a geek

just a quick note on second life. i'm beginning to think that its quite a cool thing really.

i mean, i created my account less than a week ago, and i've already experienced some cool shit.

while the first couple of visits just bored me to death, i received a fantastic guided tour by a dear bunny reader and have gotten much more out of sl since.

i wasn't feeling too good this weekend and was thus forced to spend the majority of it indoors. since i don't support (or own) a telly, i decided to explore sl. i attended an art exhibition opening, danced to a great live blues gig, joined a minimalist techno rave, listened to a live lecture, and last but not least observed a random purple dragon trying out an impressive selection bdsm equipment. weird and intriguing shit.

and today i read about ohio university's second life campus.

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