Thursday, February 24, 2005


ok. i'm pissed off. because of friggen telstra being so bloody useless, we don't have net in the house until 7th of march.
yes, i am homicidal.
so sorry bunnies, but i don't think i'll be blogging too much before i get my poor baby connected to the net again.
i think i need to get someone to send me a new book from finland. i went through naisen seksuaalisuus in less than 24hrs. heh. also underlined half of the book on the way.
saw the weirdest shit this morning.
the frenchman was doing his brekky as i came back from my jog. he was preparing tea, which was normal... but then he went and threw three weetbix blocks into his tea. let me repeat that: weetbix IN tea. right. i'm living with freaks. freaks i tell you.
alright. better head to work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

boot me up babe...

"[health news]: if you are already eating your fruits and vegetables, exercising and taking your vitamins, you might ask what more you can do for your health. one answer might please you: have more sex. ... can give you a workout, depending upon how vigorous it is. after all, sex, and particularly orgasm, involves the contraction of muscles in the arms, legs and abdomen. also, your heart and breathing rates rise when you are sexually aroused just as they do when you exert yourself ... at the gym...

...british researchers who looked at about 900 middle-aged men found that men who had sex twice or more a week had a lower risk of heart attack over the course of 10 years than men who had sex less often.

...australian study from 2003 that found that that men in their 20s who ejaculated more then five times a week were one-third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer than men who ejaculated four to seven times a month...

...if you're in a relationship ... sex can "bring the relationship into harmony and make you and your partner feel closer, so you feel less stressed and more relaxed. and whether you are having sex with a partner or masturbating, orgasm itself can also help release tension. the surge of a hormone called oxytocin that occurs during orgasm may account for the both the stronger emotional connection and the tension relief. oxytocin appears to regulate blood pressure and temperature and even relieve pain and promote the healing of wounds. dr. ellison compares orgasm to "re-booting" your body and mind just as you would re-start a computer..."

yay for salla!

nothing beats receiving a parcel in the post. absolutely nothing.

salla, a dear finnish friend of mine was raving on abt this book ages ago and got me all excited abt it too.

she promised to get the book for me and add a box of wiener nougat (an uber-yummy finnish milk free chocolate that is to die for) to the parcel as well.

this was over a month ago, so i had already lost any hope of actually receiving the package. i thought it would have been lost in to the bottomless pit of the australian customs.

but no. there it was, waiting for me when i was leaving for my jog.

Monday, February 21, 2005

you smell like butt
congratulations. you are the "you smell like
butt" bunny. your brutally honest and
always say whats on your mind.

which happy bunny are you?
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fin: uutta tauhkaa suosikkilistalle

no nih. olipas kerrankin niin paljon ylimaaraista aikaa (ja masu niin taynna kanasalaattia ja soijabanaanipirteloa, ettei mihinkaan fyysisesti nayton tuijottamista vaativampaan aktiviteettiin kyennyt), etta kavin lapi blogilistan uusien blogien listalta viimeiseksi paivitetyt.

niin positiivisella mielella olin, etta useamman niista suosikkeihini lisasin. naita on tarkoitus tarkkailla jonkin aikaa, jos vaikka jaksaisivat kiinnostaa pitempaankin:

valokuvat jaksaa napata aina ja - vuosi valokuvina vaikutti lupaavalta. kommentteja keskusteluun vaikutti paikalta loytaa linkkeja kiinnostavaan sisaltoon verkon uumenissa ja venkoilua oli vanka lukea.

kanssataiteilijoiden verkkoelon seuraaminen kiinnosti hetken mielijohteesta, joten cholegh, kuparipelto ja carborundi ilmestyivat suosikkilistalle muiden joukkoon.

jos naista vaikka sitten loytyisi uutta laatusisaltoa aikaisempien suosikkien rinnalle. toiveikas olen.

the talk

that was it, bunnies. now it's done.

