Saturday, March 03, 2007


went to newtown yesterday with miss pearl and we sat down in this nice lil joint for a much needed caffeine fix.

we order our coffees and sit down being all antisocial - me scribbling shit into my newly purchased calendar while she's trying to decipher a russian vogue - when some random guy in his mid thirties walks past our table and wishes us a nice rest of the day.

not paying much attention we reply and go back into hugging our frothy steaming cups. after a while i get up to pay for our coffees and the man behind the counter kindly informs me that the man that left a while ago had paid for us.

now how nice is that?

fuck men approaching at a bar counter going 'ooh look at 'em tittyboobs! how abt i ply with copious amounts of alcohol in order to have a squeeze on them puppies later?'

no. this was an honest kind gesture from a random bloke that resulted in cheering up my day and restoring just that little bit of trust in humanity.

now of course he might be a raving homicidal lunatic stalking his future prey, but still it did make me smile.


and on the encounters of the other kind, i ran into my downstairs neighbour a couple of weeks ago.

i was having a fantastic time spending valentine's with deviant after he had been away fishing for weeks - when we suddenly got rudely interrupted.

this chicky shows up behind my door kindly informing that the neighbours were planning to make an official complaint in case i fail to keep the noise down from now on. now the only problem of course was, that the source of that noise was keeping me up too every fucken night and i was most certainly not the cause of it.

instead of finding out who it was that has been keeping the entire building up every night from midnight to 5am, she decided to point a finger at me for no reason what so ever. i kindly explained her the situation pointing out the slight error in her judgment, offered my full support in the crazed mob witch hunt once the correct culprit had been identified, and got rid of her.

yesterday i heard that she had been discussing this lovely encounter with another neighbour of mine who also happens to be a friend. i believe her comments had been along the lines of: 'she's not very nice at all, is she?' 'i think she has a lot of men up there...' and when my friend cracked up and said she doubted it since i have a boyfriend, the dear downstairs neighbour had corrected my friend that no, really, i do have a lot of different men visiting my apartment all the time.

cracked me up.

the only person who has visited my apartment while i have lived in it is deviant. maybe the poor lil chickling just doesn't believe that one can have a healthy(?) sex life while in a monogamous relationship?

people. what are we going to do with them?

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