Thursday, March 22, 2007

touch base

ha-HA! finally operational again!

sorry bunnies, i've had some major issues with my connection and haven't been able to post anything for a while. also, the new job has been keeping me very busy and happily entertained. so no more posting while bored at the office.

so in other words: very busy and mildly important. yes.

the beginning of the week has been great as i got to enjoy deviant's company for three days. so i have been pampered with fantastic dinners and good wine alongside his wonderful company. it has been a good week so far.

i watched a documentary on second life the other day. had to find out what everyone was raving on abt, and downloaded the client last nite to give it a go. meh. it kinda gets boring after you get your character shaped out to your liking. what then?

mebbe my first life is just too much fun?

oh also, went brunette again. wasn't planning to do it quite yet, but i can't wait once i got my mind set on something. besides, deviant seemed to appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

he ain't the only one...

Good to have you back on line.


skribe said...

If you wanna say hi on second life my name is skribe Forti.

Anonymous said...

Could you please put back your ideas about a good realationship? (one or two postings ago). I understand why you removed it, but some of it made so good common sense!

tp said...

of course it made sense my dear bunny, i wrote it ;)

not sure if i'll put it up again tho. might need to re-write it first. too hormonal if you ask me.