it tried to lurk out of the darkness on saturday arvo during a coffee at circulate, but we were able to silence it. but there it was again on sunday and it sneaked in on us without a warning and it was too late to do anything abt it. we had to do it. we had The Talk[tm]. [insert here the doom song]

we - sunshine and myself - are now officially exclusive: a girlfriend and a boyfriend.

scary. wonderful but fucken scary.

a saint. a bloody saint.

i started the day with a jog and continued by cooking the chicken that i marinated last night. so it's healthy and oh-so-yummy chicken salad for me this week too.


the french boy was talking me into going for a nude drawing class tonight and i have to say that even tho i'm scared shitless abt drawing in the public, i am very tempted. and i know i should go. i mean, i am doing a friggen drawing advanced unit this semester. i might as well start getting ready for it.

yes. i think i'll go. then i can pick up sunshine from work after the class. now wouldn't that be cute?


oh and row just dropped off my wonder medicine. $11 and i should be on my way to a healthier (and better looking!) tomorrow.

i tried nature's cure a year ago and it helped within couple of weeks! now anyone who's ever had issues with their skin knows that any medicine takes friggen months and months to show even the least improvement. needless to say this shit is magical and i've been more than desperate to get more of it.

its practically impossible to find the drug in here due to the friggen impossible quarantine laws of australia. the previous time i got a montly dosage from my canadian flattie who had bought it from the states.

then a lil while ago i found out that one our friends was actually a naprapath and worked in a health store. i gave her a list of the incredients list and sure as hell she was able to make it for me. yay!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


fair enuff, it's been a while.

i can't remember the last time i was pms-homicidal, but i can tell you bunnies, that i am now. i am so friggen pissed off at the moment that it's not even funny. well, yes it is, but not to my poor flatmates who have to co-exist with me atm.

i have a bad habit of cranking out my nin collection as loud as i can handle while i'm cleaning up and/or drawing. today both. drawings look like shit but hey, at least my room is clean.

some people have the talent of making the world dance around their cock. actually something i admire in a point-and-laugh-sorta-way but that is as long as the choreography doesn't involve me. unfortunately this time i've been dragged into it. and i can tell you that it shits me to no ends.

i just hope that it doesn't end up shitting me too much. i'd hate to lose something wonderful because of someone else's shit. let's see.

but fuck me salmiakkivodka is good. i think i'll get shitfaced.

Friday, February 18, 2005

the house

the house has been quite interesting lately.

first of all there's this shit hot male thingie that has been making me happy for a while now. i'm starting to get quite convinced that he really is as wonderful as he seems. maybe even more.

then the frenchman drags home a bolivian artist from this art exhibition piss-up we went to. sergio's adorable, talented and even tho his english is not quite there, he's still a very cute pet to have around. he's been hanging around for few days now.

then without a warning sunshine marches in with his mum the other night. that was a bit of a shock. tho after a lovely thai dindin soaked in wine i was able to relax a bit and she turned out great.

and this morning when i wander downstairs to get a cup of coffee, there's some young lil male thingie that christy had dragged home with her. good on her.

i wonder what finds it's way into the house next...


heh. looks like i was on the money with the future expectations.

just received a phone call telling me that someone is appearing in the house within the couple of hrs. poor boy.

i promised to be gentle. so no pointing and laughing (or mocking) for few days. well, at least untill we get a few beers into him. maybe then a little bit. but just a little.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

it's a sick, sick world

reading this article on female genital mutilation made me physically sick. [via]
  • "millions of women worldwide are living with the traumatic effects of genital mutilation. now, thanks to the determination of one french surgeon, a pioneering operation offers them the chance of normal lives."

    "dr foldes ... performs the operations in addition to his full-time hospital work. he refuses to charge for the surgery because he considers his patients to be victims of one of the biggest crimes against humanity. "victims shouldn't pay for the crimes against them. these women have already paid a huge price," he says. "it is like a violent rape which has involved family members."

