Friday, February 11, 2005

i ♥ rooster

it is the year of the rooster, so it's only fair that it's finally on tap? and to celebrate that, what's better than a cocktail? well, a few of them of course.

sunshine took me out for dindin last night and since he was in a bit of a party mood we ended up having couple of drinkies as well. just two dry ciders and i was giggling my arse off. i really am a cheap date. good on him.

later on we headed to the darling harbour to meet up with couple of his friends. nothing like a fancy cocktail in an overpriced stuck up elitist bar. well, to be honest, i kinda like cohibar. they play good music and the sydney skyline view is just very pleasing to the eye on a warm summer night. not even mentioning the fact that the chicky behind the bar makes a mean cosmopolitan.

but yeh, that was the first drunken night for this year.

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