Monday, February 14, 2005

i've been a bad girl

ok, i must be seriously ignoring my blogging addiction since it took nearly a week to notice a fellow blogger linking to my blog.

and what comes to me being laid back and tolerant? bullcrap. i'm stressed, pissed off and narrowminded. get that? good.

if any of that bs gets out in the public someone might think that i'm a nice person. and i'm not. really.


i've got to stop this walking home from work shit. at least after day shift. last time i walked home, the total was abt $200 (three pairs of stiletto heels and a haircut). frig.


oh and i booked tickets for the closing movie of the mardi gras film festival. it's the new john waters flick a dirty shame [trailer]. "threatening the very limits of common decency."

should be good.

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