    "fatoumata ... was the same age as her eldest daughter (6) when her mother and grandmother took her to local clinic where a medically trained midwife excised her clitoris, labia majora, and labia minora with the use of a local analgesic. what was left of the outer skin was then sewn together, leaving a pinhole opening."

    "i can't remember much about it. it was just an explosion of pain," fatoumata says. "the onset of menstruation was terrible. i had terrible stomach cramps because the blood couldn't flow as normal." when she married at 18, it was more than a year before she managed to have sex with her husband. "some women have to go with their husbands to midwives to get help. my husband was very patient and loving but intercourse for me was about pain not pleasure. other couples use little knives to make the opening a bit bigger each time but we couldn't stand the idea of that."

    "in the meantime, fatoumata cannot find words to express her gratitude. "yes, i was in pain after the operation, and yes, it reminded me of that dreadful time, but i feel so happy now. i can be with my husband like all women are with their men. i feel things i never felt before, and i am not in pain. i am feeling like a real woman."
right now i (once again) realise how incredibly lucky i have been to be born in a country like finland.

to be the disappointment of the year?

yes. i am so looking forward to seeing this and i have been for years and years ever since i first read the book... but at the same time i am so scared that it will be such a fucken flop.

the trailer looks like another men in black movie. i hope i'm wrong.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

time to kick my own fat arse

this is it. i would like to officially launch The (Finnish) Summer 2005 Beach Babe Project as of this moment. in other words i want to be able to wear a set of skimpy bikinis without crying my eyes out on my next visit to finland.

this is the official death penalty to my wobbly bits and a serious public spanking to my sinful cravings. no more candy, no more pad thai (yes, even tho you can't see the tears i can assure you that i'm crying inside) and no more white fluffy bread. no.

it's all health health health from now on darling.

to kick start this good girl regime of mine i did a two hr workout followed by a one hr stretching session today. i even changed my regular office chair into a gym ball. yes, i know, i know: such a good girl i am. tonight i have to talk the boy into helping me too... knowing sunshine he shouldn't be too difficult to talk into following the famous angelina jolie method (*).

oh, and i'm going to cook my famous chicken salad and feast on it for the next few days. for once something healthy is uber-yummy too.

and before you shoot me down bunnies, i know it's pathetic and doomed, but hey... let a girl dream, will ya? i'm sure i'll be crash landing on my own in no time and you all get to point and laugh.

(* = "sex keeps me fit". even the weight watchers acknowledge that 5 minutes of active (no, starfish just won't do it) sex equals to 15 minutes of jogging. and fuck i hate jogging.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005

i've been a bad girl

ok, i must be seriously ignoring my blogging addiction since it took nearly a week to notice a fellow blogger linking to my blog.

and what comes to me being laid back and tolerant? bullcrap. i'm stressed, pissed off and narrowminded. get that? good.

if any of that bs gets out in the public someone might think that i'm a nice person. and i'm not. really.


i've got to stop this walking home from work shit. at least after day shift. last time i walked home, the total was abt $200 (three pairs of stiletto heels and a haircut). frig.


oh and i booked tickets for the closing movie of the mardi gras film festival. it's the new john waters flick a dirty shame [trailer]. "threatening the very limits of common decency."

should be good.

fin: tarttunutta

1. milloin ja minne lensit viimeksi?
heinakuussa 2004 helsingista sydneyyn pysahtyen viikoksi hong kongissa. pekingin ankka rok.

2. kumpaa pidät parempana; lähtöä vai laskeutumista?
lahto tuntuu kivemmalta, mutta laskeutuminen on noin 30h lentamisen ja odottamisen jalkeen aika pirusti palkitsevampaa. helsinki ja sydney on aivan liian kaukana toisistaan.

3. ihan takana, keskellä vai edessä?
kunhan on kaytavapaikka niin muulla ei ole valia. erityisruokavalion tilatessa ruuan saa ensimmaisena joka tapauksessa.

