Saturday, March 03, 2007

in my language

it is not often that i encounter pieces of art that inspire me to think. it is even more rare to encounter something that would make me question my view towards the world around me. i am not sure if i should label the following clip under video art, but i think i will anyway.

i believe good art challenges the spectator. and i most certainly found this challenging and maybe it even managed to broaden up my narrow lil mind when it comes to the nature of communication.

it might seem pointless in the beginning, but bear with me bunnies and please watch the entire video. the video is in two parts, and the second part will reveal an explanation to the first.

thank you possum girl for sending this to me. i really did enjoy it.

1 comment:

Annushka said...

glad you liked it,
Tje chick who made it has a blog which is really cool,,,ive been following it ever since i saw the video. she's an amazing woman.
I wish everyone could see this video