4. oletko koskaan kärsinyt lentopelosta?

5. minne aiot/tahtoisit lentää seuraavaksi?
suomeen. helsinki rok city. karjalanpiirakkaa, sikalan sienikasviskaaryleita ja hyla mansikkapuffettia on aivan kasittamaton ikava. ja ystavia. ja aitia. taytynee kuitenkin viela odottaa kesaan. tai siis talvilomaan. niin siis kesaan.


Friday, February 11, 2005

i ♥ rooster

it is the year of the rooster, so it's only fair that it's finally on tap? and to celebrate that, what's better than a cocktail? well, a few of them of course.

sunshine took me out for dindin last night and since he was in a bit of a party mood we ended up having couple of drinkies as well. just two dry ciders and i was giggling my arse off. i really am a cheap date. good on him.

later on we headed to the darling harbour to meet up with couple of his friends. nothing like a fancy cocktail in an overpriced stuck up elitist bar. well, to be honest, i kinda like cohibar. they play good music and the sydney skyline view is just very pleasing to the eye on a warm summer night. not even mentioning the fact that the chicky behind the bar makes a mean cosmopolitan.

but yeh, that was the first drunken night for this year.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


i love newtown - part 2

i was on my way to work yesterday and i noticed a poster stapled on the pole next to my bus stop:

  • must have no plans for the next five years
  • must be hot i.e. symmetrical or with sexy deformities
  • non smoker
  • non homicidal optional
  • hung like a shetland pony
  • must recognise "international speak like a pirate day"
  • if spontaneously combustible must come with fire extinguisher or fire planket
  • must smell pretty
phone/sms 0422-xxxxxx

cracked me up.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


sorry bunnies, i've been distracted lately. very distracted indeed. too much flirting to do and sexual tension to built to actually have time to blog abt it.

there is a boy. there. i've said it.

i found him from my backyard. he was very arrogant sitting there smoking a cigarette and dissing my goon (especially since later on he finished the whole damn cask). he thought i was a dumb blonde vis. arts bint and i thought he was a dickhead. so naturally we got along great.

then we spend the whole beginning of the year sitting on the backyard couch all wrapped up in d&m's and him bewitching me little by little with his guitar.

the first kiss was magic. the second was even better. now i'm grinning non-stop like a stoopid lil teen girl and my tummy is filled with butterflies.

i thought i was too much of a cynical old hag for this shit.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

meet the flatmates

since we just got a new flatmate who's moving in tomorrow morning, i thought it might be a good idea to finally intruduce the fuckwits i live with to you guys too.

here they are: sunshine the copywriter (24), christy the chef (20) and gael the new french dude (24).

daniel a.k.a. sunshine



i've lived with dan and christy for few months already and they both kick arse (unfortunately usually mine) and the new dude seems cool too. apart from the fact that he doesn't really speak any english. but hey, nothing that a shitload of alcohol wouldn't fix.

i do have a feeling you'll hear more abt these guys in the future whingings too.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

it's funny how weather has such a big impact on us. i mean, just a lil taste of sunshine and i'm grinning like a teen girl.

i wonder what that's all about.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

fin: kuin kissa kuumaa puuroa...

elamme jannittavia aikoja, pupuseni.

tiedattehan, kuinka sinkkuparat saa aina kuulla sen saman vanhan virren, etta harrastusta pitaa hankkia ja ihmisten ilmoilla pitaa liikkua, koska eihan sita nyt kotoa tulla hakemaan? paskapuhetta.

edellinen poika marssi kutsumatta olohuoneeseeni ja nama tuoreet perhoset loytyi omalta takapihalta. viime paivat ovat kuluneet vihjailevien hymyjen ja sanojen parissa kuin siivilla, eika loppua nay.

ans kattoo ny, jos vaikka sita vanhallakin onnistaisi.

taustamusiikkina: ursula rucker - circe (jazzanova mix) (serve chilled - cd2)